The best Fiesta T-shirts (especially for geeks)

The new geek-oriented shop (G33K) at 130 Main Street has opened! They don’t have their full line of items in stock yet, but among the things they do have are T-shirts. Among their many prints are these great Fiesta-themed designs, held here by the store owner, Allen Chamberlain:

Let’s look at those closer up. The one on the left is for those of us who are nostalgic for the good old video games like Mario Brothers:

The other appeals more to the Italian spirit:

But the coolness of these shirts isn’t just in their design.  They are actually printed right in the store while you wait, so you can choose the color and size of the shirt, and if you are lucky you might even get to look behind the scenes and watch the shirt get printed and then “cooked” to make the colors last. Here are some shots of one of the Greasy Pole shirts being printed:

Then it gets “baked” to fix the pigments:

All of this in a matter of maybe 15 minutes.  And he can print custom T-shirts with the same process, although getting your home-made computer art ready to print can take a bit longer, apparently.

They also sell other things related to video games, role-playing games, etc., but I was told one of our other blog contributors is preparing a post about the store in general, so I won’t go into detail.  However, I couldn’t help wanting to highlight these great shirts this weekend, and the high-tech in-store process behind them!

-Fr. Matthew Green

5 thoughts on “The best Fiesta T-shirts (especially for geeks)

  1. I just wanted to leave an update to this post. The bottom drawer on my dryer was installed incorrectly, and was running on a lower heat than it should have been. As a result any shirts that were dried in the lower drawer may have the ink come off when they are washed. If ANYONE has this happen I will happily reprint your shirt and dry it correctly for you. Very sorry for the inconvenience.

    Owner of G33K


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