FREE Concert on the Boulevard July 3 feat. Runaround & Laser Light Show

Ringo Tarr and the Gloucester Fund present another FREE CONCERT on the Boulevard featuring THE RUNAROUND SOUND starting at 5pm at the corner of Centennial and Western Ave (the Boulevard).

This has become a spectacular annual July 3 event drawing thousands of people down to the water for great music, dancing and fun for the whole family.

Music begins at 5pm, breaks for the Parade, resumes after the parade, breaks for the fireworks and continues after the fireworks with a spectacular laser light show.

It’s a terrific way to celebrate our independence.

Here’s a glimpse of the party from last year


Quick answers to questions we’ve been getting about tonight’s parade, fireworks, concert & laser light show

Over the past couple of days, Vickie and I have answered a number of questions from people calling about tonight’s festivities.  I figure that for everyone who calls there are several others who have the same question but don’t call, so here are some answers:

NOTHING.  It’s Free.

NO.  At least not according to this article in the Gloucester Daily Times.  “Because construction crews have blocked off part of the school’s parking lot due to Newell Stadium construction …”

5:00 Roots 66 Kicks off the Music
6:00 Horribles Parade
7:00 Cape Ann Big Band & Runaround
9:30 Fireworks
10:00 Laser Light Show
Then dance and party under the stars and lasers ’till 11pm.  Horribles Parade Winners will be announced from the Concert Stage at some time after the fireworks.  All times (except fireworks) are approximate and may change based on the parade.  (See more details here.)

Here’s an excerpt from today’s Glocuester Daily Times:
“beginning at Gloucester High School. Parade runs from GHS down Centennial Avenue, up Western Avenue to Tally’s Corner, then down Rogers Street before turning left on Manuel Lewis Street. Parade then runs up Main Street to Pleasant, up Pleasant to Prospect, and then turns left on Prospect, right onto Railroad Avenue, right onto Washington Street, and left on Centennial back to GHS.”
See the full Glocuester Daily Times article, here.

YES.  Vendors will be on the Boulevard and Gloucester boasts some of the best restaurants north of Boston.  See a list of Gloucester restaurants here.

That depends on how close you like to be.  For an intense fireworks-emersion experience, my favorite spot is the path that runs along the harbor at Stage Fort Park.  If you’re on the Boulevard facing west, just walk toward Stage Fort Park (see map) on the sidewalk that is as close to the water as possible and stay close to the water.  You’ll end up on a fairly dark path right under where the fireworks are shot off.  It’s loud, brilliant and awesome!

Now, if you want a more communal experience, the best place is on the Boulevard near the concert stage (see map here).  The view is perfect and you get to oohh and aahhh and cheer with lots of other fireworks fans.  Plus you’ll be in a perfect spot to catch the laser light show that immediately follows the fireworks.

Let’s have some fun tonight!

Roots 66 to open Free Boulevard Concert July 3 ~ Dance & Party from 5-11PM

Ev Harlow and his band Roots 66 have agreed to open the free concert on the Boulevard beginning at 5pm on Wednesday 7/3.  Their bluesy blend of roots, classic rock and Americana fits perfectly with the spirit of the day and will help us all get ready to celebrate our independence with music, dancing, parade, fireworks & a spectacular laser light show.

Then after the parade, and for the 6th year in a row, Carlos Menezes, Jr. will bring us music from Cape Ann Big Band and The Runaround Sound to Ringo Tarr’s Boulevard stage for a city-wide dance party by the Cut Bridge at the corner of the Boulevard and Centennial Ave (see map here).  This free concert, presented by The Gloucester Fund and, is only possible because of lots of hard work and generosity on the part of Ringo, his stage/event team and the musicians — all of whom donate their time and talent.  Come down on Wednesday and show them some love!

The Runaround Sound at the BoulevardHere’s the updated schedule:
5:00 Roots 66 kicks off the music
6:00 Music breaks for Horribles Parade
7:00 Cape Ann Big Band & The Runaround Sound after the parade
9:30 Fireworks over Gloucester Harbor
10:00 Spectacular LASER LIGHT SHOW by RK Lighting Design
Then dance with Runaround under the stars & the lasers until 11 P.M!

Check online for the latest updates
Check online for the latest updates

FREE Boulevard Concert JULY 3 featuring Cape Ann Big Band, Runaround Sound

Runaround w/ Laser Light Show on the Boulevard

Once again, the Gloucester Fund and present a FREE CONCERT ON GLOUCESTER HARBOR featuring Cape Ann Big Band and Gloucester’s #1 Party band Runaround Sound, plus we have some surprise featured vocalists TBA.

Ringo Tarr, Gloucester’s hardest working behind-the-scenes organizer, has done it again. He’s bringing his stage to the Boulevard for a rousing celebration of our independence through music, parade, fireworks and one of the most powerful laser light shows in New England– Best of all, it’s all FREE thanks to Ringo’s hard work and the musicians’ generous spirit.

Here’s the schedule:
5:00 Music Begins (band TBA)
6:00 Music breaks for Horribles Parade
7:00 Cape Ann Big Band & Runaround after parade
9:30 Fireworks over Gloucester Harbor
10:00 Spectacular LASER LIGHT SHOW by RK Lighting Design
Then dance with Runaround under the stars & the lasers.

There’s nothing like dancing on the Boulevard to the Runaround Sound with RK’s lasers overhead. DON’T MISS IT!  Here’s a video of Runaround at Capt. Carlos.

You can get into the party spirit with Runaround tonight at 9 at Minglewood Tavern.  See Cape Ann’s complete weekend live music schedule here.

It’s not just another Tuesday in the dead of winter ~ It’s MARDI GRAS ~

Today is MARDI GRAS.  Check out what’s going on in New Orleans here.

Until four years ago, Mardi Gras in Gloucester was, for most of us, little more than another Tuesday in the dead of Winter.  But when local YMCAs began taking teens to New Orleans on a service learning trip during April vacation to help rebuild the City, the YMCA MARDI GRAS BENEFIT was born.  Last year they sold out Minglewood Tavern for a Mardi Gras concert featuring local New Orleans transplant, Henri Smith with Grammy-winning saxophonist Charles Neville (of the Neville Brothers).

This year, Latitude 43 and Minglewood Tavern are donating 10% of all food and beverage revenue from the entire day and night (starting at 11:30am RIGHT NOW!) to the YMCA trip.  And The Runaround Sound has generously donated their performance at Minglewood Tavern tonight so we can have a Mardi Gras party in snowbound Gloucester!  Here’s The Runaround Sound at the Middle East:

If you’re wondering what happened to the Henri Smith/Charles Neville concert — don’t worry, it’s been rescheduled for April 6 at the Larcom Theatre in Beverly (get tickets here).


BREAKING NEWS: Charles Neville & Henri Smith Back in Beverly Fri, Feb 8 for a Mardi Gras Concert to benefit Y TEENS

A rare opportunity to see Grammy-winning Charles Neville with Henri Smith and an 8 piece band at the historic Larcom Theatre.  With its elegant horseshoe balcony, antique pressed tin ceilings and original silk wall coverings, the Larcom is a jewel practically in our own back yard.  Don’t miss it, get tickets NOW!

MardiGras2013_LargeYou could get yourself in the mood by going to see Our Boy Ed get sworn in as the next Chamber President at Cruiseport this Saturday — Henri Smith & Runaround will provide music and Our Boy Joey will be the MC!

And there’s plenty of great live music all week long too — just to get you in the mood.  See the week’s live music schedule here.

Tonight’s big, tomorrow’s bigger

On Wednesday, you could get to nearly every live show in Gloucester if you scheduled it right (as I pointed out in this post).  That’s probably not gonna work this weekend, ergo, you’re just gonna have to choose.  Not an easy task, so take a look at the live music lineup and start talking with your friends now, so you’re not arguing at the last minute.

Tomorrow you’ve got choices all over the Cape from opera to ska and every genre in between in Gloucester, Rockport, Manchester, Essex and Hamilton.  Whew!  What a way to start off the new month.  Music is listed here, but  before most of the evening music starts, bop down to Rocky Neck for the Art Colony’s opening reception at their Cultural Center.

I’m not even gonna talk about Sunday right now, but Dog Bar and Rhumb Line are featuring two of my favorites.  Have a look:

What Time is it Mr. Fox?
What Time is it Mr. Fox?

More Inge Berge Videos here.

Hot and Spicy Gloucester

If variety is the spice of life, then Gloucester & Cape Ann are hot and spicy this weekend with an impressive variety of live music at over 2 dozen shows.  Rock, Blues, Jamband, Jazz, New Orleans, Folk, Classical, Funk, Latin, Reggae, Soul, Ska, Celtic, DJs.  Whatever you want, you got it.  Check out the complete live music listings for Gloucester & Cape Ann here.  Often you get multiple genres on the same stage.  Here’s one of our favorite local bands, The Runaround Sound, downstairs at The Middle East in Cambridge fusing Latin & Ska into a single song.  You can dance to them at Minglewood tonight.

How does Carlos do it all?

At 7pm Carlos Menezes (2nd from right on sax in the video below) leads Cape Ann Big Band at Shalin Liu (Call the box office 978-546-7391 to see if there are any tickets left).

Then at 9pm he’s at Cape Ann Brewery with The Runaround.  You’d think that he’d be exhausted after all that, but Carlos …?…  probably not.  He’ll have enough energy for a third gig starting at midnight, if you want to book him … 🙂

And he’s not the only performer doing two shows today.  Allen Estes will be in the courtyard at the Cape Ann Museum at 4pm and then at Heath’s Tea Room with Mike O’Connell at 7pm.

Because this is Gloucester, there are another dozen shows to choose from tonight.  See the full live music lineup here.

Does anyone have video of The Runaround on July 3?

The Runaround Sound July 3 2011

Well, I guess that’s what happens when a couple thousand people are transfixed by one of Gloucester’s best bands — NOBODY FILMS!  If you were on the Boulevard on July 3, and you shot some video, please leave a comment.  Better yet, make a YouTube account and upload the video and then put the YouTube link in your comment.

And in case you missed The Runaround at the Boulevard on July 3, you can catch them tonight at the Dog Bar.  Honestly, they are NOT TO BE MISSED!

But if you can’t get into the Dog Bar because it’s packed, check out over a dozen other excellent live music choices here.

The Winning Float will have Winning Local Music

That’s right folks.  You all know which will be the winning float and just like last year, we’re creating a special playlist of the best local music available (plus one not-so-local-but-oh-so-party-song).  If you have a request from a local artist (music needs to be on — see local gimmesound artists here), comment on this post by midnight tonight and we’ll add it.

Be sure to go to the Boulevard after the parade for some of Gloucester’s best high energy music from with The Runaround Sound headlining.  See schedule here.

July 3 Correction ~ Runaround Headlines FREE Boulevard Concert

The Runaround at the Boulevard July 3, 2010

Many local papers and websites say that Henri Smith will perform at the Boulevard on July 3.  That is incorrect.  Henri Smith is performing tonight opening for Aaron Neville at North Shore Music Theatre — and believe it or not you can still get tickets.  Get them here or call 978-232-7200.  All Seats are Good Seats at Northshore Music Theatre.  Plus it’s air conditioned.

July 3 features Gloucester’s best high energy band, The Runaround Sound with Cape Ann Big Band and Jon Goodhue.  See details here.  This will be a great party.  Don’t miss it!