Fishing Schooner Columbia launch 1923 then and now

Columbia was designed by Starling Burgess. Shown here under construction at the Essex boat yard (Arthur Dana Story ship yard), launched, and sailing to Gloucester 1923. Leslie Jones photographs, from glass negatives Boston Public Library collection. It sank in 1946.

columbia at Essex boat yard

The new Columbia is participating in the Gloucester Schooner Festival 2018 – download the fantastic program here- handy information about each boat and all the special events


2018 Gloucester Schooner Festival Parade of Sails – Columbia 


Parade of Sails Schooner Columbia rebuilt 2014 returns for Schooner Festival 2018_low tide ©c ryan.jpg

Into the Wind

Last month Thatcher and the Sandy Bay Yacht Club Race Team spent three days, in somewhat snotty conditions, sailing at Marblehead Race Week.  About 25 different clubs and sailing programs were represented in the three day event at Pleon Yacht Club.  Upon dropping Thatch off each morning I sat, completely impressed, and watched the scene unfold around me.  I couldn’t believe how independent, confident, and dedicated all of the young sailors were.  Rigging boats is no joke and takes it hard work and preparation…and often times, commitment to jump in and help others.  There is no simply show up and race.

Here is a little time lapse video of just some of the action as about 175 boats set sail….

Singapore – and Then We Sailed Away by Ginnie Ely

Ely-1Steve, is the son of author Ginnie Ely, was one of Gloucester Smiles, he gave me this book, which is a great real life adventure.  Steve was part of a once in a life-time adventure.  Check out Amazon.Com for your own copy of  “Singapore – and Then We Sailed Away”.

Smile links:  G-Smile Foosball, G-Smile-133








Community Stuff 6/28/13

The Annisquam Yacht Club Sailing and Tennis Program have spots open for this year’s summer programs!


The AYC STP is a non profit summer sailing, tennis and swimming program for boys and girls aged 8 to 15. Our program is run in cooperation with the Annisquam Yacht Club in Gloucester, Massachusetts.  We teach sailing and tennis at all levels as well as basic swimming and water safety. The program runs four consecutive two-week sessions from June 24th -August 16th. Our next open session begins July 8th. For more information and applications please visit our website, and click on the ‘Junior Program’ tab.  If you have any questions, please contact Joe Maher, Program Director at, or call the club at 978 283 4507

Good morning Joey–
Would you post info on GoodMorningGloucester about the GSF Youth-on-Water program?
Info is available at:
The application is available at:
The deadline for youth organizations to apply is August 1.

Youth On Water
With an eye toward the future, as well as the past, the Gloucester Schooner Festival Committee is seeking to support programs that involve young people on Cape Ann. This past year, the Committee chose to institutionalize the educational component of the Festival by providing opportunities for kids to sail on the participating schooners, as well as offering financial support to local programs that put Cape Ann kids on the water throughout the year.  Specifically, the Committee selected two organizations that foster greater knowledge and appreciation of Cape Ann’s coastal waters by providing opportunities for young people to sail, row or otherwise become immersed in our ocean environment. Two grants of $1,500 were awarded in 2012. Leading up to this year’s Festival, we will again raise funds, beyond the costs of producing the Gloucester Schooner Festival weekend, and offer similar support to youth-on-the-water organizations to be used in their 2014 season. To apply for these funds, please complete the attached application and submit by August 1, 2013.

Thanks very much!!
Tracy Arabian
Gloucester Schooner Festival

Joe, can you please post this.  I am trying to start a Featured Tee of the Week at the Weathervane. Here is the first one. I promise that they all will be unique.

New to the Weathervane this year.  Wicked Pissah tee shirts, a true Gloucester shirt.  Comes in Navy Blue and Forrest Green, sizes S- M- L- XL $18.95  2XL $21.95

The Weathervane has the best selection of Gloucester clothing for children and adults in town.  Check us out.  Sale going on everyday:  buy 1 tee at regular price, buy 2 tees get 10% off on each by 3 or more tees get 20% off on all. 


Joseph A. Ciolino

The Weathervane


Mary Fahey reports-

Hey there!  The sign on washington st in lanesville warning of pleasant dreams ahead is gone!!!!!!  Any insight!

Session 2 Registration for EPYC Junior Sailing Facebookized!


Morning Joey! Is there any way I can put this up for my Junior Sailing Director? Every time we have a managers meeting, we somehow tie GMG into it. Whether it be – “Holy shit did you see that picture of the shark by the breakwater!?” ..or… “Maybe Joey would be willing to slide our advertisement into the blog for the day”…..either way, we always think of you!! J -Dani

Hey Joey, We were hoping you could post about Session 2 registration for EPYC Junior Sailing– we recently started a Facebook page this summer and we’re really excited about getting the Gloucester community involved with our program.  We have some great photos up there from this past Session of our awesome sailors! We’d really love to spread the word about our program via our Facebook page so we can start connecting more with non-members, and really anyone interested in sailing– kids and adults alike!  We’ll be hosting "Race the Point" later in the summer, hoping to get all the local sailing programs involved, so we’ll be in touch about that as well.

Thanks a lot!

Fraser Watson, EPYC Junior Sailing Director

Here’s a link to our Facebook page (We need 8 more "likes" until we can get an easier URL!):

Registration is still open for Session 2 at EPYC Junior Sailing!  We had a blast during our first session with new Opti sailors, Opti racers and our 420 crews!  The Harbor Mice program was also a huge hit for our youngest (soon to be) sailors!  Check out our photos from Sesssion 1 on our Facebook Page- hope to see you in August!

Register online at or call 978-283-3520

Here’s a link to our registration page at the EPYC Sailing Facebook page:!/notes/epyc-junior-sailing/register-now-for-the-second-session-of-the-summer-2011-season/240163412670382