Green Sky at Night from Bill O’Connor

Hi Joe,

I came across this tonight, but I took it in June and had completely forgotten about it.  This photo is not color adjusted in any way, and is of some thunderstorms that rolled through Gloucester just before dusk on June 9th.  I remember how green the clouds were and it made me just want to run for cover even though I was inside! Luckily, I grabbed the camera instead.

~Bill O’Connor
North Shore Kid


Kathy Chapman Captures Gloucester Sky During The Western MA Tornado Night


Hi Joey,

It was great (finally) meeting you last night and checking out the new gallery! Congrats and good luck with it! I will stop by often.

Here’s a picture I took Wednesday night of Gloucester Harbor while the deadly tornados ripped through Western MA. Very weird light that night.

Best, Kathy

Kathy Chapman
Photography and Graphic Design
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