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Enjoy a scenic cruise along the oldest and most beautiful harbor in America .
90 minutes
Can accommodate up to 20 people

Bring your own food and refreshments.
Suggested cruise times:


Can arrange special times to accommodate your schedule
Board at Solomon Jacobs Landing & Park at Harbor Loop next to the  Harbor Masters.
Call Ginger at 978-281-5557 for further details and bookings.



I’m so amazed and excited for our new and unique food destination, the COVE CAFE!

Located in the heart of Lanesville, the secret side of Gloucester, the Cove Cafe hits the ground running with amazing food, hospitality, and style. If you live on this side of town, you know the places to grab great sandwiches on the run,  food for a party or event, or an amazing cup of coffee and breakfast, are scarce at best. For the most part, we have Capt. Hooks for pizza, subs, and fried seafood, then Willow Rest for amazing specialty items, sandwiches, and to-go items. But now we can spread the love to Cove Cafe! From Christmas cookie trays to daily specials, soups, stews, and sandwiches, they are sure to have something for everyone!

I’ve had several very good Cubano sandwich, amazing coffee, sweet delights, and a smile with amazing service every time I’ve been in. Stop by and see Alisha and her family, you will not be disappointed!!

OH! And if you call by Thursday, Dec. 21st. you can get your holiday cookie platers, party trays, or homemade pies for the holiday!!

Raw Bar at The Fish Shack in Rockport on FRIDAY NIGHT

Say what? Yes, it’s true. Word on the street (the mean streets of Rockport, MA) is that Karin Porter of the Fish Shack (the restaurant, not the fish shack) in Dock Square is serving oysters along with a signature Motif No.1 Day cocktail to kick off the weekend’s pahtying in downtown Rockport in front of the Motif No. 1 Day festival on Saturday. Rockporters and assorted other types are eating raw mollusks in celebration of Motif No.1, Rockport’s famous fishing shack.

Motif No.1 is so famous that it has a festival dedicated to celebrating every inch of its surface, documented down to the last buoy and nail hole. It’s like Cape Ann’s very own Kardashian; we know everything about it and we still can’t get enough.

Come on down to Dock Square, eat oysters and lobster rolls, listen to music and generally party like it’s M1D:2015 this weekend! Because it is!

Motif No.1 for the win!


Live Rained in party at Kirsten lane’s

Who could be here? Craig K. and Andy Luman. Where you at Joey? Another party? Booooooo!

Oh, That’s Kirsten and Robin!

The Food! (actually round 2, apps are gone!)

Salad whut?

Lobsta ala Joey

Beets a thumping

Mmmm dear god

Yep, chicken licken good

Dear Baby Geezuz , I love pesto!

That’s Jimmy Stavis, the Fish King, enjoying life!

And this is the face of happy!

Thank you Kirsten for the epic good times!

Live Blogging: Sista Felicia’s Launch Party!!

Get Creative – Have a Ball!

beaux arts ball 2013

August 3rd, 6-10:00 pm – Don’t miss it!  The 2013 Rocky Neck Beaux Arts Ball.  Dig out some old threads and make them into something new.  Turn your recyclables into a trendy fashion statement.  You’re not expected to look like the model here – go for something uniquely you.  See you there.

E.J. Lefavour

Christmas Cheer from Fred Bodin

Last weekend, Fred Bodin and I were both at a great Christmas party / sing-along with a lot of other guests.  I guess I was feeling lazy, because I didn’t bring my camera.  Fred, on the contrary, was on top of things and he used his camera to grab some video of our caroling. Here is a medley I put together from his footage.  The last part is a snippet of a traditional Christmas Gregorian chant I sang with Kevin McDermott.

Thanks for the footage, Fred!

Fr. Matthew Green

Hanukkah Party; St. Ann School Concert

Last Saturday was the final day of Hanukkah, and our Jewish community gathered to celebrate at the Temple!  As a Roman Catholic priest, I am not Jewish of course, but I was invited to come along and had a great time (as well as learning a lot – but they will have to forgive me if I am inacurate in my terminology or description of the event…).

It started with some music by a band of members of the congregation, including traditional songs, dancing, and even some rap in Yiddish by David Wesson!  Then some children (students of Henry Allen) presented a short play on “The Miracle of Hanukkah”.

Things got more serious with a commemoration of the fire that destroyed the previous temple building. However, the focus was positive.  Carole Sharoff and Lou Goldish told how an elaborate and historic hanukiah (given by leaders of the state of Israel to the American embassador in the 1960’s), was saved from the fire by being kept an extra day or two in the Unitarian Universalist church to which it had been lent.  Wendy Betts, a very talented performer, then sang a selection from the work “Voices”.

Rabbi Steven Lewis gave a brief and very interesting “D’var Torah” – a commentary on the festival, based on the Torah and commentaries.  (I used some of what he said in my homily at Mass the next day, giving due credit to the Rabbi, of course).  The ceremonies ended with the lighting of everyone’s hanukiot (a.k.a. menorah) that they had brought from home, starting with the aforementioned historic one. Then we all ate latkes, jelly donuts, and other finger food!

A few photo highlights are included below. For more photos, click on the thumbnails below.


Here are some highlights:

And although Hanukkah is over, here is a great Hanukkah song:

And don’t forget:


Urban Voices: A Choral Music Initiative from the Metropolitan Opera Guild
This program is made possible by a generous gift from the Popplestone Foundation.

Fr. Matthew Green

Art Party at “The Annie” – paintings by Sheila Lavelle

Yesterday evening there was an art party at The Annie for the opening of a show of beautiful paintings by Sheila Lavelle.  The artist was present, as was Henry Allen (founder of The Annie).

Artist Sheila Lavelle (second from right) with Henry Allen (far left) and guests

Her paintings are tranquil and calming, most of them suggestive of beach and sea skylines.

Overview of some of the new art on display

The art was accompanied by dishes of delectable appetizers, presented with artistic flair…

…including faux “candles” glowing in origami boxes!

The art will be on display all month. Several of the paintings sold while I was there, so get down to see them soon if you want to buy one of these beauties!

If you can’t make it, you can also view and buy her art on line.

Fr. Matthew Green

Wicked Tuna Season Finale Party At Topside Grille Tonight


Listen to Captain Dave Marciano on Greg and The Morning Buzz Podcast:



Hey everyone! Tonight (Sunday June 3rd) is the season finale of Wicked Tuna. Anyone that doesn’t know, it’s the reality show on National Geographic about Tuna Fishermen out of Gloucester. We have been airing it every Sunday at 10:00pm at The Topside. Portions of the show were actually shot here during the filming. The stars of the show will all be at The Topside tomorrow night along with some film crews, National Geographic, and press!! Photo opps will be available and of course the show will be aired at 10:00. Get there early to claim a good seat, meet the captains and maybe even end up on TV 🙂 hope to see you there!

Doug Silva General Manager
Topside Grill
50 Rogers St.
Gloucester, MA
(978) 281-1399

Wanna buy some Wicked Tuna Swag from the fishermen themselves check out their websites here-

Hard Merchandise



Jewels of July TONIGHT!

Friday July 29

6 to 8 pm

28 + 30 Main Street in Rockport

Stop by on a beautiful July evening and preview the summer collection of artist Renata Fryshara’s necklaces and paintings. You can sip sangria and visit with friends on the patio between the Renata’s two galleries: one featuring her jewelry and the other featuring her paintings & drawings.

Renata Fryshara is an international artist whose work has been featured in shows around the world and whose necklaces have been sold at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum and in various galleries.