Waterfront Earth Day Clean Up Saturday April 21, 2012 and I’m Buyin! Two free T-Shirts and One Free Embroidered GMG Logo Courtesy Paulie Walnuts

For anyone who wants to help clean up down along our docks on east Main street for earth day, I’ll be buying coffee and donuts.  I suggested to Melissa Cox that I’d buy beer and pizza but she told me it might be a little early for that and suggested coffee and donuts.

We will have some water as well and if anyone is still around come noon Saturday April 21, I’ll re-up on the pledge for pizza and beer as well.

Melissa is picking up bags and disposable gloves.  We’re gonna get started at 8AM

95 East Main Street, Captain Joe and Sons

and anyone who shows up will get one of the highly coveted only a handful ever made metallic blue stickas!


Stickas made by FOB’s Frank Ciolino and Shewsberry


Paulie Walnuts donated two embroidered T Shirts and one embroidered GMG Logo Cap to be raffled off for a free drawing chosen from the group of FOB’s who come down and hang with us.  I can guarantee you that our group will be having the most Earth day Fun on Saturday!

There may even be an art rock planted somewhere in our general vicinity that morning!

Thanks so much to Paulie, check oout Paulie’s website here www.art-rocks.org

Atwood and Scones In The GDT Food For Thought Column

Let me first state that the first couple of times I’d eaten a scone they left me wholly unimpressed.  Dry, hard and crumbly and far inferior to your everyday muffin.

But then one day it happened.  I popped into Alexandra’s Bread Co for my usual 4 cobbles. Two for me and one each for Snoop Maddie Mad and The Bean.  They were all out of cobbles but John suggested I try a scone.  I explained my disdain for scones and he told me a story that I’ll never forget and have relayed to my children.

When you try something new that you wouldn’t ordinarily try and then you discover you like it, it’s like you’ve made a new friend for life.  I’m all about making new friends, it’s what I live for.  I know some people are happy having only one or two good friends but in my life I feel like if 1 is good 100 is way better.

So I try the scones at Alexandra’s bread Co and let me tell you, I was blown away.  These goddamn scones were moister than ones I had eaten in the past, they were scrumptious.

So try out Atwood’s recipe which you can find by clicking this link at The Gloucester Daily Times website-

Food For Thought: Exalting of scones is no food fiction

Food For ThoughtHeather Atwood

But if you’re a no-cooking fool like me and won’t get around to trying Atwood’s recipe head on down to Alexandra’s bread Company for the tastiest damn scones I’ve ever eaten, they’re one of my friends for life I’ve discovered thanks to John.

For Tons Of GMG Pictures and Videos from Alexandra’s Bread Company Click Here

The Therans Represent! at Bodin Gallery

Fred Bodin writes-

Californians Peter Theran, VMD and his daughter Michelle Major-Theran, MD represent at Bodin Historic Photo gallery last night. They and 22 relatives are in Gloucester for an Easter family reunion, staying at the Hovey House. They absolutely love Gloucester. I thought Peter looked familiar, and in talking it came out that he worked for Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston from 1961 to 1984, retiring as a vice president. Early in my freelance career, I took the annual hospital staff photo (including Peter during his tenure), and continued to do so for almost 30 years. It’s a small world!


Horns on Robert Palmer & Talking Heads Techno Tunes?

That’s right, folks.  In this video gimmesound Artist of the week, Orville Giddings gives us a hint about some new material we’ll hear at Castle Hill later this summer.  And he explains why he no longer plays in a trio, but prefers either solo acoustic or his big band.

Beautiful day, gorgeous night and lots to do starting at 7.  See tonight’s complete music lineup here.

PLEASE don’t be creative with my hair!

Note to hair stylists: Unless they give you free reign,  please don’t get creative with your client’s hair!!!

Each and every time I get my haircut I bring in a visual aid, which is a sheet of paper with a half dozen images of basically the same cut. Slightly angled in the front, with only very MINIMAL LAYERS. This is one of the images:

This simple shape works well with fine hair and is very easy for me to maintain, without the need for stinky, sticky product, or use of ultra damaging blow dryer, or hot curling iron.  I love a hair style that is simple and classic. Working women and moms need an easy to maintain hair style-it is just a fact of life. I think most stylists (correct me if I am mistaken) choose to spend the time and money styling their hair on a daily basis, which is understandable, because they feel the need to look their polished best for their clients. My choice is to wash and go!

What makes a great hair stylist: THEY LISTEN. Things were going well during my most recent visit to the hair salon when suddenly my hair dresser’s energy changed; she became visibly more animated, then up went the hand to the top of my head, pulling a chunk straight up and  snip, snip, snip—she suddenly became a creative tour de force of layering.

If you have a favorite hair dresser please write in and let me know, and let us know why you like her.

Remedies to a bad hair cut: headbands, bobby pins, and up-dos!

All images courtesy Google image search

Get Your Pump On With Three Free TRX Classes at the MAC


Are you ready?  The nice weather is approaching quickly.  Are you ready for bathing suit season?! Have you dusted off your short sleeves, tank tops, shorts or skirts yet?  Everyone wants to look good…but feeling good is most important.  Let the MAC help you not only look great, but feel great too!  Join our BodyPump classes, jump on a SPIN bike, stretch yourself in Yoga and strengthen your core in Pilates.  Take advantage of our Program Consultation and enjoy $400 worth in vouchers- all included when you join. Why wait? No time like the present!

Want to try TRX Suspension Training?

Text: TRXatMAC to 69302 to Get 3 FREE TRX Classes (new guests only, expires 4/30/2012)

The MAC has great low cost ways to get you started today.  Please call today 978-526-8900 x 2 for details!

The Brig Beaver arrives in Boston

Kathy Chapman writes-

Yesterday I had the privilege to ride on the Tea Party Ship Beaver in the parade to its new berth at the Tea Party Ship Museum in Fort Point Channel, Boston. Once in place the masts will be stepped and the rigging will be completed.

It was a perfect day, hundreds of people welcomed us.

What a great accomplishment for master shipwright Leon Poindexter (shown close up) and his crew at the Gloucester Marine Railways. Mr. Poindexter is known for his artistry and has worked on many vessels on the National Register of Historic Places as well as serving as the master shipwright for 20th Century Fox to retrofit the tall ship Rose for the Academy Award Winning motion picture Master and Commander starring Russell Crowe.

Photos © Kathy Chapman 2012


For Kathy Chapman’s incredible slideshow of the morning’s events click on the picture below to view-


Community Photos

Mike Dyer Submits-

They are: Wingersheek Beach, bright blustery spring day.


Congregational Church, Manchester BTS.


Library and Congregational church, Manchester


Janet Rice Submits-

I took this shot a few days ago while we were waiting for the rain that never came.

Best-Janet Rice


Kathryn Sift Submits-

Hi Joey,
I hope you’re well. My parents are big fans of your blog and I spotted this – attached – today on East 86th Street in Manhattan!  They, Larry and Marilyn Swift, suggested I send it to you.


Sidewalk Sweeping Day Report From Patti Amaral and Gloucester Earth Day Info!

Good Morning Joey, Here is a recent picture from Saturday’ s Sidewalk Sweeping Day, Donna and I were sweeping lower Main St when Kathleen showed up with her cutesy dog recovering from surgery. There was a lot less sand this year do to a lack of snow this winter. What we found horrifying is the majority of what we swept up was cigi-butts. I would like to thank the One Hour at a Time Gang for helping out, they are the BOM!

Patti Amaral


Don’t forget The Gloucester Clean Up For Earth Day-

Do you know of an area in Gloucester that, if you had the time and the help, you would like to clean up?  Well, here is your opportunity!  The City, in conjunction with the Clean City Initiative, is asking folks to turn out for a citywide clean up on Saturday, April 21st (rain date Sunday, April 22nd). 

The Clean City Initiative will be focusing its efforts on Stage Fort Park from 9 to noon, but the clean up is citywide and participants are encouraged to choose a public area in Gloucester they would like to see cleaned up.  We are also asking different groups to reach out to their members and pick a problem area to clean that day.  Listed below are some hot spots if folks need ideas.

    Green Street Playground                Cherry Street
    Pavilion Beach                    Maplewood Avenue
    Magnolia Avenue                    Centennial Ave to High School
    Poles Hill                        Fitz Henry Lane
    Thatcher Road                    Railroad Avenue
            Fort Square                        Gloucester Avenue

If you are organizing a group and an area to clean, contact Rose LoPiccolo at Gloucester DPW before the event to let her know where you will be working and estimated number of yellow trash bags and clear recycling bags you will need.  Rose can be reached at 978 281 9785.  Rose will be maintaining a list of all the clean up spots to insure we are maximizing our efforts! Volunteers are encouraged to bring their own tools and re-useable gloves, although gloves will be available.

Not Attached to a Group??
On the day of the clean up, volunteers (all ages welcome!) should plan to meet at Stage Fort Park Visitors Center starting at 9 am until noon to sign in and pick up trash/recycling bags and gloves, if needed.

For questions about the event, contact: 
        Rose LoPiccolo, City of Gloucester Recycling Coordinator
        rlopiccolo@gloucester-ma.gov / 978.281.9785

Community Stuff Friday

Barbara Erkkila, Heather Atwood, Lee Steele At Lanesville Community Center Reception for Barbara Erkkila  Photo From Leslie Wind


ramjiHi!  – We are four artists in the Gloucester area that are forming a small art studio community. We are looking to share a 1900 sq. ft. space on Main St. so each artist will have a 10×15 sq.ft area, and a shared gallery open to the public with shop front windows. Each artist will pay $270.00 per month inclusive of utilities. We are looking for three more artists that would like this type of set up and can make a one year commitment.
If you know of anyone that would be interested or there is a way to pass this on i would really appreciate it. I am excited to get this going. Thanks, Be well, Ramani
P.S. If people want to respond write in Subject space – Art space share – So I know its not junk. 

All enquiries omshantiom@hotmail.com

circle of love 2011

The City’s Compost Facility located at Dogtown Common was slated to open for six consecutive weeks, beginning Saturday April 21st.  This has been postponed.

Due to the Emergency Declaration of Public Woods Closures, the facility, which is located within the public woodlands, remains closed.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but due to the dryness and danger of fires within the woodlands the facility must remain closed.  As soon as the woods re-open we will begin the six Saturday schedule.

If you need to dispose of yard waste immediately, you may bring it to Hiltz Disposal, 24 Kondelin Road.  There is a small fee $10 a carload $20-25 a pick up truck load.

Rose LoPiccolo
Recycling Coordinator
City of Gloucester


Dean Salah writes-

Hey just a head ups, there is some limited seating left for both Frankie G. shows
on April 28th and also May 5th. Due to the overwhelming response to the initial
night we added a second show which has spread out the attendance over both
nights. If interested please let me know ASAP,   Dean

Don’t Forget The Lane’s Cove Fish Shack Restoration Auction At The Maritime Heritage Center on Saturday from 1-4PM

Laurie Brown writes-

How was your egg salad (with bacon) sub this morning from Virgilio’s Bakery? Good to see you.
Maybe you could put this info in your Blog on Friday to remind folks of the fundraising event on Saturday.
Attached is Fred Bodin’s info regarding the framed photo of Lanes Cove Fish Shacks circa 1925 that he talked me into donating to the auction to be held at the Maritime Center Saturday, April 21, from 1 to 4 pm. 
After you come to Virgilio’s Bakery for lunch on Saturday (say hello), you should make your way to the auction at the Maritime Center to support the restoration efforts in Lanes Cove (way up there in the north, far from life on the docks).