Videographer Rich Lee Directs Ed Collard Behind The Scenes

Check out the Rich Lee wikipedia page

Rich Lee is an American music video and commercial director signed to DNA in Hollywood, California and Flynn Productions in the United Kingdom. He has directed music videos for Eminem, The Black Eyed Peas, Norah Jones, Michael Bublé and The All-American Rejects. Rich Lee started his professional career as a sculptor and fabricator for broadway shows in New York City. He later moved on to computer graphics and created 3d previsualizations for big budget hollywood feature films such as The Pirates of the Caribbean I, II & III, I Am Legend, Minority Report and Constantine. From the encouragement of feature film directors he moved into directing music videos and commercials

The Miss Zoe Rocks Our Vegan Cupcake World

Today the photos.  Tomorrow the video where you will find out if “vegan” cupcakes can compete with traditional cupcakes in our official taste test featuring who else but the human garbage disposal otherwise known as Ed Collard.

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A Lucky Find From Ann Kennedy

Came upon this while rummaging around in a flea market in the boondocks!  Note postmark encouraging visitors to the 300th anniversary celebration of your town! One of your recent posts included another postcard view of the hotel I believe.  Thought you might enjoy this one.
Happy Easter!


Magnolia Fundraiser

Dumpster on Magnolia Avenue

April 9, 2012 abc 002

Things you can donate

April 9, 2012 abc 003


Kevin Hunt of North Shore Scrap Steel has agreed to give the Magnolia Historical Society 100% of the money we raise in collecting scrap metal!

A North Shore Scrap Steel trailer will be parked at the Blynman School on Magnolia Ave. the weeks of

April 7th through the 21th for you to dump your scrap metal in. Not sure what consists of scrap metal? Anything that is at least 70% metal.

Washing machines, silverware, pots and pans, fans, vases, dryers, motorcycles, bikes, file cabinets, tools and toolboxes, anvil, shovel heads, railings, tables, shelving, cast iron tubs, wheelbarrow, nails, bells, scissors, lamps, lawnmower, wagon, cars, plumbing pipes, aluminum house siding, gutters, anvil. If it’s metal we’ll take it!!! The heavier the better! Every little bit counts! clip_image002 clip_image004 clip_image006 clip_image008 clip_image010 clip_image012 clip_image014 NEED PICK UP? GOT A CAR TO DONATE?

Call Lisa Ramos at 978-290-3005 for pick up/towing schedule & scrap and/or tax receipt

Recycled Show at the Tusinski Gallery!

I’m excited to be showing at the Tusinski Gallery in Rockport, opening on April 22nd and running through May 13th. The show features vintage pieces that speak to the idea that we never really escape the influence of the past in our homes, no matter how advanced our technology.

How fast does Orville usually play this song?

In this video from Local Music Seen (watch it tomorrow at 6:30pm on Cape Ann TV Cable Channel 12  — see all air times here), Orville Giddings reveals that he plays this song at different tempos depending on who’s accompanying him.  Does he play it faster or slower with host Allen Estes?

You can see Allen & Orville on Sunday at the Rhumb Line.  But don’t wait until Sunday to go out.  There’s great music all week long!  See this week’s full music lineup here.

Jenny Dee &The Dee’s – Captain Carlo’s Opening Night – Friday the 13th

Jenny Dee & The Dee’s are excited to return to Gloucester for opening night at Captain Carlo’s on Friday the 13th. We’ll see you there, Rocking The Dock! Try the shrimp, stay for the rock.

Friday, April 13, 2012

9:00pm until 12:00am

Captain Carlos

27 Harbor Loop, Gloucester, MA 01930

View Map · Get Directions

Gloucester Harborwalk Construction Update- Between Fisherman’s Wharf and Lat 43

These photos taken yesterday are from streetside looking toward the harbor between Lat43 and Fisherman’s Wharf.  Below you see photos from 1980 Harbor looking toward these two buildings provided by FOB Frank Ciolino.


Thwall o the left in the top picture is depicted in this photo FOB Frank Ciolino

Fisherman’s Wharf 1980-

Time To Gear Up For Work Season

Just Placed My Annual Order For Work Gear at Sierra Trading Post

You can get $10 off your first order if you use this referral link  which means you can literally get a pair of those Carhartt industrial work pants for $7.52 and they normally cost me $42.  Boom, No Brainer!!!

Top Of The List- Marino Wool Socks  Warm Soft and Moisture Wicking.  I’ll never wear cotton socks again as long as I live.

SmartWool Multi-Sport Solid Socks – Merino Wool, Below the Ankle (For Men and Women)


$4.65 Saved: 67% Normally Priced $13.95

Keen Bellingham Socks – 3-Pack, Midweight, Crew (For Men and Women) $19.47 Normally Priced $47.95



and of course work pants- Carhartt Washed Twill Work Pants (For Men) $17.52 Normally Priced $42.00


and that was my spring order Smile

Gloucester Webcam of The Day- The Vista Motel

Check Out The Vista Motel Website Here


This Webcam and more can be found at

This local webcam portal project was an idea I had last year to have as many webcams streaming from local businesses or organizations as possible which highlight the incredible vistas that we as people that live and work here get to enjoy each and every day.

The idea was to have the organization install the webcam, have them embed the webcam feed on their own websites as well and have a link to each business website on the Gloucester webcam portal website to showcase their business as well.

Tim Blakeley from Gloucester Bytes provided the initial installation at ridiculously cheap cost because he believed in the project.