Lost & Found

Another beautiful evening on Cape Ann! I enjoyed a nice walk on Wingaersheek. I love coming home to this…

A thoughtful person found a pair of little shoes left behind and put them in the “lost & found” at entrance 1. Come claim them if they’re yours!

Coconut went for a dip in the tide pool. If it was a little warmer, I would’ve joined her. Summer is just around the corner, I can feel it.


Tracey Muller Has Some Nice Things To Say About www.GloucesterWebcams.com

Tracey writes-

A Great Big Thank You to Joey and Good Morning Gloucester Webcams.

If you haven’t taken advantage of gloucesterwebcam.blogspot.com, I would put it on your priority list.  In just a few short months, it has become one of the top referrers to my hotel website and this is all from new visitors.  This is an effective way to advertise for free, every day and all year long.  It is easy to do and doesn’t cost a lot to set up.  Our virtual visitors really enjoy seeing the sites that we take for granted every day.  Visit the page now and take a tour all over Gloucester.

Thanks Joey.  You do good things for Gloucester.

Tracey Muller
Bass Rocks Ocean Inn
107 Atlantic Rd.
Gloucester, MA 01930

Thank you for the kind words Tracy.  I really appreciate it.  It’s been fun working with the different businesses and the ones who embed the feeds onto their sites really get the best bang of how I envisioned it.  Much like you did on the www.bassrocksoceaninn.com website

I had lots of help from my tech guru Tim Blakeley at www.gloucesterbytes.com as well.  If it weren’t for him it probably wouldn’t have been half as successful.  Also my buddy John McElhenny who has helped promote it through the excellent work that he does on behalf of the city.

If anyone hasn’t visited GloucesterWebcams.com yet, click the icon below and feel free to bookmark it on your computer so you can always feel connected to Gloucester even when you are away from this place that we love so much.


Gloucester At Dawn Cruiseport and Rose’s Marine 4:57AM 4/23/12

It was raining pretty good but I set up the tripod first and then attached the camera and held my baseball cap over it. This was a 6.5 second exposure. More to come.


It’s On Baby!!!! The Farm Bar and Grille Good Morning Gloucester Hot Wing Challenge Part Deux


The intros from the 2009 Challenge-

A little preview smack talk from round 1 with Jalepeno Timmy back November 11th 2009-

Round Six From the 2009 Farm Bar and Grille Good Morning Gloucester Hot Wing Challenge-

If you think you have what it takes call 978-768-0000

Interesting Design Down On Rocky Neck

Down on Rocky Neck- As a fan of the gray shingle with white trim look I dig the simple design.  Can’t really figure out what the over hang is for though.  Kudos to the builder as the construction seems to be top notch.


Cape Ann Farmers Market

The Cape Ann Farmers’ Market provides consumers with fresh, nutrient rich food produced with environmentally benign methods and delivered with a smaller carbon footprint. Buying from local producers keeps food dollars in the local economy.

Cape Ann Farmers’ Market includes music, work by local artists, educational booths, children’s activities, and cooking demonstrations that create a festive community-building atmosphere. The Cape Ann Farmers’ Market is a huge success, attracting at least 1,200 visitors per market and reaches out to provide fresh, nutritious food for the entire community, regardless of income. Through The Food Project, they accept Women, Infants and Children (WIC) coupons, Seniors’ Farmers Market Nutrition Coupons, and Food Stamps.

For more information about how to become a member, click http://www.capeannfarmersmarket.org/join-us/index.html

In addition to all the above benefits, your membership also gives you discounts to a number of great local business, including: Alchemy Tapas and Bistro, Jalepeno’s Mexican Restaurant, Lobsta Land, Again and Again, Alexandra’s Bread, Black Earth Hauler, Green Life, and Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery on Rocky Neck.

 It’s a no brainer.  Join or renew your membership today.

E.J. Lefavour


Update on Giant Silk Moth Cocoon

No exciting news yet to report on our Giant Silk Moth Cocoon. The leaves of the American Birch Tree are unfurling, but no movement within the cocoon.

Renee & Joe Performing Wednesday at Seaport Grille

If you have not caught this duo, it is a must, they are playing at Seaport Grill on Wednesday from 6:30-9:30.  Stop by Seaport Grille for a tasty drink- great music-great atmosphere– Oh and don’t forget — It’s Clam Roll Day!

Young Artist of the Week: Navaeh!

I’ve got another picturing poetry finished work for you this week – they’re just too good not to share! Also, check out the Art Haven web site for a new session starting next week with clay monsters, graffiti, and abstract explorations! Without further ado, here is a poem about Geckos written by almost 8-year-old Navaeh:

Big green eyes
That never blink
Geckos are more mysterious
Than you think

Geckos are found
All over the world
Rainforests, deserts, mountains & lakes
Gecko’s best friend is his cousin, the snake

They climb up the ceilings
And they walk across walls
But thanks to his sticky feet
He never ever falls

Some people don’t like geckos
Some people like ducks
But in southeast Asia
They are good luck!


If you know of a young artist that should be featured here, email dawn.gadow@gmail.com  with a short description and a photo of some of their work!

about to go VIRAL!

Catch this video now before it goes viral on Youtube.

I took this video when I brought Blaze out for a run in our yard. I didn’t See the Turkey at first, when I did I ran inside and got my camera. I just got the camera up to my eye when Blaze spotted the Turkey. Luckily for the Turkey he can fly just like EJ said they could. This Video got two thumbs up from Professional Videographer Ed Collard. Eat your Heart out Craig Kimberly!

The Video:

The Bird:


Where did McDonalds go?

I think it was here on Maplewood Ave. the day before yesterday...

Someone told me that they are going to rebuild, because the building was old and needed a complete renovation. Kind of startling, though, to drive down the road and see this sight instead of the nice little Micky D’s that was there so recently! Anybody know for sure if/when they will reopen? When I will be able to get my yummy McDonald’s apple pies again?

Community Stuff Tuesday

Jackie Ganim DeFalco writes-

Hi Joey,

Exciting day today as we received work from 15 artists for the Bass Rocks Golf Club Art Show now going into its 5th year!   The official public opening is May 31st at 6PM.  We hope all the GMG friends will join us.  Would sure love to have someone volunteer to photograph our artists with their works of art like Manny did a few years back for us.  Here are a few pics from today to pique your interest!!

Jackie & Theresa Testaverde with “One Fish Two”  


Kris Fisher and Janis Sanders in front of “Coast Watch” and Leslie Hefron’s “Perfect”


Thanks for posting these as a “tease” for May 31!


From Roz-

Regional Watershed Discussion Series

"Who Decides", a Cape Ann organization is hosting a discussion on Monday, April 23, 2012 at 7pm at Ravenswood’s Cape Ann Discovery Center, Trustees of Reservations.  Guest speaker is Engineer and Author Mark Carlotto, he will discuss his second book about Dogtown titled "Island Woods".   In his soon to be released new book he correlates findings through Dogtown exploration on foot with aerial images and maps and information from historical sources.  Mr. Carlotto’s background is in satellite imaging and remote sensing.  He lives in Riverdale with his family at the edge of Dogtown, and his first book is titled "The Dogtown Guide".  Question and answer will follow the presentation.   For a vitual tour of Dogtown visithttp://carlotto.us/capeann/index.html

"Who Decides" is seeking to stop the privatization of our water and sewer by protecting the rights of people and nature and  placing them before corporate profit.  Who Decides meets Monday nights at 7pm at the Cape Ann Discovery Center.   For more information, upcoming events, or to join, visit our website www.whodecides.net , email info@whodecides.net or call or call 978-282-1758.  Who Decides?  "It’s up to you!"


Part 1  – New Gloucester Water Law   April 2012   Click Here

Part 2 – New Gloucester Water Law   April 2012 "listen for the special announcement here"


The Honors Youth Choir of Chorus North Shore is having their spring concert “Songs Of Spring” at Shalin Liu Performance Center on Friday, April 27 at 7:00 PM

Tickets are $15 and are  available at www.rcmf.org or 978 546 7391

Artist Director Sonja Dahlgren Pryor says “The children are excited and so am I because not only  are  we appearing in this very beautiful venue but  we are performing right across the street from the Congregational Church where it all began for Chorus North Shore 80 years ago.”

The program includes songs in celebration of spring, sea shanties and music  by Mozart, Aaron Copeland, Handel  and Rutter

The Honors Youth Choir of Chorus North Shore is a fully funded program allowing children aged 10 through high school the opportunity to learn and perform choral masterworks along with Chorus North Shore, and present extraordinary concerts on their own.From its founding, the Honors Youth Choir has met several goals:

— to provide an avenue for young singers to learn basic vocal techniques

    and ear training

— to introduce young singers to a life-long love of choral music

— to offer an opportunity for a children’s choir to work with a premier adult

    chorus and orchestra

— to reach out to a new audience in the communities we serve

The Honors Youth Choir is selected by audition, and members must attend scheduled rehearsals and concerts. The Chorus North Shore artistic director, Sonja Dahlgren Pryor and executive director, Mary Sepich bring their experience as life long educators and musicians to the leadership, planning and development of this special group.

To learn more about Chorus North Shore and the Honors Youth Choir visit www.chorusnorthshore.org

The Choir is 41 members strong representing 15 north shore communities.

The Cape Ann members are as follows