Gloucester At Dawn- Harbor Cove 4:55AM 3/31/12

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Lobster boats, dories, reflections off the water, symmetry, repetition, Gloucester at dawn, Rocky Neck In the background, Cape Pond Ice, the inner working harbor, there’s really not much this one is missing.

Available as an 8×10, 16×20 prints or 16x 20 canvas print which I think just make the reflections and colors pop in a painterly way (the Canvas wraps also don’t require framing).

contact me at if you would like one for yourself or for a gift. Be sure to click on it to see the detail present when blown up.


Lois McNulty Represents! In Inisheer

Hi Joey-

I just got in from Ireland where I spent a fast week with my daughter Nora.

This picture is from Inisheer, one of the Aran Islands off Galway Bay on the west coast.  I thought I was in Gloucester- surrounded by the sea.   Fishing boats, granite everywhere, a bar on every corner, and the NICEST people.  See you soon!

Lois McNulty


Off Duty- Hold Your Press Releases For Joey C Re-Running In Light Of The Thirty Press Releases Ive Gotten In The Past Two Days.

I’ll be off for the next few weeks so hold off on the press releases til I get back.


Photo Credit: The Bean

It’s family time. This is what happens when you have daughters instead of sons.

The Snoop Maddie Mad and Bean Show-

Our children may possibly be the most tone deaf singers in the known free world.

Pews for Sale

These are the pews that were removed from the old Christian Science Church during renovation of the new Cultural Center at Rocky Neck.  If you have ever thought you would like to have a beautiful hardwood pew in your front hallway or gallery or porch, this is your chance.  These beautiful 8′ and one 10′ pews are available for purchase at the cost of $250 each.  Not only will you be adding a very unique, historic and beautiful piece to your home, you will also be helping the Rocky Neck Art Colony in its fundraising efforts for the Center.  If you are interested in one or more, please contact Karen Ristuben at

E.J. Lefavour

100 days until Blackburn Challenge

Yikes, according to my Blackburn Challenge Timer there are only 100 days left to prepare for the paddle all the way around Cape Ann starting at Gloucester High School and ending at the new Greasy Pole July 14, 2012.

 Click map for details.

Who is going to do it? Rubber Duck had fun last year but this year she is going carbon fiber and a decent time. Rumor has it that there are several people who have never done a 21 mile kayak but are seriously thinking about it. Reply to this post and lets get a pod of you together that will aim for one goal, finish before the keg is empty. Next month once the water temp gets past 50F we can start doing a couple of training runs. Who’s in?

[edit] Essex River Race May 19, 2012. A five mile jaunt from the Essex Ship Building Museum out and around Cross Island and back. Any GMGers want to do that? I’ll loan you a kayak. Sign up here with the Cape Ann Rowing Club. Start your season early this year. Life is too short so make the season long.

Giant Cocoon

I am so excited to tell you about this wonderful find. I was walking my pooch Rosie on our usual route down to the harbor and, dangling at eye level from a tree that I have passed a hundred times this winter, there was this structure. Thinking it was what it is, I ran home and checked my Lepidoptera books, and it is the cocoon of a member of the Giant Silk Moth Family, Saturniidaee (not to be confused with the oriental silk moth, Bombyx mori, from which silk fabric is spun).

Hanging from the tip of the American White Birch branch you could easily mistake it for a dry withered leaf, and that is exactly what the caterpillar has done, weaving the leaf around itself to pupate within. The cocoon is quite a good size, approximately two inches in length by one inch in width. The caterpillar pupates during the summer, overwinters in the cocoon stage, then emerges sometime in May or June. Giant Silk Moths live only for about a week. They mate soon after eclosing and then perish. Giant Silk Moths do not have mouth parts; all eating is done during the caterpillar stage.

Giant Silk Moth Cocoon

Several members of the Giant Silk Moth family of caterpillars eat birch leaves.  I am hoping (and it looks a great deal like) it is the cocoon of the simply stunning Luna Moth, however it could also be the beautiful Polyphemus Moth.

Luna Moth ~ Images courtesy Google

Polyphemus Moth ~ Image courtesy wiki

Join a Zombie Pub Crawl in Gloucester tomorrow & get $25 to drink with

Our friend Jen Amero is organizing a Zombie Pub Crawl with teams, which sounds like a blast.  Here’s what she says:

The first 6 people on each crawl team get $25 each drinking money. We will meet at Amesbury Sports Park so that one person from each team can be made up as a zombie – if you cannot make it to ASP, we will meet in town at 8pm at Jalapenos for our first drink.  There will be a designated driver from ASP to Gloucester.

Then, in order we will visit Cape Ann Brewing, Dogbar and end at Minglewood. Anyone wanting to be part of the first paid core team (and get the $25pp drinking money) should email or call me 978-325-0606.  

There are only 2 spaces left for paid crawler.  Otherwise, folks can just join us on their own dime as we roll from venue to venue.

Now, if you’re not inclined to zombies, you might check out last week’s gimmesound artist of the week, Miranda Russell at Shalin Liu tomorrow.

And tonight you’ve got 7 great music choices starting at 6:30.  No matter what you like you’ll find it on Cape Ann tonight!  See full music lineup here.

Pleasant Street is going to be awesome!!

I was just walking down Pleasant Street this morning and realizing how AWESOME it’s going to be once all the work that’s currently happening there is finished. Just think about it! Between the Johnstone & Schlichte building being re-done, the great new entrance and windows on Pleasant Street Tea Co. and, my [extremely biased] personal favorite, the old office supply store becoming an incredibly creative community space, Pleasant Street is really gonna be rockin! Some photos of the works in progress for your enjoyment:

Ask Joey C- Dating A Smoker

Dating a smoker asks-


Do you date a smoker when you hate it but they are a quality person.  Everything about them is wonderful they just smoke?


Dear “Dating a Smoker”

I guess you gotta ask yourself how hot they are.

You’re not talking about marriage, you’re talking about dating.  So if you’re all good with kissing an ashtray because they are an absolute smoke show in your eyes then go for it.  If you are used to dating sixes I figure the smoker would have to be an eight or better to make the juice worth the squeeze.   If you normally date fours they would have to be a six or better.  You can overlook a little smokers cough if they have a superstar ass or diamond shaped calves or a handsome face.

You have to feel terribly sorry for people addicted to smoking.  Seeing these poor bastards standing outside of restaurants in the freezing cold drizzling weather just to grab a smoke, stink up their breath, ruin their health and waste their money is sad.  No rational person continues to smoke when you take into consideration the countless negatives.

I should add that if kissing the ashtray mouth of the smoker makes you want to vomit you can throw all this advice out the window because I’m thinking there’s just no getting past it for you.


For the youngsters out there that might be reading this-

Don’t start.

It isn’t cool to smoke.  Not one, not “only when you drink”.  It’s really never cool to smoke.  It kills, you stink, your teeth turn yellow, your clothes stink, your house stinks, you blow money you could be using to drive a nicer car, to save for your education, your retirement or nice vacations.  Just do yourself a favor and don’t get started.  After heroin it’s about the next highest thing on the stupid meter you could ever do to yourself.

as always send in your Ask Joey C relationship advice questions to

MBTA Call to Artists!


Call For Artists

see your artwork on MBTA Trains and Buses!        CONTEST LINK

Show off your artistic talent and demonstrate your support for green transportation by entering the Green Streets Initiative’s MBTA Poster Design Contest!
We are looking for bold, eye-catching images that promote sustainable,
car-free transportation choices in the Boston area. The winning posters will be
displayed on MBTA trains and buses, whose riders make more than one million
trips each day.

Application PD

Questions? Send email to:


iPhone accessory lenses review, for GMG iPhonographers

I recently acquired an iPhone 4s, and have been gradually discovering the possibilities of the camera.  Now I begin to understand the hoards of iPhonographers who have made the iPhone the most popular camera on the massive photo-sharing site Flickr!

The first and most obvious advantages of the camera are the fact that it has good resolution, generally takes good exposures (i.e. not too light or too dark), and is with you wherever you take your cell phone (i.e. practically everywhere) without adding to the junk in your pockets or on your belt.  Then there are cool apps like Instagram and Hipstamatic, which offer a variety of “vintage” effects, making it easy to add atmosphere to your photos.

Once I got involved in the iPhonography world, I noticed that some of my Instagram friends were taking awesome photos of the moon and other long-distance shots… which led me to check out conversion lenses for the iPhone.  I found what I was looking for on, a site with more cool (and sometimes crazy) camera gadgets than I have seen in any other place. This is the complete kit I bought for $79:

Four of the lenses (macro, 2x telephoto, 0.68x wide angle, and 0.28 fish eye) connect using magnetism – you get a sticker with a magnetic ring you stick around the lens on the iPhone. The 8x telephoto screws into a special case, and comes with a tripod.

Here are some comparison photos of all but the macro lens to show you the results. I took them all from exactly the same spot in the rectory window, using the tripod (the first photo is the setup I used).

The iPhone mounted on the tripod with the zoom lens attached to the special phone case (all three included in the kit)

Continue reading “iPhone accessory lenses review, for GMG iPhonographers”

Plum Cove, Gloucester

Plum Cove Sunset, circa 1930 Alice M. Curtis/©Fredrik D. Bodin
I’ve been saving this photograph for a year. It reminds me of Easter sunrise services I have attended, even though this is a sunset. It must have been chilly that day, because the people in the foreground are wearing coats and hats, typical of Easter mornings in the Northeast. The freshwater stream flowing down the beach is gone, and a low tide exposes rocks not visible when the tide is in. Black & white sunsets can be striking. They are abstractions, because we naturally see in color. This photo challenges our minds to fill in the colors: a visual extrapolation.
Printed archivally from the original 4×5 inch film negative in my darkroom. Image # A8945-424
Note: This post marks one year of my weekly posts to Good Morning Gloucester. It’s been enlightening to work in a new medium (for me), and I’m very grateful to have made new friends in the GMG community of readers and contributors. A special hat’s off to Joey C. and Sharon Lowe, who publish my work, help me navigate unfamiliar waters, and are always encouraging. I look forward to more creative collaboration in the future. Thanks so much!
Fredrik D. Bodin
Bodin Historic Photo
82 Main Street
Gloucester, MA 01930

Community Stuff Wednesday

Colin McGuire and Loren Doucette Exhibiting Artwork at Passports Restaurant in April

Artists Colin McGuire and Loren Doucette, both students from Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, are showing their work for the month of April at Passports Restaurant on 110 Main Street in Gloucester. Colin is displaying his oil paintings of Cape Ann and Cape Cod while Loren is showing her recent portrait series. Special thanks to Eric Lorden of Passports for inviting them to display their work. Please come see the art and have an amazing meal at one of Gloucester’s most loved restaurants.

Colin’s work:
Loren’s work:

"Grown Ups 2" looking for extras on 5/12-5/13

Jen Cullen forwards-

This says they’ll be filming in Marblehead, but maybe they’ll decide to shoot a few scenes in Essex
or Gloucester again!

Forwarded by BEX

North Shore Tour de Cure – Sunday, May 20, 2012


When you ride the Tour de Cure you are making a difference.

Come take the Ride of your life at the North Shore Tour de Cure on May 20, 2012 at Pingree School in South Hamilton, MA. The TourdeCure offers four route options, including 15, 31, 62 miles and the 100 mile Gran Fondo; plus all routes are fully supported with rest stops, SAG vehicles and mechanical support to make your ride even more enjoyable! Registration for the 15, 31 and 62 mile routes is just $25 and the minimum fundraising is only $200 per rider. And for the 100 mile Gran Fondo registration is $200 but there is no additional fundraising required!

Money raised through the Tour de Cure supports the American Diabetes Association’s mission to prevent and find a cure for diabetes and improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes. Locally, the money YOU raise will fund diabetes research and support local programs for those affected by diabetes.

If you love to ride, start a Chain Reaction and register today!

General Website: