Cape Ann Brewing Just Killing It With This Tasty Haddock Sangie

Joey C Tip of the day-

Hold the tah tah sauce and order a side of cocktail sauce to spice this bad boy up.   Then drizzle a little of that killer diller home made hot sauce they got behind the bar and you’ve got yourself a fan-freaking-tastic Haddock sandwich.  Boom!

Big ups for the nice crispy fries as well.


Halibut State Park- A Great Take

I don’t know how I’ve gone 44 years of my life without ever going to Halibut State Park.  It is a perfect day adventure for next to zero cost.  Pack a picnic lunch and just go.  Go with your lover, go with your family, go with your friends, go with your dog or just go alone.

It is a GEM.

Here’s a link- Halibut State Park

Then and Now

A few weeks ago I received a wonderful gift from Terry Hutchinson of Freeport, Maine. It was a collection of post cards from 1909 to the mid-twenties of Gloucester and vicinity – mostly Annisquam. Terry grew up in the Riverdale section of town and is an avid reader of GMG.

I think Terry’s gift should be shared, so I will post the cards (funny how that has a different meaning now) along with current views of the same scene.

The first is identified as “Town Landing, Gloucester” and I’m pretty sure it’s Harbor Cove. Let me know if you disagree.



A Full House at Essex Shipbuilding Museum

A full house on Wednesday evening at the Essex Shipbuilding Museum’s Waterline Center.

A talk by Robert Booth…
“When Salem Ruled the World, 1790-1830”
Most readers know Salem only for the city’s notorious witch trials. But years later it became a very different city, one that produced America’s first millionaire (still one of history’s 75 wealthiest men) and boasted a maritime trade that made it the country’s richest city. Westward expansion and the industrial revolution would eventually erode Salem’s political importance, but it was a shocking murder and the scandal that followed which led at last to its fall from national prominence.

Robert Booth, a native of Marblehead, Massachusetts, grew up on salt water, racing sailboats, and working as a lobsterman. He is an authority on historic architecture and maritime culture, having reasearched the histories of hundreds of houses and their occupants, from Nantucket to Maine. He helped to rescue America’s last surviving Revolutionary War privateering base, which was moved from Marblehead to Derby Wharf in the Salem Maritime Historic Site, a federal park devoted to seafaring. He works as executive director of the Center for Clinical Social Work, a national advocacy and education association for members of the largest mental-health-care profession in the country. His guidebook, Boston’s Freedom Trail, has stayed in print for nearly thirty years, and he writes about history for the online version of The Boston Globe. He is Curator Emeritus of the Pickering House (1664) of Salem and is the founding director of the online Salem History Society. He resides in Marblehead with his wife and children.

Booth’s latest book…

Death of an Empire: The Rise and Murderous Fall of Salem, 
America’s Richest City (Thomas Dunne Books, St. Martin’s Press, 2011)
“A complex and well-researched yarn, Death of an Empire chronicles the little-known history of this relatively brief period of wealth and good fortune for a Massachusetts seafaring center, along with its economic downfall amid the rise of industrialization in the United States. It also recounts a lethal conspiracy and scandal that robbed Salem of whatever remaining luster was left after the city’s golden age. Booth, a local historian – and sometime lobsterman – grew up in Marblehead and knows the territory of which he writes with authority.”
–The Boston Globe

Some Favorite Jonquils and Narcissus

‘Minnow’ and Greigii Tulips 

The first photo is of the petite and scented jonquil ‘Minnow,’ offset by the coral red Greigii species tulip. Both are low-growing, which makes them ideal for rock gardens, and both varieties reliably return annually. The second photo is an ever-increasing little patch of narcissus and I know not the cultivar’s name. It was a spring gift that had been purchased as a potted plant from the grocery market, then planted in the garden in early summer.

The third photo is perhaps my all time favorite and consider it the very best for several reasons. ‘Geranium’ is divinely scented—sweet with a hint of fresh lemon blossom; its color and shape meld beautifully with a wide range of spring flowering bulbs; and ‘Geranium’ not only reliably returns each spring, it also increases in number.

What more could one ask for from a bulb?

Narcissus tazetta ‘Geranium’

For more information about narcissus and jonquils, including a list of the most sweetly scented varieties, see my book Oh Garden of Fresh Possibilities! ~ Notes from a Gloucester Garden, page 178.

Orville Giddings Band – Check them Out!!

Orville’s Band includes Amadee Castenell, Steve Chaggaris, Mark Earley, Brooks McPhail, Tom Palance, Erinn Brown & Cliff Spencer.  They rock you need to check them out.  Did you know that Amadee Castenell is one of New Orleans’ premier tenor saxophonists and flautists and has performed and recorded with  legendary artist such as Dr. John, Neville Brothers, Elvis Costello, Allen Toussaint, Paul McCartney, Fats Domino and local legend Henry Smith.

You know it’s almost summer when Captain Carlo’s Opens  – – Go see Jenny Dee  tonight!  See full lineup here.

Art adventures over April Vacation

Maritime Gloucester days are full, but there’s still space for Mother’s Day Printmaking, paper flower bouquets, Harry Potter Day and Empty Bowl Making! Call (978) 283-3888 or emailing

Paula Capizzi and Anne Lubbers Represent! From The Holland Lighthouse

Anne is the Mother of FOB Kurt Lubbers and MIL of FOB Danni Lubbers

The Holland lighthouse is called “Big Red,” and the photos are of me (Anne Lubbers) and my sister, Paula Capizzi. The windmill is in VanBragt Park.

Gloucester Webcam of The Day- Ryan and Wood Distillery Cam

Check Out Ryan and Wood Distillery Website Here


This Webcam and more can be found at

This local webcam portal project was an idea I had last year to have as many webcams streaming from local businesses or organizations as possible which highlight the incredible vistas that we as people that live and work here get to enjoy each and every day.

The idea was to have the organization install the webcam, have them embed the webcam feed on their own websites as well and have a link to each business website on the Gloucester webcam portal website to showcase their business as well.

Tim Blakeley from Gloucester Bytes provided the initial installation at ridiculously cheap cost because he believed in the project.

Community Stuff Friday

image001 (2)

Cape Ann Shakespeare Troupe will present its fifth annual production of “A Shakespeare Celebration” paying a birthday tribute to the genius of William Shakespeare. The theme of this years presentation is comedy, featuring some of his most noted fools, jesters, clowns and windbags. There will be scenes from “Much Ado About Nothing”, “As You Like It”, The Merry Wives Of Windsor”, “Twelfth Night”, “The Two Gentlemen Of Verona”, and others, plus sonnets and songs.
As has been CAST’s custom, traditional English cake, pastry, and punch will be served for an audience and cast get together after the performance. And, of course, a round of CAST’s birthday song to the Bard of Stratford.
Directed by Nick Neyeloff and Joseph Stiliano, the cast features Jonathan Arnold, David Cluett, Mia Formichella, Olivia Gale, Andrew Hoover, Ray Jenness, Dominic Parry, Ken Stoeffler and Cathy Sullivan-Bradley.
“A Shakespeare Celebration” will play April 27 and 28, 7:30 PM at the Old Sloop Coffeehouse, 12 School Street , Rockport. Tickets are $15; $10 (student); $5 (youth 18 yrs. & under ) and may be reserved at or purchased at the door. More information at and Facebook.

Heather Atwood Forwards-

Barbara Erkkila will be at the Lanesville Community Center this Sunday from 3-5 talking about Lanesville history and her life.  There will also be a ceremony honoring her work in the Lanesville Community Center.  Nisu and coffee will be served.

Raffle To Support Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Down At The Lone Gull


To Help Travis Todd:image

Hello my name is Travis and I am an eleven year old boy with a chromosome abnormality that is rare,so rare that I am the only known case in the world. I love to go outside for walks in my wheelchair but I get upset when my mom stops to talk to someone, she needs to keep moving.I can walk but not far and not alone because I am legally blind. I can not talk at all and I have a g-tube so that I can eat. I am a very happy boy and my mom says that I have the cutest smile and the sweetest little laugh. I love my mom and dad and they love me. I have two older siblings and a niece and a nephew. My family is my life and I am theirs.

My Physical Therapist recommends that I get a Rifton Tricycle. This tricycle provides the support I need with specific accessories to allow me to ride around with my siblings.



Click here for the site