Phyllis Ciarametaro has some nice things to say

Dear Joey,
We enjoy your blog. Joe and I look forward to it every day. The photos of the St. Joseph’s Shrines brought back many wonderful memories.
We were born and brought up in Gloucester. My husband, Joe Ciarametaro, yes, that’s his name, is related to the Ciarametaros who owned the boats Mary Rose and Baby Rose, and the Gloucester Grocery & Boat Supply on Rogers Street. My relatives were the Bertolinos of the famous Italian bread bakery on Commercial Street. My dad, Anthony Tony Bertolino owned the fishing dragger St. Theresa.
Joe’s Great Aunt Francis Aiello, who lived on Summer Street years ago, had a shrine every year when we were growing up. My mother, Rose Chiancola Bertolino’s St. Theresa statue and dining room lamps were always a part of Aunt Francis’ shrines.
We have been gone from Gloucester for many years, but try to visit every summer. We are now living in sunny Arizona, but missing the sound of the fishing boats’ horns, the clang of the buoy bells, and the smell of the salt ocean air. Ciao,
Phyllis Ciarametaro Do you get it?

Annual Florida Cape Ann Dayers Represent! In Punta Gorda

Hi Joey,

Here are a couple of photos of our Annual Florida Cape Ann Day held yearly in Punta Gorda.  Lots of fun renewing old acquaintances. 

Photo #1.  Bobby and Marcia Curcuru and Mary Anne and Jerry Greely.

Bob & I, M. Anne & Jerry at Cape Ann Day 2012

"The Committee": Cathy Baptista, Bob Dennis, Gap Lafata, Sue Lafata, Karen Leveille, John Leveille and in the forground, musician, Jerome Lovasco.

The committee-Cape Ann Day 2012


The dates for the popular Gloucester Block Party summer festivities are the third Saturday of the month:

July 21

August 18

September 15

Performances on multiple stages, outdoor dining from Gloucester’s fine restaurants, children’s entertainment, dancing and the stores are open. The fun and surprises begin at 6 pm.

“We are grateful and encouraged by the generous community outpouring of support for the Block Party Series,” states Valerie Marcley who has again been retained to organize three parties, “I am eager to hear ideas and suggestions for your parties.”

Sponsorship suggestions, performer and volunteer inquiries, questions and concerns are directed to:

Magnolia ‘Elizabeth’

Top Five Recommended Magnolias for Cape Ann Gardens

Magnolia ‘Elizabeth’

Photo Courtesy Liv

When Liv was attending Boston University I would often pick her up for lunch, and if the weather was fine, we’d end up at the Arnold Arboretum. After a winter of wearying shades of gray and brown, imagine our shared delight in coming upon the lovely Magnolia ‘Elizabeth.’ Not only is her beauty great, but sweet lemony scent, divine. Magnolia ‘Elizabeth’ is a cross between Magnolia acuminata, the Cucumber Tree, a native to the eastern regions of the United States and Canada and the Yulan Magnolia (Magnolia denudata), native to China; both species are much appreciated for their heady fragrance.

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden patented Magnolia ‘Elizabeth’ in 1977. I find the luminous primrose yellow blossoms much, much more preferable to the more common and relatively newer cultivar, Magnolia ‘Butterflies.’ Besides, M. ‘Butterflies’ has comparatively ZERO scent.

Magnolia ‘Elizabeth’ is pyramidal in habit with elegantly tapered buds, characteristic of its parent the Yulan Magnolia. I would grow the Yulan Magnolia in a heartbeat if only we lived in a slightly warmer climate because it is the most dreamily scented of all the magnolias; its parentage is what gives both Magnolia ‘Elizabeth’ and the Saucer Magnolias their gorgeous fragrance.

Liv photo

Magnolia ‘Elizabeth’ grows 20 to 35 feet and does best when sited in full sun in Cape Ann gardens. Magnolias like moist soil, but hate wet feet, in other words, they require excellent drainage.

Ricky “King” Russell to join the Dave Sag’s Blues Party this Thursday@The Rhumb Line

Dave Says,

The Golden Shower Retirement Center is proud to present that rambunctious rascal of rhythm: Mr. Ricky “King” Russell, master of mayhem and boffo guttersnipe to our stage this week. Last time he was here Fred had to increase insurance coverage on the place. Ricky’s quite a guy, both musically and forensically,  and we’re not looking forward to some major surgery when this blows over.
He’ll be conjoined with one of our favorite dribblers: “Mr. Ed” Scheer, not to be confused  with Wilbur’s inamorata. He drums, he sings, and he steals all my songs! Thank Gawd!
As  usual  Mr. Greg T. and his catarrh and myself on basso profundo will round off the proceedings to the nearest inch of your life. So, plan on coming out and getting your brain emulsified. Lifetime guarantee!

Hoodoo Revelator is back this Saturday night @ The Dog Bar

Hoodoo Revelator, will be performing this Saturday night, April 7th in Historic Gloucester, Mass at The Dog Bar   65 Main St. 
The weather is suppose to be nice, and the tunes will be a Rockin!  Hope to see you there!
The Hoodoo Gang


Click poster for website

find us on Facebook…

Slideshow of Debbie Clark’s demonstration at the Cape Ann Museum

Click on the photo to view a slideshow

The demonstration was fascinating.  Debbie’s creative process is very free and spontaneous – which works, I think, because she has developed great skill and has lots of talent!  She described how the some of materials she uses often change over time through interaction with each other and with the environment, so on-going change is a part of the artwork.  You can see some of the results hanging on the wall behind her. Really beautiful work!

Incidentally, these photos were all taken with my iPhone, many of them using some cool lenses I bought.  As you can see, the lenses aren’t “transparent”, in the sense that they cause some distorsion, but it’s an interesting effect. I’ll post about that later for anyone interested in exploring iPhonography…

Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Beeman School

Wizard of Oz at Beeman School April 11 and April 12

The Beeman Elementary School Chorus presents The Wizard of Oz on Wednesday, April 11 and Thursday, April 12, 2012 at 7:00PM at Beeman School, 138 Cherry Street, Gloucester. All tickets for the production are $5.00 each and will be sold at the door the night of the performance.
The Wizard of Oz tells the story of Dorothy Gale from Kansas and her little dog Toto who is swept away to a magical land in a tornado and embarks on a quest to see the Wizard so he can help her return home. On her journey she meets three friends: the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion who travel to Oz with her. Each friend has their own special request of the Wizard. On her exciting journey Dorothy and her companions meet the Good Witch and the happy residents of Munchkin Land led by their Mayor as well as facing challenges from the Wicked Witch of the West, her army of soldiers and the flying monkeys. This endearing classic story celebrates friendship, inner strength, and the true meaning of home. The production features the classic songs: Follow The Yellow Brick Road, Ding Dong the Witch is Dead, If I Only Had a Brain, If I Were the King of the Forest and Somewhere Over the Rainbow.
The production features 25 fourth and fifth grade Beeman students and is directed by Beeman Music teacher Beth Goldberg and Gloucester Stage Youth Acting Workshop director and actress Heidi Dallin. Dallin was brought on board by the Gloucester Education Foundation initiative to support and enhance elementary school theatre by partnering teachers with theatre professionals.

Community Stuff Tuesday

Annisquam Arts searts jpeg

Annisquam Arts begins its 18th season with an exciting array of workshops to inspire your child’s imagination this summer. We will have fun, create and explore while investigating a wide range of art materials in a multidisciplinary studio environment. Classes include painting, drawing, sculpture, bookmaking and mixed media for ages 6-14. We also offer a weekly photography program for ages 11-17.

Educator and artist, Dawn Southworth is the Upper School art teacher at Glen Urquhart School and co-owner of Clark Gallery in Lincoln, MA,         
a leading presenter of contemporary art in New England and a member of the Boston Art Dealers Association.

Annisquam Arts Summer Studio, located in Gloucester, workshops meet 4 days a week for 6 weeks, from 9AM-1PM at Plum Cove School. The program begins on June 25 and runs through August 2. Each week is designed as a separate, fully integrated program and includes adventures to discover the beauty of Cape Ann.

Annisquam Arts Photography, “Afternoon Photography” workshops taught by Simone Salvo, run from 3PM-7PM, August 13-17, and “Photography Weekend Intensive” runs from 1PM-6PM, August 18+19. Simone is pursuing a degree in Human Rights and Photography at Bard College. She also works as a photography instructor in the international arena. She has worked with youth in the Middle East and is currently involved in managing a program for teens in South East Asia with Rustic Pathways.



Free Jewelry Class at Rockport Senior Center

Joanne Wood of Rockport will provide a free
jewelry class at the Rockport Senior Center, 58 Broadway,
Rockport on Thursday, April 19 from 1-3 p.m. 

Participants may choose the jewelry they would
like to make and may keep the item at the end of
the class at no cost.
Pre-registration is requested by calling
the Rockport Senior Center at 978-546-2573.
All are welcome.

On the next Cape Ann Profiles show host Rich Sagall interviews Paul Goldberg, a Gloucester photographer. He discusses his background in photography, how he finds his subjects, and his work on documenting the role of the Cafe Sicilia in the life of Gloucester.
Cape Ann Profiles can be seen on Cape Ann TV Channel 12 on Friday, April 6 at 10:30AM and 7:00PM and on Sunday, March 8 at 2:00PM. It repeats on Friday, April 13 at 10:30AM and 7:00PM and on Sunday, April 15 at 2:00PM.
The guest on the next show is Noreen Burke, the new director of the Gloucester Department of Health discusses her background and plans for the future of the department.