Video- Back Shore Waves Gloucester MA 04/24/12

Right toward the end a rogue wave came and I snatched my camera and tripod just before it would have been completely submerged by the wave.

See the black silhouette in the left hand frame of the video?  That’s my buddy Steve Hollinger, the genius inventor who created the Kayalu n clamp and RAM mount’s that I use to stabilize my video camera when we are going to be out in salty conditions.


Steve took this picture of me as I was scouting the scene to video tape-


Gloucester named one of 5 Eco-Friendly Towns in America

John McElhenny of Matter Communications writes:


Good news: Rand McNally and USA Today have just named Gloucester one of 5 Eco-Friendly Small Towns in America! It’s a nice honor for our city. The article is here.

Rand McNally asked on Twitter this week for nominations of eco-friendly cities. When we tweeted back Gloucester’s designation as a “Green Community” in 2010 – and this GoodMorningGloucester post about it — the editors liked it and included Gloucester in their Top 5 list. As usual, when something positive is happening in Gloucester, GoodMorningGloucester is involved!

Gloucester is still in the running for Rand McNally’s Most Beautiful Small Town in America 2012. If you haven’t voted already, click here and hit the green “Review and Vote” button. Let’s make Gloucester #1!

Vintage & Recycled Goods Shop Photos

Last Saturday was a good time at the Tusinski Gallery for the opening of The Roving Home’s (re)Cycled show – just in time for Earth Day. I even spotted a GMG contributor, Father Matthew Green! To check out the show in person, stop by the Tusinski Gallery at 2 Main Street in Rockport, open Thursday through Monday 11 – 5. For more information feel free to e-mail me at If you would like to be on our mailing list to find out when & where The Roving Home’s events will be held, sign up through this link. Thanks to those of you who stopped in and I hope to see the rest of you who are interested in vintage interiors and design before the pop-up shop & show ends on May 13th!

– Sarah

A light made from a reclaimed beam and old cable.

That’s it – I Quit!

Smoking, that is.  On April 24th.  After 40 years.  Right now I am a short tempered bundle of unfocused energy, trying to get my mind to stick with one thing long enough to complete something, anything.  I am wandering aimlessly from one room to another, starting things and then moving on to something else.  Being usually very focused, this withdrawal symptom drives me nuts and makes me cranky. 

I can use some help from my GMG family, words of encouragement, suggestions, along with some serious threats if I even think about having a cigarette.  Well I will obviously think about it, but no one will know except me, as long as I don’t actually take one up.  And you friends, contributors, and neighbors who smoke, please do not offer or give me a cigarette, or even a puff, no matter how nicely or persistently I might beg you.  Also, please don’t take offense if I avoid you while you are smoking, at least until I feel strong enough to be in its presence without fear of caving in.

I am eating so many carrots that I will probably soon be able to see at night like a cat, through orange tinted eyes.

E.J. Lefavour

Dandelions and Tulips in your front yard

In your rocking chair on your front porch last week you were bummed about the dandelions in the lawn but enjoying the tulips. I pulled out 523 dandelions and I now have dandelion thumb so I have changed my mind. Dandelions now look pretty and I’ll leave the rest alone.

So now I just enjoy both of them and for two plants that don’t move around much (rumors that dandelions walk across streets and into your lawn are unfounded) they sure open and close a lot.

Tulips seem to open up each day because it warms up. I guess evolution has told them that the pollinators are going to be more active in the afternoon. Then they close back up. Dandelions seem to be smarter. If it gets cold they close. But even if it gets cloudy they seem to close up before the rain beats them up unlike tulips.

So I have to go find a paper and sure enough, the Journal of Experimental Botany has a paper that explains it all and they mention tulips and dandelions a lot. Duration of darkness, osmotic pressure, all that good stuff about how and when a flower opens.

Or you can enjoy your morning coffee this weekend and watch your tulips and dandelions open up again.

This animation is from Tulip Test Gardens which has a lot of good info about your tulips. (Click to animate again.)

Help send a Gloucester student to Berklee — TONIGHT

… while you’re listening to some of the best musicians our country has to offer.

Jazz is known as a one of America’s most enduring musical legacies.  And Berklee College of  Music is the top Jazz school in the world.  But it’s more than that.  Every year, Berklee graduates some of the best, Grammy-award winning musicians in all genres, including one of the most popular new genres, Americana.  (See lots of Americana music here).

Tonight, you can hear Berklee greats perform Americana, Jazz & Latin music AND your ticket price will help send a Gloucester student to music school  (more info here)

Just go to Gloucester Community Arts Charter School at 7:30 and you’ll hear

The Dwells ~ Americana singer/songwriters

And The Berklee Voices — 7 Singers and a 4 piece band singing Jazz & Latin under the direction of Diane Richardson, Associate Professor VOICE.

Tickets $10 and benefit Berklee/Gloucester Jazz & Roots Scholarship Fund (more info here).  Keep your ticket and get $5 off the next concert.

Doors open at 6pm and people are welcome to tour the school. Concert seating is at 7:30pm.

Tickets available at LIQUOR LOCKER, at the door or Call Dan at 978-876-1953

Sponsored by the gimmeLIVE Summer Concert Series and BankGloucester

If Jazz, Latin & Americana aren’t your thing, there are plenty of other choices.  One of our favorites is Inge Berge, who’s at the Cape Ann Brewery starting at 9 (you can also bop down there after the Berklee show).  If you see Inge tonight, be sure to request this song!

There are 9 venues with music tonight on Cape Ann.  See full music lineup here.

Corey Tevan’s gallery on Bearskin Neck

Last weekend I went for a stroll in Rockport to visit some of the shops and galleries that are starting to open, now that warmer weather is here.

Among the doors that were open was that of Corey Tevan’s gallery on Bearskin Neck.

It’s worth the visit just to meet Corey, who is a very warm and interesting person.  He brings a great spiritual and artistic sensitivity to his work.

Many of the paintings on display are ethereal, otherworldly cityscapes with one or two dominant, deeply saturated hues, although examples of other kinds of work are also on display – some with brilliant rainbows of color, as you can see in the background of the last photo in this post.  Some of the paintings exhibited are still works in process, at varying stages – from fathomless starry skies waiting to be occupied, to cities still emerging from the blue mist of the canvas.

I ended up buying one of the smaller paintings that really caught my fancy.  Maybe someday I’ll save up and buy one of the big ones… I find his work very calming and engrossing to view.

There were a few other people visiting the gallery at that time, one of whom turned out to be a very skilled magician, Dario Pittore.  He dazzled us with a few tricks, including making a tree and a ladder appear out of old newspapers.

His gallery is at 60 Bearskin Neck. Stop in and check it out when you get a chance! It’s really worth it.

Sunday Dinner At Sista Felicia’s

Barbeque Ribs, Mudiga Steaks, Italian Wedding Soup, Pumpkin Pizzelle. Greek Salad.  The Mrs also made a molten lava chocolate cake which ended up being the knock out punch and an exclamation mark to the final day before my diet starts in earnest.

The woman is a beast in the kitchen.


Community Stuff Friday


On Wednesday, April 25th, the Y’s Rockport SALADD (Students And Leaders Against Destructive Decisions) Club promoted seatbelt safety in a unique way.

They bought in Chick-fil-A… cow and all… to hand out free chicken sandwiches to students leaving Rockport High School wearing their seatbelts.

The students obviously loved it.  They’d never been so excited to wear their seatbelts!

chick-fil-a cow and carimage001

Photo of Guy Mendilow Ensemble – in concert at Temple Ahavat Achim this Saturday night

Guy Mendilow Ensemble



Mel Simons at Rockport Senior Center

Late night radio host on WBZ radio, presents a night of laughter, music,
comedy and audience participation.

Sponsored by the Rockport Council on Aging & Den Mar Rehabilitation & Nursing
Center on Friday, May 4 at the Rockport Senior Center, 58 Broadway, Rockport.  

Tickets are $5.00 per person which includes dessert and coffee from 6-6:45 p.m., followed at 7 p.m. with Mel Simons. 

Please call Diane Bertolino at 978-546-2573 regarding ticket information.

Joey C,
I’d like to thank you for posting the announcement of my radio book interview. As promised I gave a shout and plug for Good Morning Gloucester. It’s out there. If you or any of your subscribers didn’t or couldn’t listen to the podcast and are interested it is available at: Click on the Charles L. Fields title,Tainted Dish, and download. It may take a minute or two. If there is interest in past interviews on my other books ,click on Archives and scroll down. Keep up the good work. Although we spend the winters in Arizona, GMG brings Cape Ann to the desert everyday and it’s truly appreciated. 
Best wishes,