Easter Bunny Cookies With Sista Felicia at The Gloucester Daily Times Taste of The Times


From The GDT:

Felicia Mohan grew up waiting for Easter so she could eat these cookies her grandmother made. After her grandmother retired in Florida and was no longer around for Easter, her Aunt assumed the responsibility and now she has herself. The secret is to use this Italian pastry dough recipe, decorate your own Easter eggs with your kids, make a simple frosting using fresh lemon, and top with brightly colored sprinkles.

Get the recipe here

Recipe: Pink Lemonade Jello Shots

I had a blast at the GMG/Bodin Photo Spring Fling. Happy to get to meet everyone and hang with the GMG crew.  If you were there hopefully you got to have one of the pink lemonade jello shots I made before they were all consumed.

Here’s the very simple step by step recipe:

(Makes about 40 jello shot slices)
What you’ll need:
10 lemons
1 package of  jello ( I used strawberry/banana)
1 cup of vodka

1. Wash Lemons, cut in half, and scoop out fruit (I put the lemon guts in the freezer for future use)
2. Place lemon haves upright in a cake pan or similar pan (make sure it fits in the fridge)
3. Follow the directions on the Jello box and make the Jello, but instead of 1 cup cold water, replace with 1 cup vodka
4. Once jello is mixed pour into the lemon “cups”, try to fill to brim
5.  Put in fridge to set (usually 4 hrs)
6. When Jello is firm take out and use a sharp knife to slice the halfs in half, so you have nice 1/4 slices.

And Voila!

Some Notes: The Jello will take on the flavor of the lemon rind & vodka.  Depending on the size of the lemons you may need another Jello box to fill all 10 lemons. You can also use limes or oranges- try red jello & limes and add black sesame seeds to look like little watermelon slices.

I think for our next GMG shindig I’ll make Orange Jello shots with Vanilla vodka- A la Creamsicles!



Wrestlemania XXVIII 2012

Wrestlemania XXVIII  2012?

Ok X=10 I THINK. SO XXVIII Would be 28?

I don’t get it but it’s great to hear some laughter in our house.

I don’t understand it but My Son Chris’  his friends and my boys are looking forward to  it tonight, so I guess it’s worth 40 bucks! I have heard of the Rock but not the others. You can inform me if you want.

But I wouldn't mind one of these wrestlers putting my head in a scissor lock 🙂


Catherine Ryan submits-

From:   GMG posts calling out for batteries for Kurt Lichtenwald’s inventive Gloucester High School students

AND good egg and GMG reader Mike St. Arnauld, Manager, Tedeschi Food Shops on Washington Street , drumming up EIGHT!~

Delivered to:     GHS successful high school designers – maybe the students will post some updates on the school website or set up a blog for fans.

Kurt Lichtenwald, AKA Coach L, has taught engineering, technology ,robotics and physics for the past 14 years at Gloucester High School .  He has created, developed and implemented the curriculum for each of these subjects. Lichtenwald’s Robotics program is supported by Gloucester Education Foundation.

Mr. St. Arnauld

gmg battery thanks

Vice Principal GHS Katherine DiNardo,  receiving batteries


Gloucester High School students with batteries and work in progress

Kids with batteries

Ron Gilson’s Talk

Ron Gilson’s Talk


The other night I went to hear Ron Gilson

speak about his youth on the docks of Gloucester.

Each moment he recalled burst with the excitement

and awe of more than 60 years before.


It was clear that those years were not now just

pleasant recollections; they were the anchor

to which his life was made fast, and around which

all events circled as the tide flowed and ebbed.


At one point, as Ron searched for the precise way

to describe the mood, sights and sounds of those days,

his voice got tight, he hesitated and tears came.

At last, he declared: “Moving. That’s what it was. Moving.”


Those  who were lucky enough to have had

happy, adventurous and exciting childhoods

were brought back to our own dear early years,

as if by the pull of an anchor taking hold.


Some of us took long hikes in the dark woods,

sidestepped copperheads, climbed nearby mountains,

swam unsupervised in unpolluted creeks,

helped out mornings on our grandparents’ farm,


went on long bike rides to unexplored places,

held secret meetings at the old train station,

built soapbox cars to race wildly down the steepest

hill and carefully walked across the railroad tressle


thirty feet above the jagged rocks on our way

to the rope swing high above the Rondout

where, later, we went fishing and  gave the eels to

Mr. Annapple and brought home the sunfish, bass and perch.


We spent the nights around the fire, roasted corn

borrowed from the nearby field, told scary stories,

discovered the planets, and galaxies

and discussed things you would not believe.


Ron Gilson spoke to the universal child.

He opened wide the doors we had peeked through,

but had not entered and implored us to visit.

Moving. That’s what it was. Moving.


Marty Luster

Did You Know? (The Owl & The Pussycat)

We all know the tale of the owl and pussycat, who sailed off for a year and a day in a beautiful pea green boat and ended up on some island where bong trees grow.  They were very much in love so got married by the turkey who lives on the hill, after getting a pig to sell them the ring from the end of his nose.  But did you know that the owl and the pussycat had owlittens – lots of them?  Most people don’t know this because owlpusses don’t leave Bong Tree Island and not many people know how to get there, so they are seldom seen and not much is known about them.  I had a chance to visit Bong Tree Island and met a number of the ancestors of the owl and the pussycat, and they agreed to let me paint and interview them so people back here could get to know them.  Photographs were prohibited as they have strong superstitions about them. 

This is Sir Winfred Owlpuss III, who is a regal fellow, and very friendly and informative.  He was a pleasure to meet and visit with, except he kept trying to give me dead mice to eat, and seemed a little offended that I wouldn’t accept his offer.  Unlike Ed Collard, there are some foods I just won’t eat.  The owlpusses, or owl cats  as some prefer to be called, love mice, which is the main staple of their diet.  Some of the younger ones have somehow gotten a hold of, and really enjoy Friskies, but the older ones won’t touch it, saying it is filled with chemicals and forbidden animal parts.

E.J. Lefavour


GMG Spring Fling Party Pics

Thank you Joey and Fred for hosting a FABULOUS party! Terrific company and super delicious refreshments– a fun time was had by all.  Many thanks to all the FOBs and FOGs who brought food and beverages, and a very special thank you to Fred Bodin for opening his gallery to this crazy gang!!!

Click the last photo to see slide show.


Click the last photo for slideshow

Peregrine Falcon visitor at St. Ann’s Church

This visitor showed up at the church the other day. I think she was looking for a smallish seagull for dinner. I don't think she came to see the architecture, or to get the schedule for Holy Week...

Gloucester will never be clear of litter unless we find a better way. From Janet Rice

Janet Rice writes-

As you are all probably aware, today was a very windy day in  Gloucester. That is not so unusual. Unfortunately what is also not so unusual is to see trash and recycling being blown all over our streets, into our yards, marshes, woods, and water. This morning, the litter was literally sailing across the streets as I drove to my East Gloucester jobs. I took a few photos to share of a recycling basket that was in the center of the road at the Rocky Neck entrance. Cars were flying by as I tried to pick it up, running over it, and making a bad situation worse.( Slow down guys!)

In my opinion, we will never have a clean City, no matter how much we pick up, if we do not come up with a different, more secure method of putting our trash and recycling out on the curb. Tiny, overstuffed recycling bins with no covers do not have a chance against the wind. Bare Barney Bags also have little chance against the array of wildlife that populate our City. Once torn open, they also bend to the will of the wind.

     The wind is stubborn and will not change it’s ways. Thus, it is up to us to figure a way out of this mess. Suggestions? Ideas?

     Until we come up with a better system, I plan to never put my trash/recycling out until the morning of pick up in order to minimize the wind/wildlife exposure. I will also make sure that my recycling is secure and that all my Barney Bags in a trash can with a lid. I will also continue to pick up litter as I walk. Join me!

I made a critical error yesterday.  I myself put out the trash in a can without a lid.  Total mental lapse on my part.  100% wrong.  The Barney bag should have been more secure.  I owe my awesome neighbor Marge a huge debt of gratitude for securing it for me.

April Fools Sunrise after Spring Fling

This morning’s April Fool’s Day sunrise was at 6:23 AM. The Rockport Breakwater is entirely out of the picture since the sun has moved further north when viewed from Chapin’s Gully.

Click to embiggen: You might think, “hey Paul, time to clean your camera sensor.” But to the left is a lobster boat on the horizon and directly above are two seagulls. To the right is the green can denoting the end of the breakwater (but the breakwater is underwater for quite a distance on the north end), and a stray lobster pot in the foreground streak of light water. No dust motes on me.

Bridgette & Neil Mathews With A Pic Of What They Believe To Be “The Pavilion Pup”

Hi GMG….
My husband and I were walking the Boulevard Friday night and came upon what we think to be the "Pavilion Pup" basking on the rock near the tennis courts.
He/she looked pretty healthy and playful :-)          ~Bridgette & Neil Mathews


Heck if I know if it is the pup, but regardless if it is or isn’t still a great picture!

Community Stuff Sunday

Fishtown Players Theater will present Conor McPherson’s “The Seafarer”


Fishtown Players Theater announces its inaugural production of Conor McPherson’s instant classic, The Seafarer, to be performed starting April 19th with a pay as you can performance at The Gorton’s Theater (home of Gloucester Stage Co.) at 267 E. Main Street, Gloucester. Additional performances on 20, 21, 27, 28 at 7:30 pm and Sunday the 22 & 29 at 3 pm. Tickets are $18.00 for adults and $15.00 for seniors and students. For information and reservations please call, 978-515-7957. There will be a special benefit for The Gloucester Writers Center on April 26 at 7:30 pm. Call the Center for details (978-283-7738).

The Seafarer is about redeeming grace. How far would you go to save your soul? Sharky (the protagonist) has hit rock bottom and the play is about his struggle to overcome all odds including the devil himself-to do right by his friends and family.

McPherson (also wrote The Weir and St. Nicholas) is heralded by many critics as the best playwright of his generation. The play stunned audiences and critics in both London and New York and won the Olivier Prize for best new play in 2007 and received numerous Tony nominations. The playwright uses levity as a bridge to a more profound meaning. The play holds audiences in stitches and stunned silence throughout. This production is co-directed by Jay DiPrima and Michael McNamara. The players are; Jay DiPrima, Rory O’Connor, Michael McNamara, Bob Karish and David Adams.

The Relay for Life of Cape Ann


The Relay for Life of Cape Ann hosted by the American Cancer Society will be held at Newell Stadium at Gloucester High School beginning 6 p.m. on Friday, June 15 and going through until 9 a.m. Saturday morning.

Relay For Life is a team event (six – 15 members per team) lasting 15 hours.

One member of each team walks the track at all times.

Team members are asked to raise at least $100.00 – all for the American Cancer Society.

For more information contact Meagan Spencer at meagan.spencer@cancer.org (781.314.2643)

or visit the website at www.relayforlife.org/CapeAnnMA