Good Eggs: Clean Water for Uganda

Nikki Klink submits-

On World Water Day, March 22nd, Rockport Early Act students walked a mile (from Rockport Elementary School to the Y Rockport Teen Center) with water on their heads. They raised over $800 to benefit orphans at Village2Village Project in Uganda!

photo (21)

Roast Pork Burrito At Tacos Lupita May be Best Lunch Value In G-Town

You need to know that value is no value if a meal you get served weighs 5 lbs but has the taste of show leather.

in the case of the roasted pork burrito at Tacos Lupita you get it all.  Great portion, Bazowie Wowie packed with flavor, and all for $5.50.

Boom! No Brainer!!!!!!


Crossing the Bar

Crossing The Bar

Sunset and evening star

And one clear call for me!

And may there be no moaning of the bar,

When I put out to sea,


But such a tide as moving seems asleep,

Too full for sound and foam,

When that which drew from out the boundless deep

Turns again home.


Twilight and evening bell,

And after that the dark!

And may there be no sadness of farewell,

When I embark;


For though from out our bourne of Time and Place

The flood may bear me far,

I hope to see my Pilot face to face

When I have crossed the bar.


Alfred Lord Tennyson (1809-1892)

Did You Know? (Joshua Tree)

Joshua Tree National Park is located in southeastern California. Declared a U.S. National Park in 1994 when the U.S. Congress passed the California Desert Protection Act (Public Law 103-433), it had previously been a U.S. National Monument since 1936. It is named for the Joshua tree (Yucca brevifolia) forests native to the park. It covers a land area of 790,636 acres (1,235.37 sq mi; 3,199.59 km2) – an area slightly larger than the state of Rhode Island. A large part of the park, some 429,690 acres (173,890 ha), is a designated wilderness area. Straddling the San Bernardino County/Riverside County border, the park includes parts of two deserts, each an ecosystem whose characteristics are determined primarily by elevation: the higher Mojave Desert and lower Colorado Desert. The Little San Bernardino Mountains run through the southwest edge of the park.

Wendie Demuth, my gallery neighbor on Rocky Neck, is on a six week adventure exploring and photographing 15 of our National Parks.  Here are a few preview shots from Joshua Tree National Park.  Look for some amazing new photos at Wendie Demuth Photography Gallery at 77 Rocky Neck on Madfish Wharf this season.   

E.J. Lefavour

THE Magnolia ‘Elizabeth’ at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Yesterday while visiting our daughter Liv we stopped briefly at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. We could not have come on a more perfect day to see both the magnolias and the cherry trees in the Japanese garden in full, spectacular bloom.

You may recall that in a previous “Top Five Magnolias” post I mentioned that Magnolia ‘Elizabeth’ was patented by the Brooklyn Botanic Garden in 1977. She was first hybridized in 1956 and is named after Elizabeth Van Brunt, a patron of the garden.

Everyone was taking snapshots of Elizabeth!

Two Artists of the Week Opening Tonight

Brad Byrd with Brandon Rose at MinglewoodYou may remember that Brad Byrd shot a video at Minglewood on St. Pat’s day.  (Here he is with Hollywood director Brandon Rose).  If you missed it, check out this post.)  TONIGHT, Brad is starting his Thursday Night Music Series at Giuseppe’s at 8pm.

Last week, we featured Miranda Russell (listen to her great version of Graceland in the video above).  There are still good seats left for her concert tonight at Shalin Liu in Rockport.  Get tickets here.

Plus there are plenty of other choices for tonight too.  Check out the full music lineup here.

Red Sox Opening Day Prediction

This is one season I am not predicting anything. My sister thinks I am Beaker right now looking at the Red Sox crashing an burning out of the gate. But 162 games later The Sox could end up with that trophy with all the flags.

Rubber Duck predicts the Sox end up somewhere in between those two. Go Sox. But don’t buy those late season games until later in the summer. Good seats may be available …

Posting at first pitch instead of my normal 2PM slot. Verlander first pitch. Oy.

Young Artist of the Week: Leon!

This week’s young artist is Leon, shown above as a part of Art Haven’s summer programs. Leon has done everything from clay to mermaid robot building, but most notably created an incredible squirrel painting and poem! In Picturing Poetry with Aja Heussi, he created a poem about the intricacies of squirrel life:

Squirrels eating nuts
in a hole in a tree.
Squirrels bushy butts
and a squirrel sees a bee.

Squirrels are crazy
Squirrels are fat
Squirrels are rambunctious
They’ve caused trouble in the past

Squirrels are mammals
Squirrels have sharp claws
They can’t see when they’re babies
When they have little paws

I love squirrels
I love them a lot
They are so funny!
But when they bite, they’re not.

-Leon Calvo


If you know of a young artist that should be featured here, email  with a short description and a photo of some of their work!

The Carls Represent! All Over The Carribean

Hi Joey,

It’s the Carl’s again, just wanted to share the fact we represented GMG all over the Caribbean last week. (Belize, Costa Maya Mexico, Cozumel Mexico, Gulf of Mexico, Honduras and On the Norwegian Spirit cruise ship)

You See This Is what I’m talking about .  This might be the greatest honeymoon album of all time!  Way To Go Carls!!!!!!

Video- Dave Marciano Skipper Of Hard Merchandise On Wicked Tuna

This show mark my words will be the best thing for Gloucester since The Perfect Storm.  If you’ve been under a rock and haven’t heard about it, set your DVR and watch it.  This show is a winner.

Check out The Hard Merchandise Website Here


You can also follow Dave on Twitter


Gloucester Webcam of The Day- Atalntis Oceanfront Inn

This Webcam and more can be found at

This local webcam portal project was an idea I had last year to have as many webcams streaming from local businesses or organizations as possible which highlight the incredible vistas that we as people that live and work here get to enjoy each and every day.

The idea was to have the organization install the webcam, have them embed the webcam feed on their own websites as well and have a link to each business website on the Gloucester webcam portal website to showcase their business as well.

Tim Blakeley from Gloucester Bytes provided the initial installation at ridiculously cheap cost because he believed in the project.


Check Out the Atlantis Oceanfront Inn Website Here

Discover Gloucester Weekly From Linn Parisi

From Linn Parisi

Hey, Joey’s FOBs – I could use your help, as we’re just a few days away from sending the 2012 Discover Gloucester Visitor Guide to print: What are your best suggestions to include on the Visitor Guide’s "Rainy Day Fun" or "Free Things To Do" pages? Give me your best insider info!

I’m thrilled to tell you that 30 new partners have come on board in the Visitor Guide this year. This means that as a destination we’ll showcase a better representation of what is offered to a visitor and we’ll be able to do even more outreach to get more visitors to come here.  Did you know there are over 60 places to eat in our area that are either on the water or you can see the water from your seat?!  Eleven more restaurants are in the 2012 Visitor Guide, which is fantastic. Among the new entries is the newest in the City at 151 Main Street – Ohana New American Cuisine. Welcome aboard, Enx! Joey: Get over to Ohana soon- Enx’ buildout is on the fast track for opening in May!

Starting next week and as the season ramps up, you’ll be hearing from many of the fabulous tourism related venues on and off the island. How lucky are we to be surrounded by all this, huh?!

Linn Parisi
Discover Gloucester

Cape Youth Lacrosse Girls U9 Halftime Scrimmage

CAYL Girls U9 team

The 2012 Cape Ann Youth Lacrosse Girls U9 team played a scrimmage during halftime of the Gloucester/Manchester girl’s lacrosse game on Tuesday. CAYL would like to thank the players, parents, Coaches, Gloucester & Manchester Girls Lacrosse players, coaches, Athletic Directors and the fans for supporting these young players.

Cape Ann Youth Lacrosse is comprised of children from Gloucester, Manchester, Essex and Rockport in grades 1 thru 8.

Best of luck to the GHS/MEHS players in their 2012 season!!!!!