Become part of an extraordinary photographic experience. On May 15 shutterbugs of all levels of experience and skill will participate in what will probably be the most extensive documentary photographic effort ever. This world wide event is called “A Day in the World” and is intended to create a huge photo database of all aspects of life throughout the world as we live it on that single day.

Of the millions of expected photos, some will be selected for inclusion in a book to be published this fall, while others may appear in electronic exhibitions around the globe. All photos will be archived and saved for use by social scientists and historians.

You may submit up to ten photos shot on May 15 in any of three main themes: home, work and connections, with lots of subcategories to choose from. Learn more and sign up at I hope GMG will be well represented in this historic undertaking.

Native Flowering Dogwood

You could say I have an obsession with spring flowering trees, especially our native dogwoods. Is it a mystery why? 

cornus florida rubra

I adore flowers and branches shrouded with tree-flowers are even more romantic, perhaps because we are seeing repeating flower shapes, en masse.

Cornus floridaNative Flowering Dogwood ~ Cornus florida

Even with only the tiniest bit of space, I encourage everyone to plant a tree-garden. Contact me if you need help in finding the perfect tree for your garden.

OK, Once in a while you just have to cross the bridge

Our friends The Bandit Kings are embroiled in a BATTLE RADiCAL  at the Grog in Newburyport tonight and they need your help.  Why?  Cause they want to WIN!  So muster your courage, cross the bridge and show you’re support.  More info here.

Just in case you don’t own a car or simply can’t leave the island, there really is plenty of music in town.  You might want to catch the finale of Brad Byrd‘s month-long residency at Giuseppe’s.  You can tell him how much you like his new video.  Haven’t seen it?  Click here (lots of behind the scenes footage at that link too).

And for you jazz fans, there’s Mark Early with Henry Allen at the Elks.

See the full music lineup here.

Mamie’s Kitchen Spring Dinner

Hey Joey,

Here’s some information on our Spring Dinner and we only have 4 tables left!

Tickets can be purchased until May 6th or until we sell out by coming into the restaurant at 65 Pleasant St.

We can accommodate Gluten free and lactose free peeps!

Any questions? Do not hesitate to call Alicia at 978-283-0474!

See you soon!

Heres some info for ya!
$25 per person and this is a BYOB event. (1.50 set up pp)
Tuesday May 8th at 6pm! Heres the line up:

Cream of Broccoli
Stuffed Zucchini
Chicken Cordon Bleu
Fresh Green Beans
Mashed Potatoes
Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Go see/hear Johnny Carwash ~The Dave Sag Blues Party Tonight @ The Rhumb Line 9:00-12:00

Dave says,

I’ve had my third martini…the bombing will start in 5 minutes….Put on your bicycle helmet and welcome back Mr. Bobby Davis, Johnny Carbuncle hisself. Secret agent man, carpet-bombing maven of surf mayhem, and self-inflicted master of finger-scratching sonic sounds, this guy makes me feel like I’m sixteen again, except for the lack of synapse connection. We’ll be resurrecting mod surfing hits, blues amalgams, and T.V. theme songs ad nauseam, all for you , the beneficiaries of  painful ear-bleeding. We’re gonna set our amps on “stun” and open our pants to let you in for the biggest thing that’s happened to you all month!
Stomping on the brakes will be that friendly drummer, Mr. Jeff Casper, on eggbeaters and waits and measures, grinding his molars and setting new standards. Of course, Greg T. and his party hat will be there, and me, too, on base and ready to slide into home plate. Rheumer has it that certain sit-ins and spit-ups may rear up and show their true nature. Come Earley, and stay late! Bring cash only!

 Love this one by ” Johnny Carwash” There something about a sorrowful guitar, violin, harp…. ect.

An evening of song at the Annie

Last night we had our weekly Wednesday night singing session at the Annie. It’s very informal and spontaneous; anyone who wants to show up takes a seat in our circle of chairs in the art parlor, and we go around taking turns singing (and/or playing acoustic instruments).   The group will often join in the chorus if it is a well-known song.   It’s a very open atmosphere; music of pretty much any genre, and singers any level of talent or experience (from people who usually only sing in the shower, to music professionals), are welcome. People are also welcome to come if they just want to listen.

Here is a slideshow of some spontaneous photos I took last night.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Discover Gloucester Weekly From Linn Parisi

Hey Joey-

Kay Ellis and I had a great time Monday night at the Boston Concierge trade show at the Park Plaza Castle connecting with all the hotel Concierges who send visitors out to have fun and adventures. We were there to let them know all the fabulous things to do and eat here, and that we’re just a short car or train ride away from Boston.

We met many Concierges who want to come check out our destination for themselves, and we will make that happen.

These pics are from our booth. One is of a quirky homegrown way to get the Concierge to interact with us. It involved red Solo cups and a ship’s wheel- and it worked!

Wait til you all see the cover of the 2012 Discover Gloucester Visitor Guide! One of Gloucester’s amazing photographers- whom your fobs know and love- took the fabulous shot. You’ll see it at the May 10 Visitor Guide debut at the new Castle Manor Inn on Essex Avenue. Deets to follow!

Linn Parisi
Discover Gloucester

Community Stuff Thursday

Heidi Wakeman writes-

Open Space & Recreation Committee Member

Complete Streets Community Forum-Thursday Night!

Gloucester, Mass. – Get Fit Gloucester! wants to hear your thoughts on how to make Gloucester safer to walk and bicycle. Help create a “Fit Friendly Gloucester” by attending the Complete Streets community forum being held Thursday April 26th at 6:30 PM in the Friend Room of the Sawyer Free Library, 2 Dale Avenue.

Mass in Motion and Get Fit Gloucester! seek to address increasing levels of obesity in our society through changes in our community to support more physically active lifestyles and access to fresh healthy foods. These programs seek to make active transportation choices such as walking and bicycling safer and more convenient and to be the easiest choice for shorter trips within Gloucester. Many communities support active lifestyles is by creating “Complete Streets”.

Get Fit Gloucester! envisions neighborhoods where our children can safely walk or bike to school…and to the library, the park or local store. At lunchtime, we can take a relaxing walk or go for a bike ride or run, returning to a shower and refreshed for the afternoon. We can combine our errands with easy access to a harbor walk or the neighborhood park on the way home where our children can let off steam and we relax. There are clearly-marked bike trails for family outings as well as safe round the Cape routes for the teenagers and adults.

At the community forum you’ll learn more about what “Complete Street” policies mean for communities, see results of an assessment of Gloucester’s streets and sidewalks, hear about current City efforts to improve sidewalks and streets and have the opportunity to express your views and priorities for making Gloucester streets safer for walking and bicycling.

For more information, contact Stephen Winslow, Gloucester Community Development Department (978) 281-9781 or