Back to school beauty: East Gloucester Elementary

DPW year round endeavors, Backyard Growers beds, and EGS PTO grounds help East Gloucester elementary be back to school ready. Neighbors, too! In August, three generations tackled the turnabout center island.

Before / After


School building committee votes to pursue 9 Dore & Whittier building options and timeline

On Thursday, June 20, 2019, the school building committee voted to pursue 9 school options at 3 sites recommended by Dore & Whittier (whittled down from 14 presented on June 13), and the timeline. The School Committee is meeting on the 26th to present this slate.

courtesy photos- “green” indicates the options pushing ahead


  • upcoming July 12, 2019 review costs / goal PDP submission to MSBA August 2019
  • upcoming July 9, 2019 presentation to city council (without costs)
  • upcoming June 26, 2019  presentation to full school committee (without costs)
  • Thursday June 20, 2019 architect presentation to building committee (this post)
  • Monday, June 17, 2019 public meeting at City Hall recap here
  • Thursday, June 13, 2019 architect presentation of 14 options at 3 sites to school building committe recap here  also helpful links




Building in Gloucester, MSBA School Committee consolidation update, and MAPC City Housing forum


Three meetings with some items in common were held at the same time this past Wednesday, October 26, 2016: the standing School Committee meeting (including updates on new building) which include members Mayor Romeo Theken and Councilor Favazza; the Housing Building/Production Plan Public Forum #2 at City Hall which includes Councilor Lundberg; and a Forum to Focus on Building in the City held at the Magnolia library and community center with 3 Councilors LeBlanc, Orlando and Nolan.

Cape Ann TV filmed the first two.  (I will add them into the post.)


School Committee Meeting

“We’re on a path right now.”  “Nobody said we can’t pay.”   “We’re in Phase II of a 3-phase plan. We may need to convince the community to vote for a debt exclusion to pay for it.”

The MSBA toured East Gloucester Elementary School earlier in the week to corroborate the condition related to the School Committee Statement of Interest to consolidate East Gloucester Elementary and Veterans Memorial. The School Committee relayed that the community is united in expressing a need for new schools, moving forward and not changing course. The MSBA ascertains the community’s readiness and ability to pay. Gloucester is still in the running for MSBA aid. The pool of applicants was whittled down to 30 from 89 and sometime December or January, Gloucester will learn if MSBA accepts the plan, rejects it or places it on hold. “Up, down, maybe the plan is for the East Gloucester/Veterans only.”




Housing Production Forum at City Hall (I’ll add links to the presentation and feedback from the Magnolia forum):



Citizens waiting in line to vote just after 6pm

Cape Ann TV video: City Council & School Committee Joint Meeting School Consolidation


Thanks Lisa Smith! Here is the direct link to Dave’s film of the October 18th Joint Meeting of the City Council & School Committee:

Next school committee meeting is October 26.

Save the date! Ward 1 follow-up Elementary School meeting Monday 9/26 6:30pm at EGS

from Councilor Memhard:


Update: Ray Lamont article “Consensus Sought On School Consolidation” in the Gloucester Daily Times

 GMG post on 9/14/16 school consolidation meeting with links to Cape Ann TV and plan 

Gloucester schools consolidation

Mern Sibley speaking to the Gloucester School Committee Sept 14, 2016 about elementary schools merging

If you missed it, you’re in luck. Busy night of democracy was captured by Dave from Cape Ann TV- direct link if the video isn’t showing below.

The Chair of the School Committee, Johnathan Pope, opened with a power point presentation that went for the first 49 minutes. Questions from the floor began immediately after Pope’s background talk. First question up at minute 50–no surprise –concerned a clarification about the cost of West Parish, quickly followed by Mern Sibley’s remarks at minute 51 which received a large applause as did others throughout the evening. Some residents came prepared to speak. Some were spontaneous. The path to the mike was steady and fascinating. A few residents had more than one take like parent Kylie Mione  who is also by profession a teacher at Veterans.

Here’s a link to the Elementary School Plan Proposal August 2016


Councilor Ward 1 Scott Memhard Facebook page has several posts about the school proposal.

The audience numbered less than 100 and included Councilors Memhard, Lundberg, Cox and Ciolino.


Chair Johnathan Pope, School Committee, 9/14/16

You wanna take your kids to something fun? Robin Hood At East Gloucester Elementary

Martin Del Vecchio submits-

The EGS 5th-graders are ready to share their Robin Hood with the world!  As part of their preparations, I did some portraits, which can be seen at  


I also made a time-lapse movie of the portrait process, which can be seen at 

Show times:
Thursday, April 9th at 7:00p

Friday, April 10th at 7:00p

Saturday, April 11th at 2:00p.

Email for ticket availability.

Artist Loren Doucette public art installation EGS students

Cat Ryan Submits-


East Gloucester Elementary School and ART

Hey Joey,


East Gloucester Elementary School and ART

Hey Joey,

image002 (7)

What happens when artist Loren Doucette exhibits art projects by the entire East Gloucester Elementary student body over two back-to-back family nights?

image004 (4)

She lifts it to the level of public art installation. (Ruby McElhenny’s mask J)

image006 (2)

That’s Loren’s mom, Diane, helping out.


Thanks to hundreds of display cases –big shout out for the shoe boxes from Mark Adrian Shoes—and a beckoning zippy maze we were treated to a walk in field of masks.

image011 (2)

The PTO worked with East Gloucester Elementary to bring Loren and artist Amber LeBlanc (look for her teaching art this summer at YMCA Camp Spindrift) to spend an entire day with each grade. Devoted entirely to art and only art! 

Loren’s most recent work—the view from Kate’s balcony– will be on exhibit opening this weekend atFlat Rocks Gallery.

Esteemed artist, Ed Touchette, is the art teacher year round for East Gloucester Elementary school and Veteran’s. So these students have a touch with a master class every week! And Mary Rhinelanderdesigned the school logo.

Special thanks to EGS PTO for such a memorable event.

image012 (2)

Summer Camp and Organization Thank Yous From East Gloucester Elementary

Hi Joey!

On behalf of East Gloucester Elementary School I would like to give a huge thanks to the camps and organizations that came out for our fair on Saturday.

For those of you that missed it – it was one of those days that makes you wish you could be a kid again and experience these awesome things in person!

Our community is so full of amazing opportunities for children!

Here is a shout out to the camps that came and their websites – please do yourself and your kids a favor and CHECK THEM OUT!

Annisquam Arts

Art Haven

Cape Ann Museum

Cuvilly Earth & Arts Center

Discovery Adventures

Eastern Point Day School

EPYC Sailing

Gloucester Museum School

Gordon College Athletic Camps

Henry Allen’s Folklore Theatre Company

Manchester Athletic Club

Maritime Gloucester

Mass Audubon

Rockport Music

Sandy Bay Yacht Club

Summer Quest

Wenham Museum


Have an amazing Summer (and Spring if it ever comes!)

All the best,

Muffy White

Co-Chair EGS PTO

East Gloucester Elementary is having a Summer Camp and Summer Program Fair

Hey Joey~

Can you help me share this event with the community?

East Gloucester Elementary is having a Summer Camp and Summer Program Fair.


Thank you!!

Muffy White 917.743.0056


Video clip- Midsummer Nights Dream at East Gloucester Elementary From James Dowd

Most of what I think I do as a father is spend huge amounts of time reminding my kids about obvious things like that they can’t go outside in the rain wearing just socks on their feet. If someone said to me at that moment: "You kid and her class are capable of pulling off a pitch-perfect rendition of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream" I’d laugh out loud.

"You mean the kid outside in the rain with the socks on?"

But this is why we have schools and great teachers, to remind us occasionally that there are deep, deep wells of talent in those kids.  Beyond what we can imagine.

This clip is from East Gloucester Elementary fifth grade play, last night.
Tonight is sold out, but there may still be tix for the Sat matinee at 2.

Video- Shakespeare is coming to East Gloucester Elementary!

Martin DelVecchio forwards-

Shakespeare is coming to East Gloucester Elementary School!
The 5th-grade class presents three performances of A Midsummer Night’s Dream:
Thursday, March 29th at 7:00p (Stratford cast)
Friday, March 30th at 7:00p (London cast)
Saturday, March 31st at 2:00p (Stratford cast)
Tickets are $5.00 each; contact for details.
And bring a food donation for The Open Door!


Holiday Photos – East Gloucester Elementary Holiday Fair Dec. 4th


Jason Grow Writes-

Holiday Photos – East Gloucester Elementary Holiday Fair Dec. 4th
For our 8th year, we’re going to be taking photographs with Santa and or Frosty at the East Gloucester Elementary Holiday Fair on Saturday Dec. 4th from 10-2p – This benefits the EGlo PTO and is a great, affordable alternative to the high dollar mall offerings — Bring your kids, bring your grannies, bring your dogs…  benefit our kids and make a holiday memory…

East Gloucester Elementary School Auction For The Arts March 26th!

East Gloucester Elementary School is holding an Auction for the Arts on March 26th from 7pm to 10:30pm at Cruiseport Gloucester. Tickets are $20 at the door. Proceeds will go toward a dedicated art room and expanded art programming at the school. The theme is inspired by Virginia Lee Burton, Cape Ann’s venerated children’s book author and designer, who lived and worked in Folly Cove.

Auction logo (above left) from an original drawing by Mary Rhinelander, inspired by Virginia Lee Burton’s “Little House”.

Further information:

EGS parents have organized a benefit auction for expanded art facilities and programming for their school. “When we realized that the budget for art at our school was less than $3 per student per year, we knew we had to act,” said auction committee member Nicole Bogin. Parents are hopeful that the proceeds will lay the groundwork for financing the building of a dedicated art room- “a space where kids can get immersed in long term projects and where community members can offer after school programs,” says Bogin..

The benefit, which includes both live and silent auctions, aims to pull together East Gloucester Elementary School’s resources. Says organizer Melanie Murray-Brown, “East Gloucester School is a place where art and community can come together. We’re drawing on Virginia Lee Burton for inspiration: she’s someone who embodied the merging of community, art, children and a sense of place.” Indeed, a dedicated “army” of parent volunteers, EGS teachers and staff, local artists, alumni, individuals and businesses as well as a donation from Cape Ann Savings Bank, have all come together to make this year’s auction both enjoyable and successful.

The auction includes unique items and experiences to bid on. There will be art and classes featuring local artists, writers and film-makers; gift certificates to local shops and restaurants; memberships to local organizations; and many surprises. Murray-Brown notes that there “is something for everyone — sail trips, oil deliveries, art.” Live music by Wheelhouse, delicious food provided by Duckworth Beach Gourmet and Turner’s Seafood, as well as lively banter from auctioneer Senator Bruce Tarr, promise to make this an entertaining evening. Please visit for a preview of this exciting event.

Contact: Nicole Bogin: (978) 283-1053

Melanie Murray Brown: