Dramatic Come From Behind Win For Newly Crowned GMG Gloucester Steak Bomb Champ Destinos!!!!





After four rounds it looked like Captain Hooks Had It In The Bag But in the Final Taste Round (accounting for 40% of the scores) Destinos Pulled Out A Dramatic Come From Behind Win.

We had Bex, Chris DeWolfe, Kim Smith and Brianmoc go in for the sub pick-ups last night.  Brought the subs in and weighed and recorded the weights and sequestered the judges in a separate room while we marked each sub Sub A, Sub B, Sub C and Sub D to insure no bias and a blind tasting.

Judges Ed Collard, Chris DeWolfe, Brian O’Connor and Craig Kimberley took their judging duty very seriously.  The one part I would say would not be a fair comparison is Cape Ann brewing based on price since their price includes fries, slaw and a pickle.  However even if you threw the value category out Cape Ann Brewing would have come in last.

Captain Hooks wins People Choice with far and away most number of nominations.

Overall Best Gloucester Steak Bomb Challenge winner Based on Value, Taste, Packaging,  Lack of Sogginess and Equal Distribution of Meat is Destinos.

Once again it was noted by all four judges that each one of these subs was a winner.  To be nominated out of all the incredible sub shops in Gloucester is in itself a testament to how great each one of these Steak Bombs are and Cape Ann Brewing, Captain Hooks, Leonardos and Destinos all deserve accolades

Thanks To Mamie’s Kitchen for providing a neutral stage for judging.  Thanks to our sub picker uppers.  thanks to Kim Smith for filming (look for her awesome video Thursday).

You’d be happy to patronize any of these fine eateries.  Today at Mamie’s Kitchen Chris will be serving up his killer Cheese Steak Sub in honor of yesterday’s competition.







The scoring sheet from last night-


The Latest Striper Video From Brianmoc

After one of the slowest May in years (10 years according to my logs) warmer winds and less rain brought bigger fish up river for Thursday, Friday, Saturday but not Sunday as the fish rested that day. Bait was herring dropping back but warm on Sunday. it got so warm we will be looking for the sand eels as bait in the coming weeks. Finicky fish all three days as the bass had all the bait they could eat and there heads where down pushing bait out of the marsh

North Coast Angler Fishing Report 5/24/2013 From Skip Montello

Fishing Report: 5-24-2013

Sorry about the weekly fishing report being late, as I’m just back from Abaco, Bahamas (@ 1 this morning) hunting bonefish and tangling with big ‘Cudas, huge Mutton Snappers, and the shark that ate half of the biggest bonefish of a lifetime; estimated at 34 inches and 12 pounds!

Abaco Fishing

Capt Al reported that the Merrimac and Joppa were alive all of last weekend as solid numbers of stripers were chasing tons of herring. The guys that got out to fish were well rewarded as stripers pushing 40 inches were mixed in with schoolie sized fish. Flies and soft plastics were the hot baits. Meanwhile, Cape Ann enjoyed some very good backwater fishing at the Candy House, Jones Creek and at the Essex Greenbelt areas. Most of the stripers were schoolies, but few fish in the mid 30 range were also taken. Steve P. was taking his fish with the jumping minnow, skitter pops and plastics on a jig head. Brian also did OK with fish at Crane but the Essex backwaters slowed as the rains fouled the water quality, best baits were topwater JM’s and the MD sandeel.

Video from Brian featuring Matt A. two weeks past

Rocco with a nice Essex backwater striper

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GloucesterCast Taped 4/28/13 With Host Joey Ciaramitaro and Guest Alicia DeWolfe

GloucesterCast 4/29/13 With Host Joey Ciaramitaro and Guest Alicia DeWolfe

Click to listen- With Host Joey C and Guest Alicia DeWolfe

Topics Include:

2:10 St Ann’s School Closing

5:38 O’Maley School Theater

9:42 Good Harbor Beach Footbridge Poll

13:00 Mayor Kirk

18:30 Coffee Roll Or Cannoli

20.25 Styrofoam Cups vs Paper Cups

26:06 Cotton Is For Suckers

27:20 Cross Fit Cape Ann

29:15 Muffy White

32:12 Manscaping

35:15 Joey’s Use Of Female Hygiene Products

35:53 Manly Scented Sunscreen

40:27 Laurie Lufkin Click Marketing

42:10 Alicia On Social Media

46:00 Brianmoc

47:30 The Idea Behind GMG

56:30 19 Again

58:00 LMGTFY

If you only listen to one of our podcasts let this be the one.  I had so much crazy fun with Alicia.

Here are some memorable quotes from our discussion-

“Should I brace myself? Should I put my seatbelt on?”

“Powder fresh in my nether regions”

“Cotton Is For Suckers”

“Picture late 70’s early 80’s porn”

“Need a machete down there to get to the good stuff”

GloucesterCast Podcast 4/26/13 With Guest Brianmoc

GloucesterCast Podcast Taped 4/26/13 With Host Joey Ciaramitaro and Guest Brianmoc

Click to listen- With Host Joey C and Guest Brianmoc

Topics Include: Web Design For Mobile, Being A Local Politician, Local Gas Prices, Self Serve vs Full Serve, Flanagan Square Gas Station, Skip Montello

Check Out www.brianmoc.com

Brian O’Connor (Brianmoc) Sings The Praises of Our Friends At Cape Ann Giclee

Cape Ann Giclée

Giclée, great quality and good service right here in Gloucester MA.
There have definitely never been so many options before when it comes to finding a good printshop. When I started making prints it was at the New England school of Photography using film. Box after box of paper and hours in the dark room. Now with digital its pick your best shots and print. I had stuck with my film shop after they went digital and was happy with what I was getting. However as different employees who knew certain kinds of jobs well started to change it was time to find a new printshop.

People are happy to tell about good experiences they’ve had with printshops so I’m happy to say that one of the best printshop I have found in New England is right here in Gloucester MA.

Cape Ann Giclée Printing. I needed prints made for client that wanted them for his office & for the Rockport Art Associations shows so it was time to roll the dice and try a new printer? Do I change my loyalties after 30 years of using the same printer? Do I flip-flop from printer to printer? Yes and no.

Time to change from my old printer and no more flip-flopping. Printing is an art combined with craftsmanship. Many printers own great equipment, but that doesn’t mean they know how to run it. The team at Cape Ann Giclée not only knows both so well it sets them apart from the others I have used in the past. Where do my loyalties lay now? Giclée, great quality and good service right here in Gloucester MA.

Brian O’Connor

I may be an idiot but I’m not stupid!

While enjoying a Fisherman’s brew at Stone’s Pub this fall with Ed, he introduces me to Brian O’Connor aka brianmoc. Since I have seen way too many photos and mp3 movies of Brian reeling in very large striped bass while standing on a wet rock I mention that since I grew up in graniteless Woods Hole fishing I was finding it a challenge fishing from rocks at Andrews Point and I ask for advice. He told me I had to be an idiot if I fished those rocks without wearing a pair of corkers. I prefer not to be an idiot so I asked what a corker was. He spelled it out to me. Korkers with a K. So I asked Santa for a pair and I finally got to try them out even though I didn’t have a rod in my hand.

krokersBrian was right, I was an idiot. Fortunately, my idiocy was curable. These things are nothing short of awesome. Low tide I walked directly across multiple bands of dry and wet strips of grey, green, black, slimy, greasy rocks like I was Spiderman. I even tried out the icy rocks.  Not a problem.

Details: the ones pictured are strap on “Rocktrax Plus Korkers“. 28 carbide steel points in each foot. The boots are a pair I picked up at Olympia Sports (Gloucester Crossing) in a two for one sale they had and I think now they are going to be married to my korkers.

Warning: I feel invincible with these on but as you can see I do try to keep my stupidity from killing me so I take all the advice I can get. I know that these will help me from slipping on the axle grease that grows on the rocks around here but it will not protect me from getting  nailed by that rogue wave and getting tossed in the drink if I don’t pay attention. So even with these on, be careful out there. Brian’s exact advice was, “never turn your back on the water.”

Rubber Duck is not pictured since her korkers have not arrived.

Much More from The 2012 Bluefin Blowout-

This was the first year out with this tournament????

You’re kidding right?

All hats off to Drew Hale, Tobin Domenick, the sponsors and all the support staff who pulled off the most professionally run kick ass Tuna tournament I’ve ever seen in this town.  Packed and WATCH OUT NEXT YEAR.  I feel bad for any high line sponsors who passed on this because it was THE Tuna Tournament of the Northeast and next year people are going to be FIGHTING To GET IN.


We will have a ton more coverage and follow up with pictures from Brianmoc and Pete Seminara and Pictures and Video I shot last night.

The Winnning Fish from  The Maya Elizabeth Photo Peter Seminara-




Paulie Walnuts Video From Saturday-

For The Photos From Saturday Night Click the Slideshow Here


Brianmoc photos coming.

Video- Pete Libro and Crew of The Cabaret V At The 2012 Bluefin Blowout


The Biggest Hugest Most Ginormous Blue fin Tournament To Hit Gloucester In Decades Begins IS UNDER WAY! The Bluefin Blowout! Mile Marker 1 Is Gonna Be Off The Rails

Mile Marker 1 is Undoubtably Going To Be The Place To Be This weekend For The Weigh Ins For The Bluefin Blowout.  video coming

Follow the progress on twitter @BluefinBlowout

and on Facebook for leader updates /BluefinBlowout

Pics from Brianmoc


For updates click here-


43" Striped bass Fishing Gloucester MA Guppy Lure Company! 7/7/12 top water fishing catch & release From Brianmoc

http://www.guppylure.com/index.html Now that the fish moved off this spot;
This year on my videos I’m trying to show some certain products which I truly believe in and Guppy Lures is one of them. Guppy makes a few different sizes my favorite is the 2oz mini pencil and is all you need for the Northshore. I have caught more than just this one fish on Guppy Pencils but out of the 14 days that I fished with it this was the best video view hit ect and hay? Largest fish. You get maximum distance out of every oz, slashes the water to and froth simply. Moreover, its size and color match the bait in the water. The paint holds better than say a Gibbs that losses its paint after 10 outings. Also it works better for only a few dollars more. If your looking to cover a lot of water and catch fish run this lure down at Surfland plum island or order them from RM Smith Tackle https://www.rmtackle.com/Guppy-Lures_c_21.html