O’Maley Fundraiser at Jalapenos Monday November 6th

You can’t visit downtown without feeling the impact of Gloucester’s generous local businesses and restauranteurs.  10% of Jalapenos business on Monday night November 6th will be donated to the Gloucester O’Maley Innovation Middle School afterschool program, O’Maley Acadmey. Jalapenos has a longstanding committment to community fundraising nights.

Come hang out or take out! Jalapenos is located at 86 Main Street Gloucester, MA (978) 283-8228 Jalapenos menu

O’Maley Academy works with many community partners, like Backyard Growers (Love this sweet new corner of happy on Main near their HQ!)

IMG_20171020_132230.jpgO'Maley Fundraiser Jalapenos Nov 6th 2017

In case you forgot (or didn’t know) about Tacos Lupita…

Here’s a reminder.

Truly authentic Mexican tacos, $2 each.  (They also have lots other meat options and Latin American dishes, of course.) I got two tacos the other day, one with chicken and one with cow tongue.

Yes, cow tongue! Try it – it’s really good! I know that the thought of one’s own tongue and teeth chewing up the tongue of a dead cow grosses a lot of people out. But the meat is tender and very flavorful!


Tacos Lupita is at 63 Washington St. in Gloucester.  Open Monday through Saturday 11AM-9PM.


– Matthew Green

Chickity Check It! Tacos Lupita Has A New Website

Menus, Food Photos, Directions and More.


I built it for them when they asked.  Hope you like it.

Probably the most useful thing on there is the pictures of food which weren’t prepared special for the website, they were just photos of dishes they made for customers while I was there.  Allso the menu with prices on it gives you an idea of just how affordable it is.

Last time there Dee Noble was there with 3 kids and the whole bill for sit down lunch was $20 and change.  Seriously?  How do you beat that?

Here’s the link-http://tacoslupitagloucester.wordpress.com/

Breaking Restaurant News- Tacos Lupita coming to Gloucester!!!

Dean Szumylo forwards-

Gotta get the scoop on this… Saw the sign last night and had to grab a pic on the way in to work this morning. Could it be? The best Latin American food around without the (bullet-dodging) drive to Lynn? Just steps from Downtown? Say it IS so…!!!


Jalepenos $50 of Mexican Food For $25 Deal Extended

We used our Groupon for Hale Street last night.  Our bill came to $50.99 and all we had to leave was $1 and we dropped a $10 tip for our server.  What a steal!  Next up for us is using the Jalepenos one.  at this rate we may never eat home again, lol.

The Jalepenos deal was only supposed to be through last night but when I checked it today it looks like it’s been extended for 6 days.

The Mrs bought one yesterday, I’m buying one today!

I don’t know how these places are doing it but if you are going to cook me dinner for less than it would cost me to eat at home I’m gonna partake.  It’s a win/win.  I’m happy to save money and the Mrs is happy that she doesn’t have to cook!

Sweet! Click the picture for the deal. Best part about this one is that it doesn’t expire til the end of the year.