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Traditionally I suspect when people think of the Gloucester Fleet or Gloucester Fishermen they think of large draggers, wooden or steel.  Fact is probably over 90% of our fleet are boats less than 50 feet in length and most are made of fiberglass.  Sure there are a few draggers left but that subsector of Gloucester’s fleet is miniscule compared to what it once was.

This morning in the office our fishermen were having a conversation about how many fishermen and lobstermen are due to retire within the next 10 years.  The last great generation of fishermen to fish out of this port are nearing retirement.  The last generation of fishermen who can remember Gloucester fishing when it was humming.

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Don’t Forget To set Those DVR’s It’s Wicked Tuna Night! Tonight at 10PM


Click the video below to meet Dave Marciano the fisherman EVERYONE is rooting for!


Also check out Dave’s Boat Website-


Haddock? Yeah The Testaverde’s Midnight Sun’s Got That!

For all the negativity you read about the fishing industry here’s a family that’s always done it right and continues the tradition of being at the top of the list. Classy, strong, hard working Gloucester fishermen. 20,000 down the hole and 15,000 on deck. 

Boom!  That just happened!

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Mending Nets Aboard The Captain Novello

Sam Novello and crew repair the net after a return from Stellwagen Bank.

Photographs by Kathy Chapman

Statement From The Gloucester Fishermen Athletic Association About Next Year’s Gloucester Triathlon

"The Gloucester Fishermen Athletic Association has decided not to host the annual Gloucester Fisherman Sprint Triathlon in 2012, as we’ve done since its creation in 2009. The triathlon takes a huge amount of time and resources to organize and run, so the GFAA plans instead to focus on other efforts that better support our fundraising goals. We are immensely grateful to all who participated in the Gloucester Tri and helped make it possible the last three years. The Gloucester Fishermen Athletic Association remains more committed than ever to helping all of Gloucester’s children participate in the sport of their choice, regardless of financial circumstances."

-Janda Ricci-Munn, founder/race coordinator, Gloucester Fisherman Sprint Triathlon

Gloucester Fishermen Athletic Association


click the photo below for a slide show of past Gloucester Fishermen Triathlon photos

Joe Sans In The Expedition Impossible Trailer

As you guys know if you follow GMG that The Sanfilippo Boys are on Mark Burnett’s Expedition Impossible.  Here’s a trailer in which Joe Sans Is Featured swimming at 1 minute 48 seconds in. Click the picture to view the video!


More about the upcoming nationally televised show here

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This One Has Been Killing Me to Keep Under My Hat!!!!


Gus Sanfilippo, 48, Gloucester, MA, fisherman
Nino Sanfilippo, 43, Gloucester, MA, fisherman
Joe Sanfilippo, 44, Gloucester, MA, fisherman

From Lynette Rice On Inside TV

ABC announces cast for ‘Expedition Impossible’ (Yep, its another amazing race coming to you in June!)


Now that Mark Burnett is stealing some thunder away from American Idol with The Voice, is he now hoping to suck a little steam out of The Amazing Race?

You be the judge: Burnett is the man behind a new summer reality show for ABC dubbedExpedition Impossible, which features 13 teams of three players who will travel across deserts, mountains and rivers in the “exotic, fabled Kingdom of Morocco.” Fun? Each week a new stage of the expedition will be revealed to the competitors, who must find a way to work together to complete the trip. After 10 legs of competition, one team will cross the finish line.  Winners each receive $50,000, a Ford Explorer (nice product placement) and the privilege of never having to be called members of the Fab 3, Mom’s Army, or Grandpa’s Warriors ever again.

You think we’re kidding? Check out the monikers given to the 13 teams, which start the expedition on Tuesday, June 21. (My money is on the fishermen. Not so much for the gypsies):

Here’s Joe Sanfilippo and dory partner Marc Duval Getting In Some Early Season Dory Race Training

and after a hard fought Dory Race Win-

You may recognize Joe Sanfilippo from his interviews down at the dock, he is one of our lobstermen.  If not here he is in the RunGloucester Race-

Here’s Nino Sanfilippo Taking Home The 1998 Greasy Pole Flag-

Here is Joe Sanfilippo’s Chevy pick up truck.

Joe carries the normal stuff that skiff lobstermen carry in the back of their pick up trucks- fuel jugs, water jugs, covered fish totes to put bait in, some random buoys.

What you might also notice in the back of Joe’s truck are the dory oars and bench set up that he uses to train for the upcoming International Dory races. Joe is an avid rower and always a contender to represent Gloucester with his partner in the International Dory Races between Gloucester and Lunenburg.

He lobsters out of a 22 foot Eastern skiff after work and on weekends with his son Ryan.

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Here’s a photo of Joe Rowing in the International Dory Races From GMG contributor Mike Lindberg-


The Midnight Sun’s Dual Net Reels

Having Two Net Reels On The Stern of The Midnight Sun means that if they tear up the net on the bottom of the ocean by snaring it on some jagged rocks and tearing a hole right into the belly of the net, they only have to set back with the net on the other net reel and can continue fishing.  In the old days if a dragger “tore up” the net on their boat with a single net they would have to head for home and mend the net.

The Midnight Sun sure is a pretty boat.  She always looks majestic and the Testaverde’s keep her maintained well.

Here she is getting fuel at the State Fish Pier.




Early Morning Fishing On Gloucester’s Lady Jane Video From Frank Bealieau

 The Sunrise Amazing.   The crew works to clean fish as they have every day out fishing while mother nature puts on a spectacular show all around them.  There’s no audio but plenty to see.

We have two more videos from Frank which I’ll be posting over the next two days.

Stevie Aboard The Lady Jane Mends The Net

Stevie is a guy that’s worked his whole life as a fisherman.  One of the old timers. I wonder when the Sectors get put into place if there will be a place for career crew members aboard fishing boats like Stevie or if it will be a series of hired hands just punching in for a pay check.   Not really caring about really learning the trade, waiting for their paycheck from some large corporation which bought up the permits.
It doesn’t look good for the independent fisherman.

Gloucester Dragger Angela Rose Gets Offloaded at The Gloucester Seafood Display Auction

The noise you hear is the hydraulic pump which runs the winch.

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Stoga and State Of Art Gillnet Hauler Made By Spencer Carter

Behind Stoga is a high tech gillnet hauler.  It is made by a company in the UK named Spencer Carter.  It is the first of it’s kind that I’ve seen in Gloucester.   Mike Leary, the boat’s owner tells me that there are only 3 moving parts to this gillnet hauler as opposed to 175 on the traditional haulers used by the Gloucester fleet.  There was a guy who worked on the traditional gillnet haulers out of New Bedford but Mike also tells me he closed up shop.

Here is the Spencer Carter Website