Margaret Lee Had a Great Time In Gloucester

A really nice day in G-town

This week’s GMG blogs led me to make it a point of planning a trek up to G-town this weekend.
I was happy to read about Capt Joe and Sons Partner with an Artist opportunity, and the opening of Khan Studio on Rocky Neck.

My son Freddo and I made the drive up, and as I was coming off of Rt. 133 onto Stacey Blvd. I had the excitement and anticipation of a little kid. Though the fog was quite heavy over the harbor, the sun was shining outside of that fog mist.

On to Capt. Joe and Sons, where I had the pleasure of meeting Artist Abby Ytzen and had the good fortune of being able to purchase her book, Gloucester Fishing 1626-2011. The book is full of nuggets of information on the history of Gloucester fishing as well as stats on the types of boats and native area fish. Nice meeting you Abby and thanks for signing your book.  Then, at long last, I had the pleasure of meeting Joey C. who was hauling lobster traps to and fro in the back of the warehouse. I didn’t want to disturb Joey’s work routine so I thought I’d just say a quick hello and goodbye. Joey, it was ever so nice meeting you. You’d given me the impression through the blog that you were a kindred community spirit, and meeting you in person just embellished that fact. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy day.

Down the road and on to Rocky Neck. Our first stop was the Imagine Gallery, as Freddo wanted to purchase one of those funky hats he saw last fall when we visited the gallery and met Brenda for the first time. Nice to see you again Brenda. You emanate such great vibes!

Down Rocky Neck Ave and on to Khan Studio, where we had the pleasure of meeting E.J. Lefavour for the first time and making her acquaintance. Fabulous gallery. This is a must stop by and visit if you go to Rocky Neck. I’m a huge fan of E.J.’s work, and she displays it so nicely in this great studio space. E.J. also has a special feature of the Good Morning Gloucester gallery (it rocks), plus a guest artist space which was also wonderful, and that rotates every 2 weeks. I scored a copy of E.J.’s new book, Did You Know? and she also signed it for me. I recommend purchasing this treasure trove of tidbits of info on the historical aspects of people, places and things of Cape Ann. I also purchased one of Sharon Lowe’s fabulous photo prints. A small pitstop at Weiler Photo Gallery, where Joseph Weiler has some dramatic large black and white framed photos. He told me he still uses film, not digital. Rock on, Mr. Weiler.

Back down to Main Street where Freddo purchased a book at Dogtown Bookstore, I purchased some copper earings at Tiny Island Beach Glass, and tee shirts for myself and my daughter, Mel, at Harbor Goods/Life is Good store. Nice to meet you Julie, and thanks for inviting me to the block parties!

Back down Stacey Blvd and Rt. 127, the scenic route home…
It won’t be long until next time G-town…

P.S. to the blog or “Part 2” of Meg Lee Pimps G-Town

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Hi Joey,

My co-worker from China, Amphy, sent me the photo we took at Man at the Wheel. Though she didn’t have the GMG sticker to represent, I can vouch that she did indeed come to visit from China, based on the post from November, "Margaret Lee Representing! from Shenzhen, Guangdong, China." I’ve attached our co-workers group photo, and Amphy Chen is second from right.

So, you’ve got "there and back again" a full 360 degrees from 2 co-workers — or would it be 720 degrees??

China Folk Up In The Hizzy!-



Margaret Lee Representing! from Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Hi Joey,

Recently came back from a company business trip to China. We were in Shenzhen, Guangdong province which is in southern China just above Hong Kong.


Here’s the map:


My co-workers and I were fortunate enough to mix pleasure with business, as our Chinese hosts were gracious enough to take us to some special places.

Here I am representing from Hong Fa Temple, in a beautiful area nestled in the high hills of Shenzhen. (Hopefully you’ll get the attached photos)

Thank you (Xiexie in Chinese) to our host Erica for taking us there!

Hope you can share this on the GMG blog. (Thanks for sending me the sticker so I could properly represent!)

Best regards and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Meg Lee

Everett, MA


I’m not sure if this one is the furthest a GMG sticker has traveled or if it was Doug Brendel from Belarus Russia.

Thanks Margaret!!!!!!