Viva Blue Shutters — Another Great Food & Wine Tasting….with a Spanish Flavor

The New Owners At the Blue Shutters Inn have turned the place into a lively event center.

The latest from Tony Sapienza-

Viva Blue Shutters — Another Great Food & Wine Tasting….with a Spanish Flavor

When we planned our most recent Food & Wine Tasting around a Latin America theme (in celebration of Cinco de Mayo) little did we know that we’d have folks with South American roots as part of the crowd. So on Saturday afternoon when we began bringing out Chilean and Argentian wines and South American dishes like lamb and dried cherry quesadillas and grilled shrimp with almond romesco sauce, we were concerned that this might not stack up to their expectations. Well, we impressed even the girls with family from Argentina — as well as guests from Gloucester, GreaterBoston and New York. Speaking of Argentina, one of the more interesting dishes was Carne Arsado with Chimicurri sauce — it turns out the term "chimichurri" was based on the name of American cowboy Jimmy McCurry, who brought the recipe to the ranches of Argentina. So not only did everyone enjoy great food and wine — and lots of laughs and a few cigars after the tasting; we also learned something new. A big thank you to our wine expert Kathy Hill, from the Traveling Vineyard, and our visiting chef, Mark Sapienza from the Langham Hotel, for the wine and food (that’s Kathy in the photo here with Mark’s brother — and Blue Shutters innkeeper — Tony Sapienza showing off some of the dishes from Saturday night). We’ll start up our food and wine events again in the fall — we look forward to seeing everyone back for more tastings then.

anth and kathy

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