Highway Construction in Danvers

I’m not sure if it’s Moe, Larry and Curley or Charlie Sheen and his two goddesses who are doing the highway work up in Danvers but I swear I’ve never seen more than three stooges working there at a time.

They’ve been working there forever. I have no idea why thus stuff takes so long. In other parts of the country I visit I swear they put in entire interstate highways in less time than they take around here to do a single overpass.

Is it a union thing? I’m not sure why they don’t bring in an army of workers and equipment and bang out one job at a time quickly rather than have 20 projects going on at once with just a handful of workers at each project and dragging it out for years.

4 thoughts on “Highway Construction in Danvers

  1. is this a hysterical comment made by someone who went by once, next time, take your camera and sit there for a while…this is how rumors get started…also, all projects like this a bid in an open and public way, you can research the bid process and trully have an understanding, then you can draw a conclusion not “jump to one”…


  2. Someday, we will tell people about the on ramps on 128 during rush hour, bumper to bumper traffic and how thrilling it was to try and merge. Zero to 60 in 3 seconds.


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