The Bounty of the Sea: and the Perils she brings, A New Book From Andrew Weiner

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Book Description

Publication Date: July 28, 2014

As long as there have been records kept, there have been stories of the sea. Some of the stories have been good and are filled with happiness, others have shown the hard life that the men on the front lines of the fishing industry have and some are so heartbreaking if a man is lost at sea.
Growing up in Gloucester meant fishing and salt water was injected in your blood at birth. Some kids were born with a rod and reel, some were born with trawling nets, others with traps or deep sea rigs. It didn’t matter, you simply knew how to do it. You knew the difference between a jig and a #8 hook and what fish liked clams as bait or sea worms.
You skippered boats with names that were created with an industry in mind, such as a dentist naming a boat “The Impaction. They were named for a mother or father or a nautical term such as Gale Force. Some even had names that were comical such as “Hekawi” as in the tribe in the 60’s sitcom “F-Troop”. It didn’t matter what the name was, because it was yours.
You knew how to pilot any size boat, from an Amesbury skiff, to a Boston Whaler and an Albin cabin cruiser. You knew how to chum the waters and gahf the big one. NYC clam chowda is blasphemy to you, as is Red Lobster and any Lobsta Roll south west of Lobsta Land. It will never be a question of “To fish or not to fish”, but rather “how am I gonna cook it tonight? You have saved many fish from the hazard of drowning in the ocean.
A snow storm that only drops 6” is considered a dusting. If it’s sunny and above 40 degrees, you are in shorts. 60+ degrees is a beach day, and a rain storm means you can have a great day fishing. You hate people that think a 50″+ swell is Hollywood magic, because you may have lived through one. Pneumonia may sideline you, but sea sickness will never. You can hold a beer in one hand and hot dog in the other while doing 30 knots.
You mourned the losses and celebrated victories. It didn’t matter what your background was, you did it all together at Our Lady of Good Voyage. You were there when Cardinals Cushing, Mediros and Law blessed the fleet during every fiesta.
You have played the air guitar at “Old Timers”. You have drank Sambucca, and you are 100% Italian or Sicilian during the last full weekend in June. “Viva San Pietro” rolls off your tongue with ease at the same time.
You are all Gloucestermen, no matter where you settled and what you did, because like riding a bike, you will always remember being a Gloucesterman.

Don’t Miss a Reading by Jamie Quatro at Toad Hall Bookstore!

From the Annisquam artist Rachel Perry Welty:
My friend Jamie Quatro will be stopping on the North Shore on her book tour for “I Want To Show You More” on Monday, March 11, at 7 pm, and will do a reading and signing at Toad Hall. She has won all kinds of advance praise for her first collection of short stories, and she has been called a “brilliant new voice in American fiction” and compared to other writers such as Alice Munro. She is reviewed in the March 11 issue (this week’s issue) of the New Yorker. It’s exciting for me personally to be a small part of her debut, as I made the art for the cover. You can read more about Jamie and her book here:
Monday March 11
7 pm
Toad Hall Bookstore
47 Main Street
Rockport Mass 01966


St Peter’s Fiesta through The Years- The Bible From Joey Palmisano

The Mrs bought me one a couple of years ago for Christmas.  It’s on my bookshelf of prized books right next to my Hopper Book in The Living Room Bookshelf.

You can get yours at Virgilios, The Bookstore of Gloucester or Dogtown Book Shop


Elyssa East Author Dogtown: Death and Enchantment In A New England Ghost Town Part III

Here is the final installment of the Elyssa East GMG Interview.

In this segment we talk about publishing in 2010- the challenges and opportunities presented with new media distribution.

We also talk about the need for the independent book store and what they offer that digital media can’t.

you can check out The DogtownTheBook website here-

Elyssa East Author Dogtown: Death and Enchantment In A New England Ghost Town Part I

I Interviewed Elyssa East at Pleasant Street Tea and Coffee Company Where She Talked About Her Book In Part I of Our Three Part Interview

Look for part II tomorrow
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imagepart II tomorrow