1 in 100 Million, Huh? Second Albino Caught In A Year By A Captain Joe and Sons Lobsterman

John Todd Writes In-


   I forgot to mention when I offloaded yesterday that I had caught an albino lobster in the harbor. I took a few photos with my phone that I thought you might like to see and maybe post on the GMG page. I was going to bring it in but just after I took the last photo a homie dove down and grabbed it off the table, probably thinking it was something other than a lobster due to it’s color. It dropped it just off the back of the boat and out of reach, although I think it was short anyhow. I looked it up and they said it is as rare as 1 in 100 million. I know you had one a while back from Mike Tupper so perhaps they aren’t so rare or they just like to come to Gloucester for the hospitality!

   John Todd

   f/v  Tir Na Nog

camera photos 2 001-1

camera photos 2 002-1

camera photos 2 003-1

Here’s the Triple Pincher Clawed Lobster Slide Show

Click The Picture The Slide Show Of Pictures of The Triple Pincher Clawed Lobster That Was Landed At Our Dock- Captain Joe and Sons Last Week


Yellow Lobsters, Yeah We’ve Had those Too, Along With Half White Ones, Half Blue Ones

All Been Documented In the Past Here At Good Morning Gloucester Our Dock In Gloucester Captain Joe and Sons

Apparently a yellow one was caught and they are saying it is more rare than the albino one, well, we got one of those too, LOL

Here’s the Yellow Lobster We Got-




A Half White Lobster we Nicknamed The Phantom Of The Lobster




A Half Blue One




Quadruple Clawed Crab Landed At Our Dock



Click the picture below to see a video of the double clawed crab we got-


double clawed lobster


There’s So Many More

Releasing The Albino Lobster At Pavillion Beach

Be Well My Fine Friend!  Try Not To Get Eaten On Your Way Out 🙂

This was the albino lobster which the marine Biologist at the New England Aquarium called one in one million that we let Jeff Schroeder release for the taping of CBS Around the World For Free




Albino Lobster Landed At Captain Joe and Sons 7/23/10

Mike Tupper Aboard The Freemantle Doctor landed her.

click the pics for larger versions

Click Here For a Full Sized Slide Show







Albino Lobster Landed At Captain Joe and Sons Video

This is just way too much of a coincidence to have two incredibly rare lobsters landed in the same week.  I wonder if it has to do with warm water temperatures

Landed 7/23/10

to view the other Mutated lobsters that I’ve documented on Good Morning Gloucester Click This Link

Unbelievable! Twice In One Week! Only The Second Albino Lobster We’ve Ever Landed Out of Probably 10 Million

This Albino Was landed Today.  Out of probably (I’m guessing 10 million) lobsters I’ve seen landed at our dock over the years this is only the second total albino one I’ve seen.

To top it all off it gets landed in the same week as the triple pincher clawed lobster we got in on Saturday.  I wonder if the warm water is making these mutated lobsters more active because it is way too much of a coincidence. HD video coming in about an hour or two.

WHDH Shows Good Morning Gloucester Some Love

Wow we are batting .750 with news outlets calling me a captain instead of a lobster dealer.

WHDH Channel 7 Is Running This Piece-

Triple-pincered lobster caught in Gloucester

GLOUCESTER, Mass. — It’s a surprise that made a boat captain in Gloucester pinch himself.

Joey Ciaramitaro sent 7news video of a two-pound triple-pincered lobster.

The rare site was delivered to Captain Joe and Sons wholesale lobster company.

Ciaramitaro says he’s never seen anything like it.

Click here for the link to the Channel 7 Story featuring our video

No link back to the blog or mention of  Good Morning Gloucester in the story but at least they didn’t crop the GoodMorningGloucester caption I lay over the videos I make.

It baffles me as to why they won’t link back to their sources, but hey at least we were recognized and Gloucester will get some exposure.

Blue Lobster Landed At Captain Joe and Sons

Big Lar landed this beauty December 14th. It was caught in the waters just off of Jubilee Yacht Club. Video at 8AM

click for larger version
click for larger version
click for larger version

Spotted Lobster

Mark Ring caught this spotted lobster yesterday.  We rarely get them. Probably 2-3 a year with this type of markings.  Less often than a blue one or albino one.  If anyone wants to come take a peek at it or photograph it I’ll leave it in the tank through the weekend.  Bring the kids down, they love this kind of stuff and I’ll even throw in a demonstration on how you can tell the difference between a male and female lobster.  You might even get to see a lobster boat get unloaded.

You can view this slide show of unusual lobsters that I’ve photographed over many years here at our dock in Gloucester Ma, by clicking this text

Video coming at 2PM

Spotted Lobster, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Albino Lobster

Last summer Toby on the Jupiter II brought in a lobster that was yellow in pigmentation, I’ve never in my 33 years down the dock seen a completely white albino lobster.  I’ve seen half white ones and documented them in photographs, half blue ones and documented them, but never a completely white one.

Look for the video tomorrow morning.

Thanks goes to Paul Movali for pointing out to me.  Paul’s a good egg.

Albino Lobster, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Freaks Of The Lobster and Crab Worlds Rerun

There are controls to pause the pictures of go directly to the album by clicking on the slide show.

This is an updated version of the old “Freaks Of The Lobster and Crab World Slide Show”. I doubt anyone else has a collection of pictures that they’ve taken first hand of this many mutations.