Who Loves Ya, Baby? A Good Kind of Rant

All this just to share a quote

After Reading GMG the last few weeks. It got me to realize what kind of person this “Blogger extraordinaire” Joey is. I’ll always say he’s a pain in the Ass. But he’s more than that. It’s hard for me to find the right words. I’m not a writer so I have no Idea why he ever asked me to be a GMG Author. I’m just a Ball Buster. I can’t help myself. Joey has censored some of my Posts and comments to save me from myself, and the GMG readers. Someday I may thank him for that.

BUT! I do love the Guy. His passion for this GMG Thing is unstoppable. I’ve been asked a few times how much Joey makes off of GMG. 

 When I tell them “NOTHING” They’ll either respond with; “Why Bother” or “That’s a lot of work for nothing”. For Joey it’s not Work, or I think a “bother” at all to the Guy. Look what he’s been doing the last few months on these Pages. The content has been unbelievably Entertaining, Fast Paced and sometimes Touching.

I want to thank Joey for including me in this Thing. I’ve met a lot of great people here; “Fellow GMG Authors” and Artists. He’s also taught me how to present my ideas without pissing off too many people. Joey has put up with a lot of my crap the past seven months, but he kinda asked for it when he signed me up. I thought of this after I texted him today, I could picture him Cringe when he read it. I could’nt stop laughing to myself after I got his reply. I had some great laughs at Joey’s, Sharon’s, Mr. Morrisons and my own expense. I wouldn’t Trade that for anything.  

All that just to Share a Quote and a Question I always ask myself. First the Quote. I thought of Joey when I read this;

Today is life-the only life you are sure of. Make the most of today. Get interested in something. Shake yourself awake. Develop a hobby. Let the winds of enthusiasm sweep through you. Live today with gusto.
— Dale Carnegie

Now the question;

Does anybody really Read This GMG Thing?

Channel 5 Shows GMG Some Love Again

And Again They Link Back to GMG in their story which is more than many other news outlets did.  It is duly noted and much appreciated.

Here’s a link to The Albino Lobster Story on The Boston Channel-


Here are all the posts to date about the albino lobster

Again and Again 2010 Sailbag Auction Party Preview Video With Heidi Wakeman

Sailbag Auction Preview For Tomorrow Nights Auction/Party At Art Haven 7-9PM Thursday

The proceeds from the auction will benefit GHS Sailing and I was blown away at the talent and creativity of some of the bag designers.  Hope to see you all tomorrow night and if you would like to place a preliminary bid on Madeline or Eloise’s bag let me know and I’ll start the bidding at your bid level.

Rockport Anadama at Lattof Farms

Monkey Bread at Lattof Farms comes out of the oven around 9:30AM on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. So what am I to fuel up on if I am leaving town on Monday morning? Chrissy at the farm stand tells me to try the Anadama Bread. She said it was perfect toasted with tomato and some mayo. Since I was picking up tomatoes and native corn I went for it.

It was still warm from the oven and it never made it into a tomato sandwich. We ate the whole thing on our drive to Wayland. Lattof Anadama seems to crank up the mollases and tone down the cornmeal to make something that is great torn off and stuffed in the pie hole all by itself.

Fun Fact: Anadama Bread has its own wiki page. Does anyone believe the origin of the name story on that page? Sounds a tad hokey:

“A fisherman, angry with his wife, Anna, for serving him nothing but cornmeal and molasses, one day adds flour and yeast to his porridge and eats the resultant bread, while cursing, ‘Anna, damn her.'”

Next week my own tomatoes will be coming off the vine and they are going to find a home between two slices of this bread with some Hellman’s. (I know not using Cains is Cape Ann sacrilege but I spent too much time in the midwest to shake my addiction to Hellman’s)

Sorry, no photos, I ate it.

[edit] Forgot to say where Lattof farm is. You know when you go by the “new” Rockport police station and you are putting your car in neutral so you can coast all the way to Dock Square? Lattoff farm stand is on the left hand side as you start down the hill to five corners.

Gloucester Writer Center’s Artist In Residence Sandy Tolan To Speak At The Harbor Room

Sandy Tolan will read from his new work-in-progress at the Harbor Room, across the street from the Gloucester Writers Center (see directions below) at 7:30 pm,
Thursday, July 29. The event is free and open to the public. Please RSVP:

Sandy Tolan, the Gloucester Writers Center’s first writer-in-residence, is the author of two books and the producer of hundreds of documentaries and features for NPR and Public Radio International, and has written for New York Times Magazine, Audubon, the Nation, the Los Angeles Times Magazine, the Christian Science Monitor, USA Today, and dozens of other publications.

Sandy was a 1993 Fellow at the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard University. The following year he moved to Gloucester, to a house on East Main Street, a few blocks from the home of Vincent Ferrini – now the site of the Gloucester Writers Center. It was here that Sandy wrote his first book: Me and Hank, A Boy and His Hero 25 Years Later, an exploration of race and sports in America.

From 2000-2007, Sandy was the I.F. Stone Fellow at the Graduate School of Journalism at UC-Berkeley, where he divided his time between teaching and many journeys to the Middle East to research his second book, The Lemon Tree: An Arab, a Jew, and the Heart of the Middle East (Bloomsbury USA). The Lemon Tree was based on his award-winning NPR documentary about a Palestinian man and a Jewish woman whose families lived in the same house before and after the founding of Israel. The book won a Christopher Award for "affirming the highest values of the human spirit" and was Booklist’s "Editor’s Choice" for best adult non-fiction book of 2006. It was also a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award.

Sandy’s many awards for journalism include the United Nations Gold Medal, the Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University Silver Baton, three Robert F. Kennedy awards, and honors from the Overseas Press Club. A dedicated teacher, Sandy takes as much pride in the recognition awarded to his students’ work as to his own. In 2007, his students won the prestigious George Polk Award for a series on the early signs of climate change around the world – the first time in its 58-year history that the prize has been awarded to students.

In 2007 Sandy joined the faculty of the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School of Journalism . He has just returned from the West Bank, where he has been researching his next book, a profile of a visionary young musician in Palestine.

In 1988, a photographer in the West Bank snapped a photo of an 8-year-old little boy with tears in his eyes, hurling a rock at an Israeli tank. The widely circulated photo symbolized the rage and frustration of the intifada. Later Ramzi took up the viola and his natural talent was noticed by a Palestinian music teacher. Eventually he received a scholarship to study at a conservatory in France. Today, Ramzi devotes all his energy to opening music schools in Palestinian towns and refugee camps, teaching both European and Arabic classical music. He has opened 10 schools, so far, serving 500 students. "I cannot tell you the feeling of playing music," Ramzi says. "But that’s what I was dreaming about: to give this as much as I can to other children. As much as I can. The music and the feeling." Famed conductor and peacemaker Daniel Barenboim praises Ramzi’s achievement, "This is an extraordinary collection of children all over Palestine that have all been inspired and opened to the beauty of life."

Sandy’s three-week stay at the Gloucester Writers Center has provided him the opportunity to focus on writing the first chapter of that book.

Again and Again Sailbag Auction Party Preview

The party and Auction to benefit Gloucester High Sailing program is from 7-9PM Thursday evening at Art Haven 180B Main St (across from the Police station)

The Mrs will be a judge and I’ll be on hand to take some pictures and video.  The Bean and Snoop Maddie Mad have two bags entered in the auction as well.

You can bid on over 30 bags with light refreshments being served. Not to mention the fact that you can check out the beautiful work by the fresh young talent at Art Haven and The Hive.

Check out the video tonight with so much more from the fabulous Heidi Wakeman at 6PM

Sharpie Showcase! deb Clarke Representin’

Deb Clarke Representin’ GMG on The SHARPIE Showcase website


You Should’ve gone into Marketing Deb.

GMG Thanks you for the Shout out!

CLICK HERE for Debbies Sharpie Showcase Page


The Midnight Sun’s Dual Net Reels

Having Two Net Reels On The Stern of The Midnight Sun means that if they tear up the net on the bottom of the ocean by snaring it on some jagged rocks and tearing a hole right into the belly of the net, they only have to set back with the net on the other net reel and can continue fishing.  In the old days if a dragger “tore up” the net on their boat with a single net they would have to head for home and mend the net.

The Midnight Sun sure is a pretty boat.  She always looks majestic and the Testaverde’s keep her maintained well.

Here she is getting fuel at the State Fish Pier.




Chickity Check It!- The 2010 Best of North Shore Award Winners


Many FOB’s (friends of the Blog) were winners in the prestigious North Shore magazine’s BONS Awards including-

Sugar Mags- Best Breakfast

The Farm Bar and Grille – Readers Choice Best Burger

Coveted Yarn- Best Arts and Crafts Readers Choice

To name a few. I haven’t had time to go through all the lists but there are many more local joints listed as winners. check for yourself-

Click on the links below to see the winners in each of the different categories below

BONS 2010 Categories


Entertainment and Nightlife




Amazing Race and Big Brother Contestant Jeff Shroeder Talks About Day 1 In Gloucester Shooting For CBS “Around The World For Free”

Jeff Schroeder and Director Zsolt talk about their time in Gloucester MA from my basement where the crew spent their first night as the series kicked off.  Jeff slept on my daughter Madeline’s beanbag chair in the center of children toy hell

Here are pictures and video from Day 1

click pics for larger versions

Sleeping in the basement after doing shots of tequila at The Crows Nest- priceless!

Here is a video of Jeff in the basement after wrapping up Day One of CBS Around The World For Free and also Zsolt the director and one of three creators of the show talking about Gloucester and how high the bar has been set for the rest of the season.

Good Times!

More pics and video to come

48 Hour Film Project Filmed At Downtown Gloucester’s Dress Code

48 Hour Film Project by A Shot in in the Dark Productions.

I really like the camerawork in the film.

Directed/Written by Genine Tillotson
Edited by Jess Schumann, Will Cavanagh, and Myself
Music by Russell Wolff

Video created by Benjamin Eckstein.

Swing by Barbara Koen’s Dress Code when you get a chance, she always has some interesting things in her funky ass shop.