Where Zat? Winner!!

This week’s Where’s Zat? location is the Dress Code consignment shop owned by one of my favorite people, Barbara Koen. Others guessed Gloucester Music.

So this week’s winner (the first correct answer) is Gina Curcuru! Congratulations, Gina!

Thanks for playing! Watch for next week’s Where Zat? on Monday at 9 a.m.!

48 Hour Film Project Filmed At Downtown Gloucester’s Dress Code

48 Hour Film Project by A Shot in in the Dark Productions.

I really like the camerawork in the film.

Directed/Written by Genine Tillotson
Edited by Jess Schumann, Will Cavanagh, and Myself
Music by Russell Wolff

Video created by Benjamin Eckstein.

Swing by Barbara Koen’s Dress Code when you get a chance, she always has some interesting things in her funky ass shop.

Shoppin Local- From Donna and Barbara

As residents of the great city of Gloucester, we must impress again how much shopping, eating, banking and enjoying our local business establishments means.
If you shop at a chain store and you are short $1, the clerk cannot help you out.
Shopping at a local store, you can come back with the dollar.
If you cannot get a purchase in your car and the landscaping store is going your way with another delivery, they put will bring it to you. The banking establishments will call you if you have left your “Deposit Only Stamp” in the bank. Our wonderful eating establishments will make sure if you are allergic to something, it will not be served.
Again, going local is not just a saying; it is real and keeps our community strong. Thank you.

Donna Ardizzoni
Circle Consulting Group

Barbara Koen
The Dress Code

Gloucester Day With the Bean- Taking Silly Pictures At Barbara Koen’s Dress Code

After finishing up our coffee and hot chocolate and cleaning up a nasty hot chocolate incident at The Lone Gull we headed up to Barbara Koen’s Dress Code.

I dig popping in there if for nothing else but to catch some of that good karma from Barbara and the girls who work there.  Always a fun experience and you never know if you’ll find a hidden gem. 

Right now there are a bunch of brand new TUMI bags selling for 1/5 or so of their original prices.  If you are a traveller you will recognize TUMI as the top brand in luggage.   These bags were smaller messenger style and laptop bags but all brand new and pretty bad-ass.  I’ve been having an internal debate about buying one for several months now.

Here’s the Bean and I taking a silly picture in the overhead curvy mirror-


Joe Aiello and Donna Ardizzoni Ham It Up Before The Block Party

Donna stayed til the very end and was picking up trash through out the Block Party.  What a good egg.

Joe Aiello and Donna Ardizzoni Ham It Up Before The Block Party, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Barbara Koen At The Dress Code Celebrates Block Party In Her Own Way
Barbara Koen At The Dress Code Celebrates Block Party In Her Own Way

“Won’t you marry me, Bill?”

dress-code-wedding026This in from Barbara Koen at the Dress Code:

Wont you marry me Bill? Wedding Gown Blow Out on Saturday March 14th. We have forty sample gowns only worn in the shop they came from.

Who knows? You may find your ideal wedding dress right here in Gloucester. So come and support your local economy.

Peace to all.

Barbara and the Dress Code staff

For Those That Wanted To Contribute To The Children Of Matteo Russo Fund

Bank Gloucester
Bank Gloucester

There are people that are asking how they can help if they missed the Gloucester Guerilla Art Project.

You could make checks out to The MR Children Fund Attn Amy Mitchel and send it to

Bank Gloucester
160 Main Street in Gloucester, Massachusetts. 01930

At the end of the GGAP event we had 12 Tshirts left.  They are at The Dress Code Downtown Gloucester.  You could also buy one of the few remaining Good Morning Gloucester T Shirts there.  100% of the money you spend to purchase a t shirt goes to the Matteo Russo Children Fund.

The Dress Code is located at 159 Main Street Gloucester.

Packed House For GGAP II

We had a lot of fun and raised money for a great cause.   People turned out and I’m proud to say that GGAP II was the first sell-out at Cape Ann Community Cinema.  We raised $2217. which will be deposited by the end of the week to The MR Children fund.  There are still 12 t shirts left which can be purchased at The Dress Code downtown and 100% of that money will be added into the total when they are sold.  Also Rob Newton will be donating a portion of the proceeds from a show this week (details to follow) into the pot.

DSC_5259, originally uploaded by sharon_lowe88.

Thanks to Sharon for taking the pictures at the show as I was too busy to be able to get any footage.

Thanks To Barbara Koen

Thanks to a generous donation from Barbara Koen from The Dress Code shop downtown we are able to double the amount of t shirts that will be available for purchase.  100% of the money raised from the sale of these shirts will go to the family of Matteo Russo.

Good Morning Gloucester Logo, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Things To Do- Go See Barbara Koen Tonight!

This just in from Dian-

Hi Joe,

I still love hearing about Gloucester way up here in beautiful Carlisle, and look forward to every newsletter.  I can almost hear the ship’s halyards clanging from here!
On another note, Barbara Koen, of Dress Code fame on Main Street in Gloucester-shire will, once again be performing at my venue – Union Hall World Music & Dance Coffeehouse, 27 School Street in Carlisle, MA., inside The First Religious Society, this coming Saturday, the 17th of January.  Show time is 7:30 p.m., and she’s opening for Luminescent Orchestrii, a Gypsy tango klezmer punk acoustic string band from New York City, whose music balances frenzy and finesse.  AWESOME!
As you may remember, Barbara opened to a sell-out crowd at Passim in November, and it would be wonderful if you could put her and this ad in your newsletter.  We’d all appreciate it very much; especially Barb.  Many thanks, and Happy New Year to all!
Dian Francesca Cuccinello, Producer
Union Hall World Music & Dance Coffeehouse

Barbara Koen Show


“Gloucester’s own Barbara Koen,  [of DressCode fame) brought the venerable Passim, the 50-year old icon of folk music magic, to its knees, in a thirty minute set, opening for folk singing comic headliner Don White.  It was a gathering for the release of his new , and might I add,  hilarious DVD called The Family Man.  Having never even heard Barbara sing, but taking it on my word, after a sell-out performance he gave at yours truly’ own Union Hall Coffeehouse in Carlisle, back in June of `08, he came up onto the stage, after her performance, and with a stunned look on his face,  gave her a boisterous and heartfelt pat on the back, to thunderous applause, and shouts of encore, encore.

Now, this is a voice, and a woman to be reckoned with.  She stood with her feet planted firm on the stage, where the sandals, scuffed sneakers, and even the bare soles of so many greats have stood before her; their strength of conviction, and ability to tell their many stories, could not only be felt, but seen rising up like a phoenix in her passionate voice.  In one particular song, she appears to be meandering with a bit of nonchalance on the subject of domestic violence, all the while weaving in the victims and their perpetrators by literally locking stares with individuals in the audience.  However, the twinkle in her eyes, the nod of her head and the bit of a smile on her face,  as she poured over her story, left you believing that there was nowhere you could run and hide with your secrets.  She knew who you were, and where you were.  Unsettling?  Yes,  It’s gift.

From the likes of Bob Dylan, Joan Baez ,Woody Gutherie, and all who graced that tiny stage before her, you could almost hear their big shout-outs of welcome to this woman from Gloucester, whose gorgeous voice and dynamic guitar playing,  danced across the room, creating waves of wonder and amazement emanating from strangers, who are strangers no more.

Last night you could actually hear pins dropping…such was the golden sounds of silence when her voice began to ring.”

Cape Ann Food Pantry At The Block Party

If y’all think of it we will have a truck from Cape Ann Food Pantry up by CVS looking for dry and canned goods to feed needy families. Barbara Koen told me just the other day that the most selfish thing you can do for yourself is to give to others because you get so much more back in good juju.  Let’s all pitch in and help feed some folks that could use the help this winter.

Here is a link to Cape Ann Food Pantry

Here is a link to specic things they could use