Teaching Opportunities- Eastern Point Day School-Gloucester, MA


For any of you teachers out there that either live in G-Town or would like to relocate to one of the most beautiful communities on the planet, I saw this listing on Craigslist-

We are searching for caring, dedicated, and skilled professionals to teach at Eastern Point Day School, which serves children in grades Pre K-8. The successful candidates will demonstrate the ability to work well with children in a multi-age classroom. We are looking for experienced candidates who use best practices, technology, current methodologies, creativity, innovation and a balanced approach to instruction. Starting date is the week of 8/30/10.
CLASSROOM TEACHERS (1 – 2 positions)-Kindergarten through Grade 8 Multi-Age,
For the 2010/2011 school year, we anticipate the need for 1-2 additional certified classroom teachers who are able to work collaboratively, team teach and differentiate instruction for children of varying ages and grades. Expertise and experience at the early childhood (Grades K-1), intermediate (Grades 2-4) and/or upper levels (Grades 5-8) required. Our grade levels are combined and based upon enrollment projections, curriculum and planned growth.
SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS (Pre-Kindergarten through grade 8)
We are looking for substitute teachers throughout the year to work in our multi-age classroom settings for grades Pre-K to grade 8.
MUSIC TEACHER, (1 position-part time)
We are looking for a talented, joyful, and energetic music educator who has a passion for working with children of all ages. Our music program integrates classroom curriculum, music history, drama, chorus and performance programs. Ideal candidates have demonstrated skills working with young children and are creative and excited about developing and delivering a music curriculum. The ability to play strings and/or piano is preferred. Our music program focuses on the following:
-Vocal music
-Reading and notating music
-Listening, analyzing and describing music
-Music History
-Understanding relationships between music and other arts and disciplines outside the arts
SPANISH TEACHER, (1 position-part time)
We are also searching for a skilled teacher of Spanish who can bring their love of this language and culture to our community. The successful candidate will be able to balance verbal and written language instruction. Ideal candidates have demonstrated skills working with young children and are creative and excited about developing and delivering a Spanish curriculum. The Spanish program has the following focus:
-Build listening and comprehension as language learners.
-Communicate with others using vocabulary, useful phrases or expressions and simple sentences.
-Broaden understanding of Spanish language, history and culture.
-Follow simple directions accurately.
-Acquire and apply new vocabulary.
Teaching Opportunities
-As a small, non profit school, our educational community offers a unique opportunity for interested educators to work in an intimate, hands-on environment. From classroom to school events, our teachers work with each other, and with school families to create a participative and progressive academic experience between grade levels. Additionally, experiential learning units will typically become themed in our trimester schedule, and overlap between grades. We also utilize our vast local resources to enhance our curriculum.
School Mission Statement- Inspire, Challenge, Educate
-Eastern Point Day School?s mission is to inspire, challenge, and educate. Hands on experiential learning combined with small class size and a deep respect for a child?s individuality create a nurturing atmosphere where children excel academically, grow emotionally, and develop social responsibility.
Eastern Point Day School is committed to providing our students with the skills to be successful in the 21st century. They take place in a meaningful, experiential based learning environment and are focused on the following areas:
-Core Academic Subjects include a classical education in language arts, math, science, health, history, civics, geography, art, music, drama, Spanish and physical education utilizing a standards based curriculum.
– Interdisciplinary Themes incorporating an experiential approach to learning connect basic subjects to a broad based theme or topic such as global awareness, environmental studies, etc.
-Innovation is woven into each subject and includes investigation, critical and creative thinking, problem solving, communication and collaboration.
-Information, Media and Technology required of today’s students include information and media literacy, communications and technology.
– Life and Work Skills are needed to navigate in today’s fast-paced, high-technology world. The development the individual student?s social competency and responsibility includes flexibility, adaptability, initiative and self direction, cross-cultural awareness, productivity, accountability, organization, and leadership.
Background and Environment
-There is nowhere on Cape Ann where you will find such a dynamic and diverse educational experience at our tuition level plus sibling discounts. Our headmaster and faculty are directing a strong curriculum plan, enrichment programs such as art, dance, drama, physical education, movement, Spanish, and music, and a cooperative experiential learning environment with small average classroom sizes (12:1).
Grades Offered in 2010-2011 are Pre-Kindergarten/Transitional Kindergarten, Kindergarten to 8th.
The Eastern Point Day School Experience offers
-Small class size averaging 12 students or less with individualized instruction
-Friendly family environment
-Flexible multi-age settings with a hands on, experiential and integrated approach to learning
-Great, happy students with a natural curiosity and love of learning
– Nurturing, quality, bachelors and masters level teaching staff
-Solid yet flexible curriculum with a focus on academic excellence and social responsibility
-Strong administration and leadership team poised for present and future growth
-Great student, parent and family involvement
-Use of local resources and field experiences such as Cape Ann Museum, Maritime Heritage Museum, Sawyer Library, Cape Ann Cable TV, Hammond Castle, Coast Guard, Wolf Hollow
-Special subjects of Spanish, Drama, Dance, PE, Creative Movement, Art, Music, and extracurricular lessons of Piano, Guitar
-Winter Program and Spring Arts Festival at the Gloucester Stage Company
-A quality preschool and extended day childcare program
-Majestic school setting on a hill overlooking the ocean
-A great private school education at a tremendous value
Contact Eastern Point Day School by 7/29/10
8 Farrington Avenue
Gloucester, Massachusetts 01930
Response Requirements
– Email correspondence only-No Phone calls
– Please include cover letter to Headmaster Steve Silvestri
– Support the Letter with Resume
– Please list three references
Application Requirements
Upon review of your submission, if eligible, you will be invited to participate in the first stage of an application and recruitment process:
Next steps will include:
– Application
– Multiple Interviews with Different Sections of School Leadership and Administration
– Verification of Massachusetts or Equivalent Teaching Certification or Licensure
– Background Check (CORI)

And the Grand Prize Winner is…….Lily!

I must say I am about as proud as a Mom could be.  A while back, Lily and I entered her recipe and video in to Kiwi Magazine’s “Next Great Young Chef” contest and we just got the ok to disclose the results–she is the Grand Prize Winner!

Her recipe is called “Monkey Business Chocolate Rice Pudding” and is excellent.

Here is the winning video:

Check out the video and let us know what you think.

The prize is a nice hefty check and a feature in the October 2010 issue of Kiwi Magazine.  Kiwi is a kids/parenting magazine full of helpful tips, articles and recipes and Lily can hardly wait for the photo session and interview.

I think Lily has a future in cooking on TV!

deb Clarke Sunday Morning Painting Class

The Sunday Morning Painting Class
From deb Clarke;
Sunday morning we held our painting class in my backyard.  we reviewed some work, then the students painted. i drew with my new sharpies.  this is the view toward the State Fish Pier with the towers of Our Lady of Good Vogaye on the upper right and the Marchant Street “Tower House” on the upper left.  I have since added aluminum leaf to the drawing to help define some of the shapes.  will post follow-up.  gorgeous day here on the cove, on shore breeze and the air is dry!  YES!
 For more information On the Sunday Morning Painting Class Contact Deb Clarke at:

Story Land 2010

Well I had one day off in June and two in July- the Fourth and yesterday, a family day up at Story Land.  As soon as I got home from work on Saturday night we packed up the girls and told them we were going on a “mystery ride”.  They had no idea where we were going as the plan was to get them to sleep in the car on the ride up (so much for plans).

We got on the road around 6:30PM and as tired as the girls were they were chatterboxes the whole ride up to New Hampshire.  Eloise finally fell asleep about an hour and a half into the ride but Madeline (the stubborn one) kept chattering away much to the chagrin of the Mrs who can only handle so many “Mommy-Mommy-Mommys” in her ear.  As is usual when we plan to have the girls nap on a long ride somewhere they did what they normally do and finally fall asleep minutes away from our destination.

Anyway we got to the School House Motel. $125 a night for a Saturday night-two beds- very clean-nothing fancy-great location.  I’d stay here again if it were only to sleep like we planned.

Madeline (the stubborn one) woke up at 4AM which of course meant we all woke up at 4AM.  There was a fridge and we had a stocked cooler so we ate some apple slices and fiddled around reading cheap magazines and the girls watched a few cartoons.

Got the girls ready and headed out for a nice breakfast right up the street from the motel at a breakfast joint called Peaches- again nothing fancy but good friendly service and decent food.

I hadn’t been to North Conway outside of Mt Washington for a day since I was a kid.  It struck me how well they have managed the growth there.  Everything is well maintained and clean, service everywhere is very friendly.  They have a beautiful little old school downtown area and outlet shopping.  My preconceived notion was that we were heading up to the sticks but the whole area is a fantastic destination.

We got to the park 10 minutes before it opened and were second in our line to enter the park.

Clean, friendly and just right.  I never felt like it was a Disney-like operation where they are trying to squeeze every last penny out of you at every turn, and I never felt like it was overly commercialized.  Fantastic.  IF you have the means and don’t bring your kids there between the ages of 3-11 that you are really missing out on a great time with your children.






Hot Tuna Offloads A Tuna Next Door Video

Many Tuna Buyers Have These Trucks With Winches attached To The Back To Offload Tuna.  They can travel up and down the coast as the tuna migrate with the season.

Pictures Coming