Lois Lane Is Home Again


This is the tale of a lost dog, a beautiful Gloucester black lab named Lois Lane. This is a tale of three friendly competitors in the food business who without realizing it, helped reunite Lois with her owners. And this is the story of a teenage boy in Gloucester with a keen eye and a good heart.

Lois Lane and best friend, Clark Kent, both Labrador Retrievers, live in Gloucester with their owners, Matt Beach and John Lamirande, who are two of the owners of Duckworth’s Beach Gourmet on Washington Street. On Sunday afternoon, Lois and Clark were in their back yard when suddenly Lois was gone. Matt scoured the neighborhood with no success. Friends converged to hunt for Lois, but by nightfall she had not returned home.

Monday was a flurry of the usual syllabus of activities for lost dogs: e-mails, Facebook postings, placing a “lost dog” ad in the Gloucester Daily Times, making signs and posters, and calls to Cape Ann Animal Aid, the Police, local veterinarians, and the Animal Control Officer. Around 5 PM friends dispersed around Gloucester to hang posters and search once again for the still missing Lois Lane.  It was just a short time after that their friend Kim Dustin, owner of Kimini Concierge, who also works at Duckworth Beach Gourmet, stopped by several locations on Washington Street, Richdale, Willow Rest, etc. and posted her picture on bulletin boards. Within minutes of the posters being hung, Lenny Leonardo, age 15, saw the poster and phoned his mom to tell her he thinks he found the owner of the missing Lois Lane. Lenny’s parents own Leonardo’s Restaurant on Main Street. Lenny’s mother, Brenda, had shared a story of a black lab who hung out in Lenny’s grandmother’s neighborhood over night. Brenda called Matt, and within ten minutes Matt and John were at the front door where Lois Lane was waiting for them, her body shaking and her tail wagging wildly. It was too soon to tell whether she had been hurt.

Immediately, they called Ray Cahill, owner of Seaport Veterinary Hospital, Lois’s veterinarian, whose office was closed. He was expecting people for dinner, but he said that he’d meet them at his office in 15 minutes to see if Lois had sustained any injuries. The X-rays look good, and while Lois is still tentative, she’s on the mend.

When the excitement of the reunion died down, Matt and John reflected back on the past 40 hours. What a community we live in! With individuals reaching out to help through emails, Facebook posting, phone calls, and businesses partnering together to help local citizens in a time of need.  And then there is Lenny, not you’re typical teenage boy but someone who’s thoughtful enough to care for someone else’s pet. When asked what could be done to thank him for his thoughtfulness and attention, Mrs. Leonardo said nothing, Lenny was so relieved that he was able to help and that was enough for him.

If Lois Lane could talk, we bet she’d be saying, “Was that you, Superman?”

Block Party SALE at Seasons on main


Hey Joey,

I’ve attached a couple photo’s and here is my sale for the block party tomorrow night:

Block Party SALE at Seasons on main

20% off Gloucester Shirts and Hats

(remember a portion is donated to Wellspring House!)

All Summer Clothing 20% Off

AND the More You Buy – the More You SAVE – up to 40% OFF

*previously discounted items excluded




Paul Morrison Eaten By A Shark Photo Shop Contest

Paul Morrison Represents!, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

In honor of our Paul Morrison entering The Blackburn challenge in a dinky kayak while Jaws lurks we of course will run a contest poking fun of said situation. (it’s what we do here)

Use this picture and photoshop Paul getting eaten by a Shark. The Best Photoshop job will win a free T Shirt!

send your photoshop job to goodmorninggloucester@yahoo.com

Here’s mine-

Jaws Paul M- The Blackburn Feeding

Community Announcements- Girls Basketball Clinic –Yoga Camp – Manchester Arts Festival – Boy Scout Fundraiser

click pics for larger versions-

Girls Basketball Clinic At Cape Ann YMCA


Yoga Camp at Yoga for Health, 124 Main Street, Gloucester

July 26th-July 30th, 7:00 to 8:15 a.m.

Make a commitment to your Yoga practice and meet 5 mornings in a row with other dedicated Yoga practitioners for meditation, warm-up stretches, a 30-minute Flow and a guided deep relaxation.  Instructor, Janet Green Garrison brings 35 years of teaching experience to each session. Yoga Camp is for any student who is presently attending Yoga classes and wants to take his or her practice deeper. Call 978-281-5525  or email: yogaforhealth@comcast.net


Hey Joey,

Would you please include this Boy Scout fundraiser?

Boy Scout Troop 112 Fundraiser to defray summer camp costs
Free Car Wash
Saturday, July 17, 2010 (weather permitting
East Gloucester Marina, East Main St., Gloucester
8am to 12pm
Oh, and here are a couple of pics of our float and the boys in the Horribles Parade!
Many thanks from all of us!



Another One Of Those Killer Weekends Blackburn Challenge- Chamber Auction- Block Party

Uhmmmm in case you hadn’t been keeping up we have another one of those Gloucester Weekends where the cultural activities are bountiful.

Tonight we will be at the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce Auction having a blast.  Many bargains to be had and competitive fun bidding for items.

click pic for info-


Then tomorrow morning Saturday you have the Blackburn Challenge-a huge event that has grown into quite the spectacle-

click the pic for more info-


Our own Paul Morrison is registered for the Blackburn Challenge number 124 in his Wilderness Systems Sealution 16” 6 Kayak with the GMG Stickers all over it.  Just look for the funky spiked up gray hair- That’s out guy!

You can read about Paul’s yearlong training regimen for the Blackburn Challenge here It will be interesting to see if Paul comes back whole or if the Great White uses his Kayak for a toothpick after thoroughly enjoying Paul’s Monkeybread lined intestines for a mid-morning snack.

And then of course Saturday night the fabulous Downtown Gloucester Block Party kicks off it’s second Block Party of the summer.

click the pic for more info-


Highlights of this Saturday’s Block Party:
Al fresco dining at
Dog Bar, La Trattoria, Espresso’s, Jalapeno’s, Sugar Magnolia’s, the Franklin, Passports, Valentino’s
And a big block party welcome to new restaurant Giuseppe’s!  They will be serving inside for their first ever block party…
Cinema Under the Stars
in the Blackburn Parking Lot
featuring The Russians are Coming, the Russians are Coming — Bring Your Own Chair or Blanket!
On the inflatable big screen — an incredible “not to be missed” experience
Kids’ Art Activities at Art Haven, 180B Main Street
7:00PM Whale Processional down Main Street
starting at Art Haven.
All children, families and whale lovers are encouraged to join the processional.
The children attending Art Haven have created a papier mache humpback whale from recyclable materials, which will lead the way through Main Street accompanied by Yankee Fleet’s Doodles the Whale and giant Under the Sea Puppets.
5PM-8PM Art Room Boutique Reception — Wine and light fare
3 Center Street
featuring Gloucester Mysteries
the Photography of Nubar Alexanian
7:30PM-10:30PM Open Mic at Art Haven
Entertainment in front of Espresso’s Restaurant
Entertainment in the Cape Ann Savings Bank Park
Dancing in the streets!
Come meet friends new and old and
have a great time
at the block party!

Where do you want your bench?

I was thinking about where I’d want my bench this morning.  Say you died and some folks wanted to put a memorial bench someplace with your name on it for people to enjoy.

I guess it’s similar to spreading ashes.  Some people keep their loved ones in an urn on a shelf in the house, some spread them out to sea, some spread them along a beach.

But in the tradition of our family we usually get buried in boxes and put into cemeteries. In some cases loved ones or family members may donate or erect a bench somewhere with the deceased’s name on it.


But I’m getting off track I’m not talking about the physical body placement once the spirit has left, I’m talking about if people were going to place a bench in memory of you somewhere. 

So here was my thought process when thinking about it-

At first I thought about a bench at Cripple Cove overlooking our dock but immediately erased the thought of that because of the gazillions of hours spent down here, the last place I want to be stuck at is overlooking work.  Then I thought about the beach somewhere overlooking Good Harbor.  I love Good Harbor Beach but really I rarely get there because I work so much.  Taking sunrise pictures of the Twin Lights from the footbridge is something I enjoy and thinking about someone else enjoying those sunrises while sitting on that bench would be nice. (Also briefly considered a bench at the Naples Beach Club).

But I consider myself a people person and I’m most happy when interacting with people I like.  So it came down to Main Street.  I love downtown.  I love the action, the people, the restaurants. So ideally it would be on Main street in the block between Menage Gallery and Passports on that side of the street where they get that beautiful morning sun.

Where would you want your bench?


Fred Shrigley Talks About The Upcoming Rhumbline Striper Tourney July 31,2010

Fred’s a natural on camera-

For More Information- for more info call 978-283-9732

or email bruce_reed@comcast.net


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