Ryan Cox- Farm Bar & Grille Disrespected By Sugar Mags and Ups The Ante

After Missy From Sugar Magnolia’s disrespected The Farm Bar and Grille, Ryan Cox Fires Back!

Come one come all! There will be no losers at this Throwdown as we’re all gonna party down at the Farm afterwards! Woot!

Making Essex Clam Chowder at the Emerson Inn with Gail “The Chowder Lady” Mathews McDonald

And this is why I love having my little TV show.  I get to visit gorgeous sites around the North Shore, eat fabulous food and talk about it and then cook with special people like Gail “The Chowder Lady” Mathews McDonald last week and the fantastic Clark Dexter again tomorrow!

Anyway, getting off track here.   I recently visited the gorgeous and historic Emerson Inn in Rockport http://www.emersoninnbythesea.com/about.htm and was given the grand tour but the Inn’s General Manager Stephan Amesoeder.  What a place…..lots of history, gorgeous view, stunning ocean side pool and so much more…………….but you know what my favorite part was?  The Clam Chowder of course!

Now, I need to be up front here.  I am clam chowder snob.  I am not giant fan of really thick chowder, I don’t like really thin chowder and if truth be told, what I really like when I make chowder is whole leftover steamers not chopped clams….but that’s for another post and another Inspired Cooking episode called “Laurie Makes Chowder Like Her Grandmother Helen Lufkin Made it a Million Years Ago.”

But Gail had me at hello.  When she produced a gigantic hunk of salt pork and told me that her chowder was not thick not thin but “velvety” I couldn’t wait to try it.  And believe me, friends, she knows how to make a bowl of chowder.  Gail has been featured in numerous cooking and travel magazines and it was featured on Food Network’s own Bobby Flay that dubbed her “The Chowder Lady” —and he is correct.  Here is a step by step recipe and how to for Gail’s Essex Clam Chowder.  Be warned–this recipe a couple of gallons of chowder and can be scaled down to suit your needs.

Essex Clam Chowder

Gail Mathews McDonald (The Chowder Lady)

I Large package of Salt Pork  (scored)
2 Lg. Vidalia Onions (chopped)
I Gallon fresh shucked Essex Clams
1 gallon clam juice
3 pds of red potatoes (diced)
1 ½ quarts heavy cream
1 pound butter
Wondra Flour
Kosher Salt
Fresh Ground Pepper

Start by scoring your salt pork, so when you sautéed it with the onions the juice will render out. Place the salt pork & onions in a large pot on med heat, sauté the salt pork for approx 3-4 minutes.

Adding 1 cup of clam juice so it doesn’t stick to the pan. Continue to cook a few minutes till the onions are translucent.
Then add 3 pds of diced potatoes to pan covering with the remaining clam juice, bring to a low boil, cooking them till they are tender but not mushy adding fresh ground pepper.

When they are done add the clams, butter a pinch of salt and fresh ground pepper. Shut off the pot and stir the ingredients together, then cover and let set for about 10 minutes, this will allow the butter to melt and the clams to cook slowly so they do not get to tough.

Then to finish the chowder add the cream and turn the chowder back on, bring it back up to a simmer. Then wisk in the Wondra flour slowly to thicken to your liking. Remember the chowder will continue to thicken as you cook it.

Finish with fresh ground pepper. Serve with cracker or bread croutons.

ENJOY!!!  (and yes, Gail made little bread croutons that she cut out with a fish shaped cookie cutter…..gorgeous…and then garnished with a little fresh chives)

Missy From Sugar Mags Calls Out The Boys From The Farm Bar and Grille

Thursday afternoon at The Cape Ann Farmer’s Market The 2010 Seafood Throwdown series will officially begin with two time former champ Missy from Sugar Mag’s taking on newcomers Ryan Cox and Co from The Farm Bar and Grille.

Missy was a little agitated that the Seafood Throwdown organizers pit her in a seafood cooking competition against boys from the country who specialize in BBQ and issued the following bet to her competitors at The Farm Bar and Grille-

This could get ugly.  Look for the response from the boys at The Farm Bar and Grille tomorrow on these pages!

Check out pictures and video from The Farm Bar and Grille here

Also pictures and video from Sugar Mag’s

Bounty – GMG Pet of the Week & Cape Ann Animal Aide Dog Day

Bounty – Pet of the Week
My name is Bounty and I am a mellow and sweet little guy.
I enjoy being around people and taking walks.  I am a
45-pound three-year-old Golden Retrieve and Spaniel mix. 
I like being brushed to keep my coat handsome. 
I am at the Cape Ann Animal Aid (CAAA) in Gloucester
until I am adopted.   

CAAA Dog Day is Sunday, September 12th at Stage Fort Park
from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.  All well-behaved dogs like me and their
family and friends are welcome to attend.  I am sure to be
adopted  by September!   Please look for me with my new
family; you will recognize me because I will be the one smiling!


thanks to Tina Ketchopolos For the info

Heather Atwood On Fenway, Ron and Nookie and The Lobster Roll Battle Royal

The H Bomb went to Fenway where the boys issued a challenge to GMG- Read about how it all went down in her blog here (click the pic to be magically transported to Heather’s blog)-

Fenway Park, the boys, the All-Star lobster rolls, the challenge, a transformation


Chickity Check It!- House Husband’s Cooking Log

Deej Viau Sent This in-

my neighbor and friends Shoshanna and Michael Gerber are great.  Michael has a new food blog and he is an excellent chef.  He does all the main cooking in their household and is incredibly creative.  He is featuring Bob with some fresh striper he gave Michael.  His recipes are Yummy.  He had us over for Friday night Shabbat not too long ago and the salmon was great!.  He is available to cook for people for a (Fee) of course! Yahoo! so spread the word of his talents and check out his blog.  He’s the guy where you’re constantly saying while you’re chowing "OMG what is in this"!  Great!

So Chickity Check It By Clicking The Picture-


Fly Amero with Charlie Farren, Jon Butcher and Allen Estes

The One World Coffeehouse

at the First Universalist Church ofEssex

July 17  –  The Singer-Songwriter Round TableIncluding:

Fly Amero

He finds his musical roots from deep within the 60’s pop revolution. Influences range from Bob Dylan to James brown to Roy Orbison to Aretha Franklin… and just about everything in between


Allen Estes

The Maine native can’t use a single, snappy phrase to let folks know that he works and lives both in Gloucester, Mass. and Nashville. In the same way, his music defies easy description; part country, part rock ‘n’ roll, part folk.


Charlie Farren

Charlie captures an audience with his unique delivery, insightful lyrics, memorable songs, soaring vocal, and subtle yet innovative guitar style.


Jon Butcher

Some of Jon’s influences are Richie Havens, John Lennon, Phil Lynott, Bob Dylan and Taj Mahal.


This will be a singer songwriter round table with four very talented musicians each presenting their songs and styles and backing each other up throughout this incredible evening.Tickets are $20.00 and reservations are strongly recommended. Call the Essex UU Church at 978-768-3690and make your reservation early!!


From the North and West:

Take I-95 South to Rt. 133 Exit. Left at ramp to Ipswich. (133 merges with 1-A.) When South of Ipswich, take left for 133. Continue to Essex. In Essex, 133 intersects 22. The Church is to the left on the opposite side of intersection.

From the South:

Take I-95 North to Rt. 128 Gloucester. Take Exit 15, School Street, Manchester/Essex. Turn left at the exit; Continue into Essex and take a left onto 133. (Opposite the Silly Goose Toy Store) Continue past Woodman’s Restaurant and the causeway bridge. The Church is up on the left before 133 turns to the right.

For Parking:

Please do not park in the restaurant parking lot. Turn onto Rt. 22 and turn left just after the Police Station, there you will find ample parking at the Public Parking Lot behind the police station.

59 Main Street Essex, MA 01929 | | oneworldperformancecenter@yahoo.com|Reservations: 978-768-3690

Everyone Be Sure To Thank Paul Morrison For His Contributions

It was good knowing you Paul.  Hopefully you’ll make it through The Blackburn Challenge but in the event that the Great White Shark that’s been circling the Cape gets you I’d like you to know that I appreciate all your contributions to GMG.

PS will you turn your editing keys over to your daughter for the wikipedia editing on the GMG entry before the race?


This Weeks Cape Ann Healing Center Workshops

This Weeks Cape Ann Healing Center Workshops
Hi there,
This weeks event at the Cape Ann Healing Centerr
Sunday July 18th 2:00-3:30 
TreeTop Yoga Studio
Para Research Building
85 Eastern Ave, Gloucester Mass 

A Restorative Yoga Workshop with Osha Rose, RYT

Come replenish your spirit, relax your mind, and feel completely nurtured and cared for in a restorative yoga workshop.  Students will be positioned in simple, comfortable poses supported with blankets, straps, blocks or the wall for relief of stress & tension.  

REGISTRATION:  $20.00 per class

Please call to preregister 978 282-1191 Ext 1 
Check out our website: www.Capeannhealingcenter.org

Jenna Walks The Greasy Pole Warning:Women Making Out

For the people that get offended at adult themes don’t bother clicking on the video.  TIA

This is obviously not a sanctioned walk or any part of the official St Peter’s Fiesta, but it is another take on an outsiders view of the Greasy Pole.

Video from Barstool Sports

Lois Lane Has Been Found Alive- A Happy Ending To The Missing Black Lab Case

For those of you who were out looking for the missing Black Lab which Alicia posted about yesterday, thank you.  Lois Lane Has Been Found Alive!

Lois Lane Has been Found- Alive

Joey – Lois Lane has been found – it’s a LONG story which we would hope you could help us with recognizing the individuals who helped us find her. If I can, I’ll send you the incredible story of how she was found and the young boy who made it happen. Hopefully include a picture of the two of them once Lois recovers from her injuries.


Coast Guard Pick Up AT The Dock This Morning

When I opened the big doors to the building this morning a couple of Coasties came around the corner on foot. My immediate thought was that one of our lobster boats that was tied to the dock had sunk and a certain fear gripped me momentarily but alas they were just walking down the dock to get picked up by this Coast Guard boat.


Coveted Yarn- Social Media Aware Yarn Retailer Grows Gloucester Business

What started out as a little yarn shop has grown into a nice business and the thing to me that is really cool about it (beside the fact that they are Gloucester based and have probably the best stocked knitting shop around) is that they took a hobby that people have been doing for centuries and a thing as simple as selling yarn and grown it in big part to their social media initiatives. they are reaching out to people all over the world and have followers and customers that travel from all over due to their web presence. Without their social media facebook, twitter,blog and presence on knitting websites like Ravelry there is no doubt in my mind that their business and message wouldn’t reach nearly as many of their customers as it does and this is for little to no money at all according to Robert.

I am more convinced than ever that if you are a retailer or restaurant that sells to the public and you don’t have a social media plan that you are being negligent.
You can check out Coveted Yarn at any of these locations-