Call For Volunteers For Around Cape Ann Road Race


Hello Joey!

Tina Ketchopulous (Cape Ann Ambassador for Northeast Health Systems) suggested I contact you, as she knows I’m trying to rally as many volunteers as I can for our "Around Cape Ann" Road Race on Labor Day.  I’m thrilled to have discovered your blog, as I find it chock-full of great local information and flavor!

Is there some way that I can post the following plea?  Pretty please?

Thank you for considering, Joey!  I look forward to following your posts!



Annie Brainard | Volunteer Development Coordinator


Be a part of history!  Support one of America’s oldest, toughest and most scenic Road Races!

What: The 77th running of the "Around Cape Ann" Road Race, the longest running 25K in the country, will take place on Labor Day!  BIG event (we’re expecting 1000 runners) rich in tradition, scenic beauty and community support. Proceeds from this Race benefit our Cape Ann Y’s Financial Aid program.

When:  Monday, September 06, 2010.  Shifts available between the hours of 8AM and 1:30PM.

How: Dozens of ways to volunteer: from handing out water, to directing runners, to supporting the Children’s Fun Run, to passing out medals at the finish line! All opportunities offer flexible time-frames and shifts! We can work within your schedule!

Where:  Race starts at Ralph O’Maley Middle School, 32 Cherry Street in Gloucester, MA 01930

Why: GREAT way to celebrate Labor Day! Start your day by volunteering for this important community event, end it by embracing Cape Ann’s beautiful beaches!!!

Who:  To find out how you can be a part of this great community event, please contact:

            Annie Brainard, Volunteer Coordinator of the YMCA of the North Shore

978.922.0990 x1124 OR

Dean Salah Writes In- Georges By Night Seats Still Available



Hey all, just wanted to throw this out, the Georges By Night event coming up next Sat, the 31st of July
is still not sold out, for those of you familiar with these nights you know they usually sell out in a matter of
days, but for some reason this date is still available. The meal is as always a full course offering, this one featuring hawaiin chicken. The entertainer is a true professional having toured with some greats such as the James Cotton Band, the Zaitchik Brothers Band, Muddy Waters and Charlie Daniels. His name is Michael Zaitchik and although his name may not be
familiar to you, he is a real talented musician. We are fortunate to be able to host him and I hope we can get the place
sold out. If you know of anyone looking for a different night out, that might be interested, or if you want to reserve a table
get into Georges and reserve your place. 
                                      Thanks for your help,  Dean

**BREAKING NEWS** well, not really

While I was at the State Fish Pier.  enjoying a home brewed cup of Coffee and reading my new Book

“The Yellow House: Van Gogh, Gauguin, and Nine Turbulent Weeks in Provence”(I may be as F’D Up as he was) this morning. I looked up and spotted a fast moving object heading my way. Man, those Seagulls can fly when they get a Tail Wind! Then out of the corner of my eye I spotted a very slow, sluggish and weighted down surface vessel.  Oh, it was Paul Morrison in his new Surge Kayak hugging the State Fish Pier. what a Beautiful colored (not Paul’s beat red face) Kayak, Light blue top with white hull. Very Sleek! (again, not Paul Morrison).

After Tossing Paul a couple of  Lattof Farms Monkey Breads from Rockport, Ma.

He headed off into the Sunset, I mean Sunrise.

But, Really. He was moving pretty Fast. That new Boat will do him good in next years Blackburn Challenge. He has a little work to do getting out of the thing. But I promised not to say anything about that. If I had some Manbags I’d be out there with him on Sunday Mornings.

Here are a few Photos of Paul and his Kayak from today;

Paul Skirting the Coastline and pissing off the Pier Anglers as he slices through their lines.
Paul booking it past the idled Gloucester Fishing fleet
and the Sugar Babe
Paul Morrison eyeing next years Challenge!