Tonight at the Topside Grill

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Hey everyone, 


Just wanted to give you a heads up about the entertainment this weekend. Great weather, hope to see you there! Also, come check out our new bartender Elizabeth. She’s great! 


Tonight: Erinn “2N” Brown:
Erinn Brown, the singer/ songwriter/ musician is sultry with an edge. She has a soulful, original style fusing folk, blues/rock and funk. Brown writes the truth with strength. “She is an amazingly talented vocalist. You don’t just hear the notes or words she sings – you feel them. She has an uncanny knack for knowing when to hit the brakes and when to slam the gas pedal to the floor…” Starts at 8:00. Check out more 


Tomorrow: Bradley Royds:
Bradley (a Gloucester music legend) plays solo acoustic Music. Bradley is slated to play some never-heard originals from his upcoming CD entitled ‘Drinkin’ Town with a Fishin’ Problem,’ as well as eclectic versions of classic rock pop and folk songs. He also produces the Harbor Loop Concert series in town. This will be his first time at The Topside, and we are excited to have him! Bradley plays 9:00pm to Midnight. Food is served until 10:00pm.Check out more


Doug Silva
Topside Grill


50 Rogers St.
Gloucester, MA



(978) 281-1399

Homie and the new Google


New Rockport stories next week but meanwhile have you noticed that Google has changed? Type seagull in and check images. Then mouse over a nice homie and select similar.

Or google Melissa Theuriau but don’t tell my wife. You can actually select her in a green dress and it will come back with Melissa in a lot of green tops.

Stephanie Vieira Kills It With This Outstanding Pic!

Hi Joey,
My name is Stephanie Vieira.  I’m new to Gloucester and I’ve been reading your blog for the past few weeks. I’m a big fan! Someone at the seARTS gathering tonight gave me a GMG bumper sticker and suggested that I submit some photos of stuff happening in Gloucester. Well, here’s my first one! I thought it was pretty cool. Hope you can use it! No hard feelings if you can’t.

Click the pic for full sized version (It’s very dramatic)


Music, when soft voices die, vibrates in the memory

My mom died Tuesday night. She sang beautifully and loved music.  She would accompany herself on our piano, often singing with my grandmother. She took me to the “King and I” when I was very young and then to “West Side Story”. She and my dad would take me to jazz jams when I was a baby. Music was her passion, and she passed it on to so many of us.

Thanks, Mom, for sharing it with me. I love you!

For more information about her life and the funeral arrangements, click here.

“Around the World in 80 Minutes” – 1957ish

And This Is Why We Do What We Do- Some Kind Words From Dini


HI Joey,  My name is Dini (Loiacano) Favazza, I was born in Gloucester.  Lived there for 27 years, then married and moved to Delaware 31 Years ago.  My nephew told me about GMG.  I Love it, and look forward to seeing it every day. The St. Peters Fiesta coverage was fantastic.  I felt like I was there.  I look forward to GMG everyday and feel like I’m home, (in Glouceser, that is).  And that is a beautiful feeling.  I thank you for this website.  I think it’s absolutely wonderful….

Nate Goes All Mr T On Us

You may remember Nate as one of the two insane backmen aboard Tuffy’s Degelyse.  Well Nate went and got himself a new Mohawk.  Nice!




Here are some videos with the boys from last season-

and here is when the greenhorn Adam filled in for Sean-

celebrating after the last trap comes out of the water for the 2009 season-

Moose knuckle madness