John Todd And The Mighty Tir Na Nog

John Todd lobsters on the Tir Na Nog.  It’s a tiny boat that rolls around like an empty chlorox bottle being tossed around in the sea but John get’s it done aboard the Mighty Tir Na Nog nonetheless.  Everything aboard the Tir na Nog is tiny except for the skipper- John Todd.  I’m not exactly sure how he fits in the pilot house of the boat, being hunched over all day doesn’t sound like a whole lot of fun.

The meaning of Tir na nÓg is "Land of Eternal Youth." From an old Irish legend, Tir na nÓg was a mythical island off Ireland’s West Coast where its inhabitants remained forever young.



Free Meditation Workshop July 3rd

From Annette Dion;
The free meditation workshop at Cape Ann Healing Center is tomorrow, July 3rd. Due to the holiday weekend,
the time has been changed from 4:00pm to 1:00pm. As usual, we will meet for one hour.
Please email me if you plan to attend.
Hope to see you there!
Annette Dion


Sorry Joey!

But I could’nt Wait to Share

The Official 2010 Good Morning Gloucester

Horribles Parade  Float with the Readers.

I did’nt think the blue body paint was going to work.

I should have never doubted you. You really pulled it off.

I think it’s the Sea Shell Speedo that makes it work.

GREAT JOB JOEY! see you Saturday.

Oh Yeah, Be careful how you toss your Tootsie Rolls,

you don’t want to poke someones eye out.

GMG Float In The Horribles Parade- Look For Homie- Please Say Hi!

Thanks to Golden Living Center sponsoring part of the GMG Float and Jeremy Frost Being The Lead Builder Along With Sister Felicia’s Design and Paul Frontiero Printing The t Shirts and BIL Barry’s Labor, The GMG Float Is Getting The Final Touches Put On.

Make Sure You Look For Homie!

Look For Our Contibutors and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Step Out And Say HI and Let Us Know If You’re A GMG Lover!

Things To Do- Second Annual Tall Ship Adventure With Gloucester Museum School and Ocean Classroom

Click the Flier to View Full Size

Every person that did it last year said it was an incredible adventure.


Check out This Video From Last Year-

Sean Hurley Opening Tonight

Hey Joe,Sean Hurley here. I just wanted to mention that I have an opening at Gravure Gallery, 51 Main Street tonight from 5 – 8 PM, entitled New England Relics: Recent Drawings and Etchings by Sean Hurley", incase you feel like stopping by or mentioning it on the blog. I attached an image too: Cement Factory – pencil and white charcoal on cream Rives BFK paper – 2010 – 22" x 30"Thanks alot Joe…


Auction Preview With Tim Burton of The Cape Ann Chamber Of Commerce

The Chamber Auction Is Possibly One Of The Most Under Rated Nights Of Fun On Cape Ann.

There are so many items up for auction that many bargains are to be had.

For more information check out the Chamber of Commerce Auction Website Here

Friday, July 16, 2010, Cruiseport Gloucester