Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce Goods And Services Auction Friday July 16th


Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce
Friday, July 16, 2010, Cruiseport Gloucester
Silent Auction 5:30 p.m., Live Auction 7:00 p.m.
$20 per person admission, $175/table of ten purchased in advance

s Travel Your Secret Passion? Don’t miss out on these fabulous travel packages (this is only a small sampling!):

A Week in Puerto Rico For Two
Enjoy a week for two in an oceanfront studio condo at Crescent Beach, Palmas Del Mar, Humaco in Puerto Rico. Must contact Mr. Wnorowsi at least one month prior to travel to make arrangements. Available beginning January 2011. Subject to availability.
Value: $2,200
Donated by: Del Wnorowski, Rockport

Six-Day Schooner Cruise
Guests must be at least 12 years of age. Advance reservations required, subject to availability. Valid during 2010 or 2011 sailing season.
Value: $1,890
Donated by: Schooner American Eagle, Rockland, Maine

One week accommodations in St. Kitts
One week stay in a private house with swimming pool & breath-taking views. Stay includes upper level of a two-unit house with 2 bedrooms & 2 baths. Advance reservations required, subject to availability.
Value: $1,500
Donated by: Annisquam Village Realty, Gloucester

Mystic Getaway
Take a Fish & Ships Adventure to Mysic Connecticut, which includes two nights accommodations for two at the Howard Johnson Inn in Mystic, two adult passes to the Mystic Aquarium, two tickets to the Mystic Seaport, and a 10% discount off all food at the Equinox Diner. Advance reservation required, subject to availability.
Value: $450
Donated by: Greater Mystic Chamber of Commerce, Mystic, CT, 860-572-9578

Two adult anytime lift tickets
Valid only during 2010-11 ski season.
Value: $110
Donated by: Cranmore North Conway, NH

New Bedford Overnight Getaway
Enjoy a Overnight stay at the Fairfield Inn & Suites in New Bedford and dinner at the Waterfront Grille. Advance reservations required, subject to availability.
Value: $209
Donated by: New Bedford Chamber of Commerce

Overnight Stay and Four Passes to Waterpark
Value: $289
Donated by: Crowne Plaza / CoCo Key Water Resort, Danvers

Two nights Stay in Rockland, Maine
Certificate valid mid-October to mid-June for a 2-night stay in the Grand Manan room. Event and festival weekends excluded.
Value: $238
Donated by: Lime Rock Inn, Rockland, Maine

This is a fun filled night you should not miss.

Here’s Tim Burton From The Chamber To Talk About It

Come to the Auction- I promise you’ll have  a blast!

…No coddled cape, no sandbar

…”Waves break on outcrop rock: granite,
fire-formed and hard, headland granite –
no coddled cape, no sandbar,
and nothing soft in her city, no knickknack,
Gloucester-by-God, attitude granite.
The beaches are broken by wetland, woods of oak
and pine, grace in paintscape chasms, coves,
the harbor of ships, sailboats, a fishing fleet”… Continue reading

Good Harbor, Home
(Gloucester inaugural poem, January 1, 2002)
, Poet Laureate of Gloucester, MA

Blackburn Challenge: my last training update before the big day.

I haven’t entered a contest wherin someone said ready, set, go, since sophomore year in high school. I participated in sports as a sedentary left handed pitcher. But in 4 Days, 16 hours, I’m signed up to be on a starting line in the Annisquam River for the Blackburn Challenge.

I might come to my senses soon. I think I have enough ballast from the Lattof Farm monkey bread for a steady paddle. Meanwhile I went for my last training paddle on Saturday morning. Hoop Pole Cove, around Andrews Point, bearing 163 to the Straightsmouth Gap, past Gap Cove, and Whale Cove. Off Loblolly Cove the bearing of 219 to Eastern Point pointed into a solid wall of fog. Self preservation kicked in and I turned tail into Loblolly. Mobileme back home is telling my wife I have paddled onto dry land and I get text message, “Want a ride?” Yup. 4.8 miles in 1 hour ten minutes. Could I keep that up for over four hours? My arms still worked on Sunday so who knows? Crossing Sandy Bay there were 3 foot swells quartering me, the wind was in my face and the current seemed to make the lobster buoys look like they might motor past me so there might be hope.

Sunday I was washing my polypropylene kayak with a power washer. Instead of smooth and dark green the bottom now looked like light green fur. It’s over fifteen years old and I’ve been banging it on rocks a bit. So I whip out a heat gun, (a heavy duty hair dryer) and try to blow dry a spot. The fuzz disappears and the surface is shiny! Cool. I then blow dry the whole bottom. Hopefully I didn’t overdue it. When I open the shop up next I might be looking at a cow needing milking draped over two saw horses. I dreamt about paddling a cow and the beer runs out before I make it under the greasy pole. What a nightmare.

But my only fear is that I get in someone’s way. 200 boats wanting to get down the Annisquam river all at once is a sight I have never seen. Jimmy T not winning the men’s dory singles because parts of my boat are stuck to his skeg is not how I want to make it to Pavillion Beach.

I added “The four temptations of Paul” to my google map of the course. (Click on the purple martian things. Hint: first one is at The Market Restaurant.) If you don’t see me on the course you can meet me for breakfast.

I need to post at least one photo. Here is my daughter in said kayak spring of 2006 in Cold Spring Harbor. Our mascot Phil McCrackin looking on:

Missing Black Lab

Everyone be on the look out for a Black Lab in Gloucester…

Dear Friends,

We are missing a black Labrador retriever since noon on Sunday 7/11/2010. She left our yard on Commonwealth Ave and has not been seen since. She (Lois Lane) does not have her collar on. She is quite friendly and loves food.

Please call the house or cell phones if you hear of anyone who may have taken in a lost dog recently.


Lois Lane Has been Found- Alive

Joey – Lois Lane has been found – it’s a LONG story which we would hope you could help us with recognizing the individuals who helped us find her. If I can, I’ll send you the incredible story of how she was found and the young boy who made it happen. Hopefully include a picture of the two of them once Lois recovers from her injuries.


Musings on the Fearless Little Wood-Satyr From Kim Smith

 Check out her blog here

picture kim smith-

Little Wood-satyr (ventral)

Dear Gardening Friends,

Although it may seem as though I have been unplugged as of late, I am actually becoming more plugged-in than ever (is this a good thing?) as I am in the process of teaching myself how to edit and combine my video clips and photos. To be sure, editing is easy for my techno savvy friends, but I find it time consuming beyond measure. The net result is that I will be able to passalong more good information. For example, the latest video posted on my blog shows the ventral (underside) and dorsal (topside) of the Little Wood-satyr, as well as its light brown and tan forms. Hopefully, this will help us to better identify, and provide sustenance for, the beautiful pollinators that are attracted to our habitat gardens.

The fearless Little Wood-satyr (Megisto cymela cymela) stayed for several days. While photographing, he alighted on my camera and then onto my hand. As you can see, there wasn’t much remaining of his left wing.

Little Wood-satrys are found throughout the eastern United States (except northern New England) and southeastern Canada, Nova Scotia to Florida, west to Texas and eastern Wyoming, and north to Saskatchewan. The first of its kind to arrive in our garden, we more typically observe the Little Wood-satyr along the wooded edge of clearings and quarries. The body color varies from light brown to tan. The following photos show the light brown version and were taken at a quarry in Rockport where I noticed both tan and light brown forms. Little Wood-satrys are on the wing in the northeast from May through July. The females land on a blade of grass and walk down to the base where she deposits a single egg. The caterpillars feed at night on various grasses including Orchard Grass (Dactylis glomerata), Kentucky Bluegrass (Poa pratensis), Centipede Grass (Eremochloa ophiuroides), and St. Augustine Grass (Stenotaphrum secundatum) (Cech and Tudor).

Happy Butterfly Days!

Warmest wishes, Kim

Kingdom: Anilmalia (Animal)

  Phylum: Arthropoda (Arthropods)

    Class: Insecta (Insects)

      Order: Lepidoptera (Butteflies, skippers, and moths)

        Superfamily: Papilionoidea (Butterflies, excluding skippers)

          Family: Nymphalidae (Brush-footed butterflies)

            Subfamily: Satryinae (Nymphs, Satyrs, and Arctic butterflies)

              Genus: Megisto

                Species: cymela

The Tide Floods the Rhumbline

The Tide, featuring Gordon & Jock Baird and Dave Koen
The  Rhumbline
Railroad Ave
Gloucester 978-283-9732
Sunday, July 18  8-11  p.m.

Summer Sundays are an extra bonus. Kick the family out and join The Gloucester Beatles, the singing  Baird Bros. to dance the night away, singing along to songs you haven’t heard for decades but you know every word to them.  Eat, drink and be merry at the Rhumb Line,  Gloucester’s rock’n’roll love shack  it’s nothing but fun.

The Harbor Loop Concert Series Presents Full Circle & Fun Bucket

July 15, 2010

7:00 to 9:00

Come enjoy an evening of awesome, live music performed by two of Cape Ann’s own rock bands! First, we have Full Circle who will get the crowd moving with their own brand of Classic Rock. Full Circle features: Wes Thibodeau V., Mike Stanton B., V. Fred Tarbox G., V., Greg Dann D., V., Mike Feeney G., & Chet Lane K., and next we will have a group loved all over the North Shore, the incredible Funbucket featuring the unbelievable Mike( Mr. Bogus) McMahon G., the amazing Greg (Dapper) Dann D., V., & the ever illustrious Steve Caraway B., V. This will be an evening of live music entertainment that you will not want to miss. Bring a blanket and a cooler and the whole family!

Click photo for band info


I Think He’s Gonna Need A Bigger Boat

We're waiting for you Mr. Morrison!

With all the Hype of The Sighting of a Great White Shark off of Gloucester by Seven Seas Whale Watch  and the upcoming Blackburn Challenge. GMG’s Thoughts and Prayers go out to our own Paul Morrison. Paul will be braving the Shark infested waters of cape ann next weekend in his quest to finish the 20 mile round the Cape Race in record time in a Kayak. A Kayak? Unfortunately Paul has been fatting himself up with a intense tour of Cape Ann Restaurants and Martini Bars. Biologists have speculated that warmer water and an abundance of bait fish have attracted these sharks to Cape Ann. But we all  know they were attracted to all the well fed Tourists and Locals who dine in all the great restaurants Cape Ann has to offer.

We all Toast Paul In his Quest;

“Here’s to swimmin’ with Bowed Legged Women!”


We’re all Rooting for you!


I think he's gonna need a bigger Boat

Chickity Check It!- The New Discover Gloucester Web Site is Live

From Charles de Gaspe Beaubien-

Hi all,

I am thrilled to announce that version 1 of the new Discover Gloucester Web site is live at   Check out the Mayor’s Welcome video Joey helped us film this AM.  Looks great.

Screen shot of half the page-


I shot some video with our fantastic mayor last week for the welcome which you can see on the front page of the site and they use a bunch of content from GMG to help fill out the pages as well as content from Jay Albert’s Cape Ann Images

Maine Lobster Compost

Ed Collard brought this bag of Lobster compost and peat humus for flower and vegetable gardens.

At first I was going to make a joke about Maine lobster only being good as fertilizer but then I realized that those are the same lobsters migrating up and down the coast that we catch here in G Town so I couldn’t go there with the bit.

We here in Gloucester have Neptune’s Harvest fertilizer made out of fish gurry.  They have Lobster Compost made from lobster shells.


To read about Neptune’s Harvest Click Here

Neptune’s Harvest grows 1689 lb pumpkins.When they grow a pumpkin with that lobster poop compost that weighs more than 1689 lbs give me a call will ya?  Because That fish gurry fertilizer just owned your lobster poop fertilizer ass sucka!

imagephoto from Neptune’s Harvest Website

Here is a video from Quoddy Lobster Compost-

Anyone wanna try it and report back their findings?

Activity On The State Fish Pier

It has been a long while since I’ve seen this much activity on The State Fish Pier.

It seems like fishing seasons get shorter and shorter and the fleet gets smaller and smaller.  Hopefully someone has a plan for the Harbor once our fleet gets even more drastically reduced with not only the number of boats that can fish but the amount of fish they are allowed to land.

In John Norris’ Alone At Sea book about the heyday of Gloucester fishing there is a picture of over 500 huge schooners on moorings in the outer harbor. Over 500! And that had nothing to do with the amount of fishing boats in the inner harbor where the large boats would raft up 6 or 7 abreast.  Now there will be less than that number of commercial fishing permits dedicated to the entire northeast from Maine down to Virginia.  Crazy.

When I was graduating from college and deciding whether I’d come down the dock to work or pursue my passion for economics at Bentley I remember my father saying to me- “Joe there will always be fish and they will always need a place to unload them.”  Neither one of us could have imagined the drastic reductions in fleet and landings and the Auction coming to town and how much over capacity there is in the harbor dedicated to offloading what little product comes in today compared to even 20 years ago.