Major Media Sports Reporters Are Seriously Retarded

I’m not a LeBron James Fan or a fan of the NBA in general but to fault LeBron for signing a long term contract with Miami instead of staying in Cleveland fucking Ohio is ridiculous.

These sports reporters I’m listening to on the radio calling him a coward for not staying in Cleveland have got to be off their rockers.  The guy already makes more money than he will ever spend so in my opinion even if Miami offered him 10 million less a year I’d go play for the Heat.   Seriously.  They aren’t going to give you those years of your life living in Cleveland back when you are laying on your death bed.


Downtown Cleveland


South Beach Miami

Edited 6:15AM Monday Morning- I guess it’s not just major media sports reporters.  I just read Jim Munn’s Take In The Gloucester Daily Times Here

Sign Up For The Lone Gull 10K Early and Get A Killer Dry Fit Shirt


This just in from Wes Lassen-

Good afternoon runners!  I hope you are all having a great summertime and enjoying the warm weather we’ve had thus far.  Not to jump too far ahead, but I did want to send out a reminder that the Fourth Annual Lone Gull 10K will be held on September 19th.  If you have not signed up already I suggest you do so since the shirts are going quickly.  You can check out the details on  Have a great summer!!!


Wes Lassen

The Lone Gull 10K is a fantastic race in which many of the from the past have told me that the course is just stunning.  The race is held mid-September and you usually get those prefect dry sunny days to run.  So get on it!  Sign up and check out the Lone Gull 10K website here where you can register

Or you can directly download your race application here-

From The Lone Gull 10K website-

The Lone Gull Coffeehouse and New England Running Company are proud to present¦

The Fourth Annual Lone Gull 10K

9:00 AM
Sunday, September 19, 2010

Nautilus Road/Good Harbor Footbridge
Gloucester, MA 01930

Getting to the Race
Route 128 North to first rotary. Take second exit off the rotary. Follow 128 extension to lights. Take left onto Eastern Ave/127. Follow 1/2 mile to Shaw™s Plaza and make immediate right onto Barn Lane. At bottom of hill take a left onto Thatcher Road and follow for 1/2 mile. Good Harbor entrance is on the right.

Parking for the race is available in the parking lot of Good Harbor Beach. Please do not park on Nautilus Road as this will impede the finish area for the race.

Course Description
The starting line is at the intersection of Atlantic Road and Nautilus Road. Continue on Atlantic Road for approximately 1.5 miles and make a right onto Grapevine Road. Follow Grapevine Road till the intersection of Grapevine Road and Eastern Point Road and make a left. Cross over Eastern Point Road immediately and follow past Niles Beach and bear to the right, through the stone gateway and onto Eastern Point Boulevard. Run along the right side of the road and bear to the right at the “One Way” sign and make a left onto Lake Avenue. This will bring you past Niles Pond and back onto Eastern Point Boulevard. Make a right onto Bemo Avenue then a left onto St. Louis Avenue. Then make a right onto Farrington Avenue and veer to the left at the top of the hill onto Atlantic Avenue. Follow back to the finish line on Nautilus Road.

here is some video from the year before last’s race-

Click The Picture To View The Video

Stage Fort Park Concert

Came upon an unexpected free concert at the Stage Fort Park bandstand Friday evening. The 195th Army Band from Belfast. Maine. Cheif Warrant Officer/Conductor, Brady Harris lead the group and we enjoyed some great jazz music and lovely lighting. A fish sandwich at the Cupboard made for a neat little impromptu picnic.


Click for more upcoming concerts, (including one tonight!) at the bandstand.

The Michigan Bears Arrive in Gloucester 1910

Here’s a little History of Gloucester that you would’nt hear about anywhere else.

From Larry Dahlmer;

For an Interesting Timeline, Beautiful Paintings and Prints by Larry Dahlmer and on the History of Gloucester

Visit Larrys Gallery on Rocky Neck and  Check out Larrys Website

by clicking the link below;



Life is good

Click on Chris for more photos.

In the midst of the sadness of our mother/Nana/Grammy slowly slipping away, we celebrated #2 grandkid’s GHS graduation. It was supposed to also be Chris’s good-bye party for his departure to the Army on Tuesday, but that part has been delayed due to his rite-of-passage bike ride off Magnolia Pier on a bicycle….20 stitches in his foot when he hit the gear thing!

So anyway, thunderstorms were predicted for yesterday. But we had gotten the permit for Stage Fort Park and all other preparations were made. My sister rented a huge tent just in case. Well, the day started out beautifully, and although we’ve all been on edge, we hoped for a relaxing day. Lots of food, friends, and family swimming and playing volleyball.

Then the dark clouds rolled in. We cooked the remaining chicken and watched the sky. Well, for any of us who thought the tent might not be necessary…. We grabbed the chairs, towels, shoes, and continued the party under shelter. This is when the fun got started. No amount of rain was going to stop the volleyball game! The rain was warm and no one minded being wet. We watched as a kid from a kayaking party played soccer from inside a trash can. A woman hurried to her car with an inverted umbrella (her version of a rain barrel??) A group of  harmonica-playing teens paraded by us.

Our volleyball players all came back under the tent after a while for cake and more food. Soaking wet and happy. We started packing up. No easy task with dripping hair and puddles forming at our feet. The rain would not let up, and the tent had to come down. Well, I left with 2 shivering kids in my car. Five adults were left to deal with the huge task of the tent.

Generally mature, Bryan, the almost 40 year old dad, did what most of us would love to do – Plopped down and splashed in the mud! Without a second thought, Cindy, his wife (my daughter) happily joined him! I only wish I had been able to see it!!

After a little bit of fun, the five struggled to dismantle the tent. Well, from nowhere, a group of kids (trashcan soccer boy included)who were waiting for their ride, came running over to help. In no time, the tent was down. A HUGE thank you to the kids from Hollis, NH!

What a great day! And although the hard parts of life are still with us, it was one of the best days anyone could have!

Chickity Check It!- North American Kayak Fishing Does A Piece On Gloucester and Rockport

Kayak Fishing for Bluefin Tuna in Massachusetts


Two Areas and Four Put-ins in Gloucester and Rockport

Hi kayak fishermen. Adam Bolonsky here at North American Kayak Fishing. Welcome to another installment of NAKF‘s fence post navigation series, your online resource for tips, tools and pointers useful to kayak fishermen around the world.
East Coast kayak fishermen from Maine to the Carolinas interested in catching their first bluefin tuna will do well to take trip to the North Shore Massachusetts towns of Gloucester and Rockport.
An hour north of Boston, Gloucester and Rockport, set on Cape Ann’s rocky granite outcropping, are a unique world unto themselves, not only for their variety of groundfish, such as pollock, cod and haddock, but also for the yearly arrival of three coveted pelagics: the heavily-targeted striped bass, the under-rated but truly delicious bluefish and, finally, that perhaps most coveted of sportfish, bluefin tuna.


For the full story Click Here-

Two Areas and Four Put-ins in Gloucester and Rockport


Launching from Freshwater Cover in Magnolia, Massachusetts, a local kayak angler sets up to troll for striped bass during the fall run.
© Adam Bolonsky

Adam Bolonsky covers Kayak Fishing better than anyone with his-

North American Kayak Fishing

A how-to and where-to blog for kayak fishermen around the world. Whether you fish from a sit-on-top or sit-in, set your hook here! Chickity Check it!

(Paul Morrison I figured you would like this piece)