Origami hippopotamus!

This happy hippo is folded from a single sheet of paper following diagrams found in John Montroll’s “African Animals in Origami“.

John Montroll has published many books with a variety of topics. Two of his books – “Origami for the Enthusiast” and “Animal Origami for the Enthusiast” – were a huge discovery and inspiration for me when I was first developing my origami skills.

Like Robert Lang (a contemporary and collaborator of John Montroll), John is a very nice person, and very approachable. I see him at the origami convention every year in New York, and we always have a nice conversation (which, in the origami world, is kind of like a musician sitting down to have a nice chat with Vivaldi). Actually, all of the great origami designers I have met have been unpretentious.

I will be scheduling more origami classes soon at The Hive and Art Haven, I hope, but in the meantime I am also open to giving private lessons to groups or individuals. Comment on the post if you are interested.

Matthew Green

2 thoughts on “Origami hippopotamus!

  1. happy hippo ! But did you notice its teeth ?
    still, I like it .
    where would the group lessons be ? at what time ? price ? Level of artistry ?
    I would have gone to the Hive, but evening hours are not possible for me . I enjoy the photos, thank you .


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