The Spirit is Unstoppable

Fred Bodin writes-

his is the fire scene at 91 Washington Street the day after. The Gloucester Fire Department did a textbook-perfect job knocking this fire down. There was damage to the top two floors, and only water damage to our Happy Dumpling restaurant. We were all Blessed!

Their enlarged menu was in the front window. The glass is clean and they’re mopping up. Neighbors and family were coming and going. Thankfully, they’ll open next week. The Happy Dumpling will be fine.

Yes, there was a fire, but this woman’s spirit is fireproof. I only knew her from Joey’s video, and she seemed very nice. When I barged into her water-damaged restaurant this afternoon, I noticed something very special: Twinkle in the eyes, playful demeanor (she stuck her tongue out at me), and is forever moving forward. Go there and you’ll see.

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