The Ameros invade 104.9 FM tomorrow (SUN) at 9am

Amero_Family_Xmas[1]Just in case you didn’t know, the Amero Family Christmas is a Gloucester tradition and it’s coming back to the Rhumb Line next Wednesday 12/21. ¬†You can get a taste of the fun tomorrow (SUNDAY) morning at 9AM when Curtain Up host Aurelia Nelson welcomes Fly, Linda & J.B. Amero into her studio — and you just never know what will happen when those folks get together. ¬†Tune in for some outrageous musical fun!

Here’s a sampler of some of Fly’s Christmas songs.

Hear rock star, Nelson Bragg tomorrow (SUN) at 9am on North Shore 104.9

Tomorrow morning at 9am, on her show 104.9FM radio show, “Curtain Up”, Aurelia Nelson hosts¬†the multi-talented Nelson Bragg¬†— percussionist, drummer, songwriter, vocalist for Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys 50th Anniversary tour.

Nelson will give us a glimpse into the L.A. pop scene and what it’s like to work closely with Brian Wilson and tour with the Beach Boys.

Here’s Nelson on percussion at Celebrate Gloucester 2010 with KBMG.


Brand new Martha Davis video and podcast — you saw and heard them here first!

Martha Davis and Ruby Rose Fox¬†just keep on surprising us with wonderful new music and collaboration. ¬†Check out this video from their concert in New York last night. ¬†Tomorrow they appear right down the road at Beverly’s Larcom Theatre. ¬†Good seats left — especially in the balcony. ¬†Get them here!

And if you missed Aurelia Nelson’s excellent interview with¬†Martha Davis¬†on 104.9FM radio show, “Curtain Up” on Sunday, you can listen in right here:


1980s hit-maker Martha Davis interview on 104.9 SUNDAY @ 9AM

This Sunday (4/19) at 9AM, Aurelia Nelson welcomes 80s rocker Martha Davis, founder of The Motels, to her North Shore 104.9¬†radio show “Curtain Up” for a spirited interview about what it’s like to be “the most charismatic female performer in rock,” as described by¬†Robert Hilburn of The Los Angeles Times.

Martha Davis is credited with helping to define the New Wave sound that dominated MTV and pop radio in the 1980s.

But she’s not one of those rockers who’s satisfied to live off her prior success. She’s still writing new songs, recording new music¬†and discovering new talent, like Boston Music Award Winner Ruby Rose Fox who opens The Motels¬†show down the road at The Larcom Theatre on Wednesday (good seats still available, especially in the balcony — get them here.)

And she’s about to release a film of her live performance at¬†the 50th anniversary of the famed Whisky-A-Go-Go, where she changed the face New Wave music forever. ¬†Check out the trailer here:

Wake up by 9AM on Sunday to get the scoop on Matt Damon’s “Manchester By The Sea” movie filming

Aurelia Nelson

This just in from our friend Aurelia Nelson, host of “Curtain Up” Sundays at 9am on North Shore 104.9.

“This Sunday’s guest is Chris Palermo of Mass Movie Mavens. We will be talking about upcoming film projects happening on the North Shore, including the latest on ‚ÄúManchester by the Sea‚ÄĚ being produced by Matt Damon and now starring Casey Affleck.”

Worth getting up for — even if you stayed up late with John Cafferty & the Beaver Brown Band at the Larcom tomorrow night. ¬†Don’t forget our local favorites, The¬†Gary Backstrom Band is opening. ¬†What better way to support them than to bop down the road to Beverly and revel in their opportunity to open for a multi-platinum recording star!



Big weekend for local music stars: Tonight @ 7:30, Tomorrow AM @ 9

HenriCDCoverTonight at Beverly’s Larcom Theatre, Gloucester’s¬†Henri Smith releases his first CD in a decade (recorded live at the Larcom in March) with a concert celebration that will, of course, include dancing a traditional New Orleans Second Line parade in the aisles.

Vickie and I produced the CD and Vickie designed the CD case and disc.

This will be your last chance to get your CD signed by Henri and the band before the holidays.  Very good seats still available in the balcony (here) and a few good seats also left in the orchestra (here).

L-R: Allen Estes, Aurelia Nelson, Charlie Farren

Tomorrow morning Allen Estes & Charlie Farren are Aurelia Nelson’s guests on her 104.9 show Curtain Up at 9am (Worth getting up for!)

You get to hear a new song and a taste of the Solstice experience you can expect next Saturday 12/20 when they perform with young, rising Boston Blues star, Danielle Miraglia¬†in a benefit for Gloucester’s UU Church Meetingbouse Restoration. ¬†This will be a festive night of original rock, blues and Americana music with a few traditional holiday sing-along favorites. ¬†Tickets are still available. ¬†Get them here.


Did you miss Henri Smith & Aurelia Nelson’s banter on Sunday? Listen right here and get in on the scoop!

Aurelia Nelson (L), host of Curtain Up with Henri Smith
Aurelia Nelson (L), host of “Curtain Up” with Henri Smith

These two tease each other like brother and sister!

Aurelia Nelson and Henri Smith have loads of fun on this show and it truly comes across. ¬†Henri starts off singing, ¬†Aurelia accuses him of not knowing the words to songs, all the while hidden meanings to New Orleans favorites are revealed. ¬†Plus you’ll get a hint of some special music planned for his¬†upcoming concert featuring Grammy Award winners Charles Neville & Amadee Castenell. ¬†

Listen here and join in the fun!

Henri Smith Tells Aurelia Nelson what the song Jambalaya means on Sunday at 9am on 104.9FM

SUNDAY (2/16) at 9AM, Aurelia Nelson hosts¬†Henri Smith on her show, “Curtain Up”. ¬†Get all the details on New England’s newest tradition: Mardi Gras Concert with Charles Neville of the Neville Brothers and Henri’s 8 piece band. It will be a blast! And…we finally find out what the words are to the song “Jambalaya”! Plus, just try saying N’awlens..not New Or-leens!


The best radio Christmas shows you’ll hear this year ~ SUN 12/22 @9AM & 7PM on 104.9

Curtain Up host Aurelia Nelson

We’ve pointed out before that North Shore 104.9 host Aurelia Nelson frequently features local talent on her show, “Curtain Up” (see examples here). ¬†This Sunday 12/22 she pulls out all the stops with her hyper-local Christmas show featuring some of Cape Ann’s top talent performing a Christmas repertoire that rivals what you’d hear on a big city radio show!

You’ll hear Dan King’s wonderful new Christmas song “Handmade With Love (Present)” featuring Charlee Bianchini, “I wish I Could Fly” written by Allen Estes & Fly Amero, new songs by Bryan Alex, John Stevens and Angie Miller (Beverly’s own Idol finalist) and selections by the Beantown Swing Orchestra.

We know you’ll be at Gloucester’s UU Church on Saturday night, where you can see many of these stars LIVE — and we promise the show will be over in plenty of time for you to get a good night’s sleep and get up by 9am for Curtain Up on North Shore 104.9.

Then on Sunday night at 7pm, you can hear a real radio play, “It’s a Wonderful Life.” ¬†This is a rare¬†experience¬†you simply can’t get any other way. ¬†Build a fire, sit together as a family in the living room, tune the radio to 104.9, chill in a comfy chair, close your eyes and lose yourself in this classic story. ¬†When’s the last time you heard a radio play?

It’s worth getting up by 9am on Sunday to catch “Curtain Up” on 104.9

Just in case you haven’t noticed, North Shore 104.9’s “Curtain Up” host, Aurelia Nelson, has been inviting Cape Ann musians to be her guests more frequently of late and it points to a trend of featuring locals on the station as a whole (see some examples here).

Tomorrow (SUNDAY) at 9AM, she does it again, this time with Henri Smith. Henri will talk about all the special guest he has pull together for his New Orleans Christmas show at the Larcom Theatre.


Listen to Slide Master Calvin Cooke’s interview on Aurelia Nelson’s Curtain Up here

Calvin Cooke ‚Äď the B.B. King of gospel steel guitar

Don’t worry if you missed Aurelia Nelson’s wonderful interview, on her show Curtain Up, with Calvin Cooke (the B.B. King of gospel steel guitar) on Sunday at 9am (like we did because we were at Joey’s surprise birthday Mug Up).

You can listen to the whole thing right here.

Calvin tells the fascinating story of the birth Sacred Steel and how he blends its unique sound with blues and classic rock on The Slide Brothers’ latest CD and live in concert.


You can see Calvin and his band tomorrow night right down the road at The Larcom Theatre in Beverly.  This is rare chance to see the greatest living masters of steel guitar (the people who taught Robert Randolph how to play) close up and close to home.  Local virtuoso Michael Thomas Doyle (who played with Robert Randolph, while at Berklee) opens the show.

Good seats in the historic Larcom Theatre’s fully restored horseshoe balcony are still available (get them here).

B.B. King of gospel steel guitar on 104.9 tomorrow (SUN) 9AM

Calvin Cooke – the B.B. King of gospel steel guitar

Calvin Cooke, leader of The Slide Brothers and known as the B.B. King of gospel steel guitar, will be Aurelia Nelson’s guest on her North Shore 104.9 FM show Curtain Up tomorrow (SUN) at 9am. ¬†Calvin calls in from the road where he and his band are touring the U.S. in support of their new CD Robert Randolph Presents: The Slide Brothers.

Guitar Worlds says,¬†“The Slide Brothers … tackle rock, funk and blues with a ferocity that will startle fans of Duane Allman, Derek Trucks and Muddy Waters.” ¬†Listen to this amazing version of the Allman Brothers’ classic Don’t Keep Me Wonderin’ from their new CD.

The Slide Brothers’ only New England concert is next Saturday, Nov 2 (after the Red Sox will have won the World Series) just down the road at Beverly’s fully restored, historic Larcom Theatre. ¬†There are still some good seats left (especially in the gorgeous horseshoe¬†Balcony — see here).

Local virtuoso and recent Berklee grad, Michael Thomas Doyle opens the show with his band — Cody Nilsen on guitar/vocals, Bill Spencer on bass, and Steve Russo (of Runaround and Mile 21) on drums¬†. ¬†This will be your only chance to catch the greatest living masters of Slide Guitar so close to home — and support one of our local rising stars at the same time. ¬†Get tickets now. ¬†Watch them play the Hendrix Classic, Foxy Lady!

Big announcement tomorrow (SUN) on Curtain Up 104.9 @ 9AM

Aurelia Nelson

Tomorrow at 9AM Peter will be Aurelia Nelson’s guest on her North Shore 104.9¬†radio show Curtain Up, where¬†he will¬†announce a one-night-only concert featuring a major national recording star and rock n’ roll icon at The Larcom Theatre¬†down the road in Beverly.

If you’re already a member of our gimmeLIVE Concert Club, you’ll be notified when tickets go on sale before the general public is. ¬†You can sign up here if you’re not a member.

Sista Felicia and Peter Van Ness on Aurelia Nelson’s Curtain Up Sunday 9am 104.9 FM

L-R: Curtain Up Host Aurelia Nelson, Sista Felicia, North Shore 104.9 owner Todd Tanger

Well … Aurelia Nelson found a clever way to host Sista Felicia on her North Shore104.9 radio show Curtain Up¬†that features guests in music and theatre. But it wasn’t much of a stretch. ¬†Anyone who’s ever seen Felicia in the kitchen knows that she puts on a great show. ¬†She’s got star quality!

Sista Felicia’s Waterfront Festival tent on Friday

So get up early enough tomorrow (Sunday) to catch Aurelia Nelson interview Sista Felicia about her new cookbook at 9am and you’ll also get to hear Peter talk about how our Fall concert series¬†is reviving The Larcom Theatre in Beverly.

In the meantime, you can bop down to the Waterfront Festival and check out Sista Felicia’s tent.

Watching her put the sides on is a good show in and of itself.

Just like last Sunday, it’s worth getting up by 9am to catch “Curtain Up” on 104.9

L-R: Chris Langathianos, Chris Trapper

Just in case you haven’t noticed, North Shore 104.9’s “Curtain Up” host, Aurelia Nelson, has been inviting Cape Ann rock stars to be her guests more frequently of late and it points to a trend of featuring locals on the station as a whole (see some examples here).

Tomorrow (SUNDAY) at 9AM, she does it again, this time with Festival By The Sea producer Chris Langathianos and headliner Chris Trapper. ¬†You’ll get a sneak preview of festival highlights and hear Chris perform. ¬†Definitely worth getting up for — even if you stay out late at tonight’s Block Party.

And just in case you’re not quite sure which of tonight’s excellent shows to catch, here’s a list of all live music to help you decide.

Get up by 9am tomorrow to hear Allen Estes on the radio

Aurelia Nelson with Allen Estes (R) & his son, Dylan

North Shore 104.9¬†host Aurelia Nelson interviews Allen Estes on her radio show, “Curtain Up”, tomorrow at 9am. ¬†Aurelia and Allen talk about Gloucester’s exploding local music scene — and Allen’s TV show that promotes it (see here). ¬†(See Allen Estes Videos here.)

Plus they preview major musical events in Gloucester and Cape Ann and you’ll hear some of Allen’s new music.

It’s worth getting up for. ¬†And once you’re up, you can take advantage of the live music starting at 11AM, with new shows starting practically every hour and going on through the wee hours. ¬†Check out the complete music schedule here.

Allen & Dylan Estes on 104.9 Father’s Day Radio Show SUN @ 9AM

Aurelia Nelson, host of Curtain Up on North Shore 104.9 invited Allen Estes and his son, Dylan, for her special Father’s Day show that will air tomorrow, SUNDAY, at 9am.

L-R: Aurelia Nelson, Dylan Estes, Allen Estes

They perform together and talk about the role of music in their lives — and ours. ¬†It’s worth getting up early for.

Then you can see Allen at the Rhumb Line with Orville Giddings at 8pm — a great way to wind up Father’s Day weekend!

Rick Doucette and Christian O‚ÄôDonnell Podcast ~ Listen here

Rick Doucette on Easter Morning

If you were in church at 9am on Easter Sunday instead of listening to the radio, your reward is below: listen to a podcast of Aurelia Nelson’s interview, on her North Shore 104.9 show Curtain Up, with YMCA Teen & Camping Services Director, Rick Doucette and Christian O’Donnell, one of the teen leaders who is going on the New Orleans trip during April Vacation.

You can see a complete list of all teens going on the trip here.

It’s not too late to get tickets to Saturday’s Mardi Gras in April concert, that will help pay for the trip, featuring Henri Smith and Charles Neville at the historic Larcom Theatre in Beverly. ¬†Here’s a video of these two New Orleans greats at Celebrate Gloucester in 2010.

Get tickets here and help local teens pay for their April Vacation service learning trip.

Leading up to Mardi Gras weekend, you can catch Henri Smith on Radio & TV tomorrow

Henri Smith with Aurelia Nelson
Aurelia Nelson (L) with Henri Smith (R)
104.9 Production Director Jay Foss in background

As you can see in the picture, when Aurelia Nelson and Henri Smith get together everybody has fun.

Aurelia decided to reprise last week’s Curtain Up again tomorrow SUN at 9am. ¬†Don’t miss it this time. ¬†Set your alarm and tune into 104.9FM.

Then at 6pm you can catch the very first Local Music Seen with Allen Estes show filmed on location.

Allen Estes (L) with Henri Smith ~ photo Roger Ward

Last Mardi Gras (2/21/12) after a brief studio intro, we took the cameras and crew to Minglewood Tavern ¬†to film Henri Smith’s excellent band featuring Charles Neville at a Mardi Gras fundraiser for the Y Teens Rebuild New Orleans trip. ¬†The result is a high energy concert and interview with Henri Smith and Charles Neville in Latitude 43’s super comfy lounge area. ¬†This special show airs tomorrow (SUN) at 6pm on Cape Ann TV Channel 12 and again WED 2/6 at 6:30pm

Henri Smith w/ Charles Neville on sax North Shore Music Theatre
June 2012 ~ Photo by Paul Lyden

For Mardi Gras 2013, Henri Smith and his band featuring Charles Neville will perform their Y Benefit concert at the historic Larcom Theatre in Beverly this Friday, February 8th at 7:30pm. ¬†Tickets are selling fast, so get yours here. ¬†Plus, there’s a great VIP Package, including premium reserved seating in the first 5 rows, exclusive pre-show Mardi Gras party with a Cajun inspired buffet by Chianti’s of Beverly, meet & greet with the performers and more (see details here). ¬†VIP Tickets are limited. ¬†Get them here.

But don’t wait for next weekend. ¬†There’s plenty of live music this weekend and much of it starts early enough to bring the kids. ¬†See the full live music lineup here.

Did you miss Chelsea Berry on Aurelia Nelson’s Curtain UP? No worries, you can now listen on line

chelsea live toy driveThat’s right folks. ¬†The good people at Northshore 104.9 make their podcasts available for download, so all you sleepyheads who didn’t get up on Sunday can listen at your leisure. Just click here.

Notice how the show starts with one song on Chelsea’s new CD and ends with another one. Rock on Chelsea!

Did you get your tickets for Chelsea Berry’s¬†concert on Feb 8th yet? ¬†Good seats are still left, but you know this will sell out just like the one on Feb 9, so don’t procrastinate. ¬†Click here and get those tickets now.