October 🌈 around Gloucester Fisherman’s Memorial


background sky beyond Man at the Wheel with faint rainbow arching to Gloucester Tavern

Big October skies for Gloucester, MA. Yesterday’s afternoon rainbow was radiant, vast and fast

Never forget that horrible day September 11, 2001

This morning at Gloucester Central Fire Station there was a service remembering September 11, 2001 and a reception at Gloucester’s City Hall.  A woman named Patrice Schaffer made an incredible quilt and her brother-in-law, Daniel who lives in Gloucester, is a survivor September 11, 2001.  He told me he walked down 74 flights of stairs and was able to survive.  Here are a couple of photos from this beautiful memorial service.

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Keeping the Faith

I love this memorial.  It makes me sad…and it inspires me.

While I’ve previously researched it for my own purposes and have more than likely read about it here on GMG, when questioned about it the other day, I was at a bit of a loss for information.  So, I was happy to come home, look through my photos, and brush up a little.

I actually like to refer to the statue as “them” …because that’s what I see. While clearly it is a statue…I just see the family…a them.  Pained, proud, haunted, hopeful, wonderful, worried, scared, strong, certain, uncertain….and much more.  They are really beyond beautiful.

Please visit the Gloucester Fishermen’s Wives Association here to read about the great work that they do, the Memorial, and more.  Below is a bit of what they include about the memorial.

On August 5, 2001, the Gloucester Fishermen’s Wives Association (GFWA) dedicated a monument to honor the women who have been – and are – the soul of fishing communities.

As Angela Sanfilippo, GFWA president, so eloquently said at the dedication ceremony:

“The memorial serves as a testimonial to what wives, mothers, sisters, and children of fishermen of the world have endured because their men chose to be on the water. They had no choice but to stand on rock, to be on land.”

Envisioned by the wives, mothers, daughters, and sisters of Gloucester fishermen, the memorial honors not only the faith, diligence, and fortitude of the wives of fishermen and mariners everywhere but also honors all women for their unselfish contribution to the well being of their families and their communities.




Mark Godfried Memorial Tag A Tiny™ Bluefin Tournament

This year’s Tag A Tiny Bluefin Tournament will be held in memory of our dear friend Mark Godfried. The purpose of the tournament is to promote tagging research, raise funds for the Large Pelagic Research Center, and have an all around fun time! This year the tournament will take place from July 10-14. Everyone is welcome to join!


The Large Pelagics Research Center (LPRC), under the direction of Dr. Molly Lutcavage, is a premiere research program, focused on tunas and billfish.  Based at the UMass Marine Station, Gloucester, MA, LPRC, with its tagging program, has helped identify migration routes, growth patterns, and potential spawning areas of Bluefin tuna. The tournament raises research funds to support the LPRC’s scientific investigations. Mark Godfried was a great friend and supporter of the Large Pelagics Research Center’s Bluefin research. His knowledge and passion for the species was only exceeded by his dedication to the Gloucester fishing industry. The 2013 tournament has been renamed the ‘Mark Godfried Memorial Tag A Tiny™ Bluefin Tournament’ to honor Mark’s lifetime of work.

Mark and the LPRC, aided by local fishermen, initiated the ‘Tag A Tiny™’ juvenile tagging program in 2006. Since then, over 1,258 anglers and captains have joined the Tag A Tiny™ effort, releasing over 1,645 juvenile Bluefin with conventional spaghetti tags.  So far, anglers have recovered and returned over 38 conventional and archival data tags.

In 2008, Mark Godfried was instrumental in establishing the inaugural Tag A Tiny™ Bluefin Tournament.  This tournament is unusual in that it follows a ‘tag and release’ methodology only, i.e., ‘no-kill’.  Participants are rewarded with a unique trophy for the greatest number of fish tagged, rather than cash prizes.

Our goal is to have 50+ boats tagging fish during the four-day tournament. This non-profit event is financed through cash donations so that 100% of the tournament entry fee can be donated to The Large Pelagics Research Center. For more information on the LPRC’s research, visit http://www.tunalab.org.

To learn more about the tournament visit: www.tagatinybluefintournament.com or contact us at tagatiny@gmail.com.

Quick Info:
Registration fee- $200.00
Captain’s Meeting- July 10, Baert Marine
Fishing- July 11-13
Banquet- July 14, Gloucester House Restaurant

Frank Destino Memorial/ Celebration Slated For Jan 27th at Bass Rocks Golf Club

Tucker Destino submits-

Hi Joe,

We will be having a memorial/celebration for my uncle Frank Destino on Sunday, January 27th at 12pm at Bass Rocks Golf Club. We are reaching out to GHS Athletic Alumni and people of Gloucester who were unable to attend his services in Newton, Ma. 

We are going to pass the microphone around for people to share any stories they might have. It will be informal and hopefully a lot of laughs will be shared.  Happy New Year!

Thank you!


Inaugural Patrican Memorial Golf Tournament on August 3

Hi Joe,

On the heels of the very successful Aran Patrican Friendship Hockey Skate that raised over $2600 for the Thomas Patrican Scholarship fund, I have teamed up with the same group of Aran’s close friends to hold the inaugural Patrican Memorial Golf Tournament on August 3, beginning at 7:40 a.m. at Cape Ann Golf Course in Essex.    Aran, a new father to son Thomas — who was just one year old when Aran was suddenly and tragically taken from us due to a heart infection this past January — served as one of Gloucester’s finest police officers for 18 years.  Aran was a student of the human condition and, as a decorated officer, served the best interests of his fellow citizens by maintaining fierce vigilance with the level of care, justice, and sense of humor required for such an important role in our society.

The 18-hole, shot-gun start, tournament will be played by teams of four (foursomes) in a scramble format with the winner taking home a replica trophy of the NHL’s Stanley Cup, engraved with the names of each champion. The champions will stay in possession of the trophy until the following year’s tournament. Aran was predeceased by his brother Ryan in 1991 who died just six months after his mother, Pauline (Blackburn) Patrican succumbed to cancer. Aran and Ryan’s aunt and uncle, Bernadette and Peter Blackburn of England, have donated the trophy to show their support of all the good that is now taking place to help raise money for Aran’s son, and Pauline’s only grandchild, Thomas.

The entry fee for the Patrican Memorial Golf Tournament is $125 per player ($500 per foursome) and must be paid in full by July 23.  Please remit checks payable to the Thomas Patrican Education Fund.

Please email this completed form to PatricanMemorial@gmail.com to enter your foursome and arrange payment of fee.

Thank you for helping support our cause in memory of some very special friends.

JD Perry


Patrican Memorial

Invitational Golf Tournament

Cape Ann Golf Course

Friday August 3, 2012


A golf tournament will be held in the honor and remembrance of two great, respected individuals. Both Aran and Ryan Patrican passed on far too early in their lives, although their spirits will forever be with us all.

The golf tournament shall be a shotgun start, with a scramble format. It is expected that each group have one principal representative, responsible for payment, and coordinating the group. The $125.00 payment (per player) will include a full round of golf (18 holes), golf cart, and a full hot lunch. One should expect raffles, prizes, and plenty of laughs.

A generous amount of the group fee will be placed in the Thomas Patrican Educational Fund. Please respond as timely as possible, as half the group spots have already been filled.

The winning team with the lowest score card will have their names eternally etched upon the Patrican Memorial Cup, and they shall house the trophy until the following years event.


___________________ (Principal)




Please respond to: PatricanMemorial@gmail.com

Rick Kaloust Memorial at Eastern Point

In loving memory of Rick Kaloust (January 14, 1965 ~ January 9, 2012).

Turn! Turn! Turn! (to Everything There is a Season) ~ The Byrds

Dark Side of Dawn ~ Satch Kerans

You and I Will Meet Again ~ Tom Petty

Ave Maria (Franz Schubert) ~ Renée Fleming

Results of the 2011 Leo Almeida Memorial North Shore Striped Bass Tournament

Joal Leanos - 1st place boat

Amy Almeida writes in-

Here are the results of the tournament.


#1 Aaron Quinlan, Amesbury – 35 lbs, 44" (weighed in at Surfland)

#2 John Noonan, Amesbury – 16.88 lbs , 39" (weighed in at Surfland)

#3 John Lynch, Peabody – 13.12 lbs, 33" (weighed in at Bridge St. Sports)


#1 Joal Leanos, Gloucester – 36.6 lbs, 48" (weighed in at Winchester Fishing)

#2 Al Williams, Gloucester – 32.45 lbs, 45" (weighed in at Winchester Fishing)

#3 Paul Whitten, Salem – 30.5 lbs, 46" (weighed in at Bridge St. Sports)

Youth Ryan Mitchell, Ipswich – 19.38 lbs, 36" (weighed in at Surfland)

I’ve attached a picture of Joal Leanos with his fish. This is Joal’s second win in the boat division. He won the boat division in 2010 and was the winner of the junior division in 2008. 

Al Williams has previously won (2005) and come in third (2010) in the boat division. This is Ryan’s second win in the youth division. This is also his last year in the youth division. At the prize ceremony I told him that Joal Leanos’ performance as a former youth division winner has set the bar high for Ryan next year. About 150 people entered the tournament and almost twenty fish were weighed in. For the first time, one of the prize winners has generously chosen to return his winnings to the beneficiary food pantries. John Noonan, the second place winner in the surf division, is a five time tournament participant and first time winner. We anticipate increasing our donation to our beneficiaries over our 2010 donation (almost $6,000). However, we’re still awaiting some donations before we can make a final accounting.