This is a Call Out to all Masters in the Craft of Deviled Egg Making

deviled egg competition

It is time for the World Renowned GMG Biennial Deviled Egg Competition.  Those who would like to have their special deviled eggs included in the competition, be featured on the blog, and go down in deviled egg history,  just bring ‘em on Sunday, June 9th at 9:30am at Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery, 77 Rocky Neck Ave., Gallery 3.  This is way bigger than Topsfield Fair competition and doesn’t cost anything to enter.  I’m specifically calling out Kathy Chapman, Gigi Mederos/Stevie Black, Paul Frontiero, Sue Lovett and Joanne Souza – competitors in the last Deviled Egg Competition; but all those deft in the art of deviled egg making are welcome.  Beware, I did not enter my world famous deviled eggs in the last competition to give people a fair chance.  Not so this year – I’ll be there with my eggs and will show no mercy.

We’ve assembled a distinguished panel of experienced deviled egg competition judges, including: Joey C., Ed Collard, Paul Morrison, Adam Bolonsky and newcomer, Richard Rosenfeld.  If you missed our first GMG Deviled Egg Competition in 2011, or are not sure how the judging works, you can see the distinquished panel at work here

People who don’t like deviled eggs or are not entering into the competition, feel free to bring along something non-egg related to share for Mug Up.

E.J. Lefavour

5 thoughts on “This is a Call Out to all Masters in the Craft of Deviled Egg Making

  1. Ever see smoke come out of Joey’s ears? I have. And it wasn’t because I ragged on him because of improper language on the blog. We were judging the devilled eggs last year and I insisted on using the Olympic judging method. Scale of one to ten, Ed: 8, Joey:7, Paul: 7.4 as it was not quite an eight because of sloppy slicing but the pickle juice pushed it past a 7.

    Joey with pencil and back of envelope in hand: “Are you fucking kidding me you are going with a fucking 7.4 ?!!”

    I’m bringing a calculator.


  2. I can’t believe anybody can make better deviled eggs than yours. But I wish we were there to try all the entries. Yum!



    1. I know at least one judge who will take offense at that. However, truth be told, it takes many years of experience to become a qualified deviled egg judge, so you seldom see young ones.


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