2 Coyotes vs 1 Deer Filmed In West Gloucester

Filmed On Laurel Street, West Gloucester MA By Shawn Henry

11 thoughts on “2 Coyotes vs 1 Deer Filmed In West Gloucester

  1. Wow! Those coyotes might have had some better luck if the other ‘yote showed a little cajones and backed his buddy up. That being said, I wouldn’t want to take a deer hoof to the nose either, ouch!


  2. The problem when coyotes chase deer at at this time of year ..esp with does is that they are generally pregnant with twins….coyotes killing a deer at this time of years kills three deer…….


  3. I hope the deer did get away.
    The news reporter said that when the
    animal control officer showed up,
    all of the animals were pushed farther
    into the woods, away from the houses.

    The news reporter also said that coyotes
    in our area might be hybrids, called coy


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