I’m still having trouble processing just what went down yesterday.

First off we cannot thank enough Rick Doucette and his staff The Cape Ann YMCA for hosting this year’s tournament.  For their help setting up and with the transportation back and forth to the Wingersheek parking lot.  Camp Spindrift if you haven’t been there since you were a kid is the absolute perfect spot for a corporate outing, wedding, pig roast (next year during the tourney) or any other time you are looking for intimate space for your event.  Contact Rick at The YMCA to book your event at Camp Spindrift.

Then you gotta talk about the team that put this thing together over the past three months.  Frankie Gwynne has worked relentlessly pouring over the minute details and making sure everything ran smoothly, designed the flyers and T Shirts just a tremendous amount of thanks to Frankie.  Ryan Cox (AKA Mr Bentley) the MAN who just says yes, Can we do it?  YES, every time, organizationally Ryan made so much happen.  Brad Atkinson and the Farm Staff who set up the fields.

Matty K, the worlds Greatest DJ.  Soup, the Bracketologist who made sure we had the right teams lined up to go.

My co-contributors from GMG including super patient Kim Smith who shot the Harlem Shake video.  Craig Kimberley who shot and will undoubtedly bring the most entertaining Dodgeball video and interviews that anyone could ever produce, David Cox Brian O’Connor and Donna Ardizzoni who must have shot a gazzilion photos which y’all will see soon. My boy the Rabbit who shot lots of photos as well.

Desi Smith from the Gloucester Daily Times who took time out of a packed weekend to come cover the Tournament, CBS Boston who has a gallery from the event.

Bill Kubichek who graced us with the Evil Knevil speedo get-up and rousing National anthem to kick things off and Aria McElhenny from Next Step.

Lauren Mears from Jungle Silkscreening who got our t shirts printed way below budget and included high quality dry-fit technical t’s for the event.

Jen Amero who helped spread the word as well.

Hope I didn’t forget anyone, I probably did, my head is still pretty foggy.

But the event doesn’t take place without the competitors who brave the cold and donate their money to the cause.  Our competitors that take the time to plan their team’s themes , pick out their entrance music and put together their costumes.  It was just a whoooole lot of fun.

The Farm guys including Ryan Cox, Brad Atkinson and Noah Goldstein have created an incredible family of regulars who make that place special.  You walk into the Farm and no matter who is behind the bar you feel welcome, and like you’re part of the Farm Family-

Farmers for life.

Frankie Gwynne- You Are The Man!

Congratulations to two time back to Back Champions- Blinded By the White- sponsored by Ed Collard’s Housedoctor’s Handyman Services.

Tons of pictures and videos to come-

We can start with some from Lowell Peabody-


and a video before things got started from Kim Smith-

Brian O’Connor Photos-


The Details(also available on The Event Facebook Page Here)


  1. I blew a paw around the last turn indeed… Spent some time after the event fueling up at the farm for an epic day..I have 1143 images and video to document this craziness.. Wouldn’t change it for the world and such a great cause…Working hard to get them all up today online…….”I should call the album humble pie”…Did I really strut out holding a Pomeranian….More fireball whiskey please……Ouch!!


  2. March madness glosta style, I think its healthy outlet for the cabin fever that began to set in after the last storm .


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