Eastern Point, 1884 From Fred Bodin

Fred Bodin writes-

I’m very familiar with Niles Pond, having spent five wonderful winters on Eastern Point. I hope the ocean’s onslaught can be stopped. It might be helpful for GMG readers to see how thin the barrier to the ocean is, how the pond abuts a road and homes with no protection from waves, should they come charging in, and how little real estate is between Niles Pond and Gloucester Harbor. Can you imagine the tip of Eastern Point becoming an island?



Find the Duck Part I

Rubber Duck has been on the road these days but not to London although a  friend of her’s was spotted on a rooftop there:londonduckCan you find her friend? This next link is a panorama of London. Click Here. This is the largest, deepest, panorama done in the history of the world. It’s big. A gazillion pettabytes or something maybe more. You can scroll and zoom and see everything down to people snoozing naked in their hotel rooms. I haven’t actually found any naked Londoners nor have I found Rubber Duck’s friend but I know the duck is there. On a roof, swimming in a puddle.

Can you find her? If you do, mark the duck with the little marker on the bottom of the photo then post the coordinates. When you drop the marker just click the envelope then select the link and paste into your comments like this:

http://bit.ly/XVxJJl  This is a link to a weird pair of yellow gloves in a tub in a window. Creepy. Zoom out and see how far away the camera was!

First one to find her gets a Rubber Duck autographed GMG limited edition Bumper Sticker.

Part II of this game will be another panorama of find the Rubber Duck but it will be the actual GMG Rubber Duck in a Panorama taken on Cape Ann.

Gloucester CFO of Varian Named Applied Materials CFO and Gloucester’s Varian CEO as Applied Materials CEO

Would you look at that!  Lil’ old Gloucester’s Varian CFO and CEO named to heads of one of the largest multinational companies in the world- Applied Materials 


Applied Materials Names Bob Halliday CFO

And Gary Dickerson CEO June 2012

1, 2 Gloucester !



Thanks Catherine Ryan for the scoop.

Going On Right Now-Johnny O’Hara is Competing in the World Stand-Up Paddleboard Championships in Peru Watch It Live

Don’t know if you’re interested in posting this on the blog…Johnny O’Hara is competing in the world stand-up paddleboard championships in Peru right now.

Check out Cape Ann Y member John O’ Hara competing in the world paddleboard championships in Peru today at noon! He’ll be wearing bib #18.

Click to watch these guys digging that water, sick!


Chris Erbland
Membership Director
Cape Ann YMCA

GDT Reports That The City Is Looking To Make I4-C2 A Temporary Parking Lot

City eyes I-4, C-2 for paid parking

By Marjorie Nesin Staff Writer

Gloucester’s waterfront I-4, C-2 lot, where many have found a free space to park over the past two years, could soon become a temporary metered lot if the city has its way.

City officials have applied for a state permit to allow such use of the 65 Rogers St. site because the state insists the city have a permit to charge for parking on the 95-space waterfront lot while the city searches for a person or company interested in developing the property, according to Harbor Planning Director Sarah Garcia.

Read the entire article here

This to me is a total no-brainer.  They are looking to make it a “temporary” lot which will provide a whole lot of parking for area businesses and will generate money for the city.  How is this not a good idea? 

Would people rather see it sit fallow, put a chain across it and not let anyone park there just to spite Downtown Gloucester and all the businesses and city coffers that would benefit?

In the comment section of the article folks are calling for an open air fish market from which fishermen can sell their fish directly to the public.  That sounds nice but when all is totaled you want to cut out the existing waterfront properties that handle the fish and sell to local consumers and get this product to market while not allowing other uses for the waterfront properties except for marine industrial uses.  Isn’t that special?  There is Steve Connolly, Intershell, Turner Seafood already selling seafood to the local consumers.  Taking a City owned property and offering it up to compete with existing businesses when thiose existing businesses have already been severely impacted by fishing cuts hardly sounds fair to me.

We have a Consumer Supported Fishery (CSF) product with Cape Ann Fresh Catch and we have the Farmer’s Market which already operates in a different location.  So take away a property that would provide parking for all of downtown and replace it with a business model that would compete with existing businesses, doesn’t make much sense to me.

A temporary parking lot will feed all the businesses around the Downtown area including the Museums, Restaurants, Retailers, Whale Watch Boats, Schooners and more.  best yet the City gets paid for the parking.

Reminder from Natalia: Fly Amero & Bob Kramer @ Cafe Shalom Saturday, March 2

Temple Ahavat Achim (86 Middle St. in Gloucester, MA) continues to bring back its popular coffeehouse to sell out audiences, Café Shalom, on Saturday, March 2nd, from 7:00 to 10:00 PM, with an evening of contemporary acoustic music.

Café Shalom will serve hot beverages and snacks. All are welcome; there is no dress or age requirement and families are welcome.  Refreshments will be available. Admission is $10 at the door, doors open at 6:30 PM.


The featured performer will be recording artist Fly Amero. Left-handed, upside-down guitarist/singer/journeyman Dennis “Fly” Amero finds his musical roots deep within the vast genres of the ’60’s pop revolution.  Fly moved to New York City, joining in on musical projects with members of the pop/rock bands, Foreigner and Meatloaf. In the early 1980’s, Fly struck upon the start of what would become a lifelong friendship with the classic pop singer, Larry Hoppen of “Orleans”. He joined, toured and recorded with the famed group for the better part of 3 years before returning Gloucester to focus on his own writing.  His remarkable versatility led to the writing and co-producing of Atlantic’s holiday comedy album classic, Twisted Christmas, which quickly became certified gold in 1995.  Fly is currently touring as a member of “Orleans” and fronts the thrilling rock/blues act known as “The Big Strum”.

The opening performer will be Bob Kramer with Al Foucault on bass.
The duo plays a blend of acoustic rock/blues/jazz creating ‘rootsy, rockin’ & blue’ sound that echoes from the Delta to the urban landscape with its unique arrangement of cover songs and original songs.  Bob and Al have opened for The Pete Best Band (original Beatles drummer), recording blues artists Paul Rishell and Annie Raines and host the open mic at the Grog in Newburyport.  Bob has produced two CDs, a solo CD, Honorable mention in the Billboard Songwriting Contest and has performed at the Terra Blues Club in the Village in New York City.

Special Musical Appearances Coming to Cape Ann ~ Don’t Miss Them!

THIS SATURDAY MARCH 2nd MILE 21 will be having the original 2007 lineup on THE MINGLEWOOD STAGE!!! featuring SKA LEGENDS THE TOASTERS!!! 10$ @ The door. don’t miss it!

Friday, March 8th Cherish the Ladies, the Number 1 Irish American Act in Celtic Music, will be at Shalin Liu Performance Center in Rockport.   Check out this video and get your tickets.

Don’t forget to head out tonight and see some great music starting at 7pm tonight ~ check out the full lineup here.

More photos from the Mass. Cultural Council meeting at Bodin’s gallery

I got there towards the end of the meeting last Thursday, but I got a few photos…

The meeting looked like a “who’s who of downtown Gloucester”!

Anita Walker sounded very optimistic about the establishment of the cultural district.

State Rep. Ann-Margaret Ferrante spoke for a few minutes while I was there too.

Joey obviously thought the whole thing was wicked awesome!

_Joey is excited! closeup

Kudos to Joey and all those who have been involved in publicizing and promoting, organizing, recruiting support, writing proposals, etc., to make this happen! And thanks to Fred for being a great host and a fine gentleman, as always!

Fr. Matthew Green

Last night’s Snow Moon ~Good Harbor

vert moon copy


From The Farmer’s Almanac:

February’s full Moon is traditionally called the Full Snow Moon because usually the heaviest snows fall in February.

Hunting becomes very difficult, and so some Native American tribes called this the Hunger Moon.

Other Native American tribes called this Moon the “Shoulder to Shoulder Around the Fire Moon” (Wishram Native Americans), the “No Snow in the Trails Moon” (Zuni Native Americans), and the “Bone Moon” (Cherokee Native Americans). The Bone Moon meant that there was so little food that people gnawed on bones and ate bone marrow soup.


Julia Garrison’s New Take on Her Shop & Studio!

Julia Garrison of the Sarah Elizabeth Shop in Rockport recently updated the shop’s interior and displays. I love the way the black storage/display pieces complement the antique acorn press. Check it out at 10 Whistlestop Mall in Rockport. And if you can’t make it to Rockport, you can see Julia’s line at www.sarah-elizabeth-shop.com. By the way, the shop’s previous owner was the very talented Isabel Natti. Joey did an interview with her before she passed away, which you can find through this link.