GDT Reports That The City Is Looking To Make I4-C2 A Temporary Parking Lot

City eyes I-4, C-2 for paid parking

By Marjorie Nesin Staff Writer

Gloucester’s waterfront I-4, C-2 lot, where many have found a free space to park over the past two years, could soon become a temporary metered lot if the city has its way.

City officials have applied for a state permit to allow such use of the 65 Rogers St. site because the state insists the city have a permit to charge for parking on the 95-space waterfront lot while the city searches for a person or company interested in developing the property, according to Harbor Planning Director Sarah Garcia.

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This to me is a total no-brainer.  They are looking to make it a “temporary” lot which will provide a whole lot of parking for area businesses and will generate money for the city.  How is this not a good idea? 

Would people rather see it sit fallow, put a chain across it and not let anyone park there just to spite Downtown Gloucester and all the businesses and city coffers that would benefit?

In the comment section of the article folks are calling for an open air fish market from which fishermen can sell their fish directly to the public.  That sounds nice but when all is totaled you want to cut out the existing waterfront properties that handle the fish and sell to local consumers and get this product to market while not allowing other uses for the waterfront properties except for marine industrial uses.  Isn’t that special?  There is Steve Connolly, Intershell, Turner Seafood already selling seafood to the local consumers.  Taking a City owned property and offering it up to compete with existing businesses when thiose existing businesses have already been severely impacted by fishing cuts hardly sounds fair to me.

We have a Consumer Supported Fishery (CSF) product with Cape Ann Fresh Catch and we have the Farmer’s Market which already operates in a different location.  So take away a property that would provide parking for all of downtown and replace it with a business model that would compete with existing businesses, doesn’t make much sense to me.

A temporary parking lot will feed all the businesses around the Downtown area including the Museums, Restaurants, Retailers, Whale Watch Boats, Schooners and more.  best yet the City gets paid for the parking.

2 thoughts on “GDT Reports That The City Is Looking To Make I4-C2 A Temporary Parking Lot

  1. I agree. I think the temporary parking lot is a great solution and a win/win all around, except for the people who already park there for free. The only drawback I see is that they are not going to pave it or presumably have parking lines, so it could get a little jumbled and chaotic if people don’t park conscientiously. I think they should charge a slightly reduced rate for parking there or extend the time limit, something to take into consideration that it is not an official finished parking lot and as a consolation to the people who have been accustomed to parking there for free.


  2. I definitely agree, the “temporary” lot solution is the obvious way to go. Like EJ mentioned, of course, you’ll have your fair share of folks parking obnoxiously, but still, its in an area of convenience that wasn’t there before, so I think people can give a bit of leeway.


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