Change and Conflict in the Gloucester Fishing Industry Featuring Wicked Tuna’s Dave Marciano, Lady Jane Skipper Russell Sherman

Molly Ferrill came down the dock last May. She also did a time lapse video from our dock which you can see below and went out lobstering for a day with Tommy Burns, the same Tommy Burns who took out Ben Grenon. You can see those videos below her latest.

Molly fared a whole lot better than Ben did aboard Tommy’s boat as you will see comparing the two videos.

Al MF Bezanson Expounds On The Perfect Snow Shovel. Do You Agree?

Al writes-

I’ve been shoveling for more than 70 years, starting back on the farm where we tended to the input and output of 20 cows.  Later, I learned in IE 1-01 that 21-1/2 lb is the optimum shovel-load, as determined by none other than Frederick W. Taylor, the father of scientific management.  This made perfect sense to me.

Now I have a long driveway, and I don’t mind shoveling it, within certain limits.  Nice way to work out and it feels real good to gaze back at what’s been accomplished.   And I never get a backache.  Because I use a strong, lightweight LONG HANDLED SHOVEL with the perfect aluminum business end.  No short handles for me.  They should be outlawed – except for little people, of course.  You can really send that snow flying off the slippery aluminum.

Where do you find the Perfect Shovel?  No place around these parts.  I buy mine at Big Blue Farm Supply in Clinton, NC, right in the heart of hog farming country.  Perfect for grain, corn and SNOW.

Al Bezanson

PS — I just spotted that photo of David Cox with the exotic S-curve job …. but I will stand by my Big Blue Hog Farmer’s Special.

The Perfect Snow Shovel

See Al I agree with you on the aluminum shovel shaped just the way yours is but I like it with a handle.  The kind we used for years to ice fish down the dock before they came up with the stupid white plastic ones.

Three Waters

three waters copy

On Eastern Point there is a lovely stately home called Three Waters, so named because from the property the inhabitants can view the three separate waters of Gloucester Harbor, Niles Pond and Brace Cove.

One night recently I had a rare sleepless night during which the words “three waters” kept running across my mind like a broken record.  Muses can be very persistent and annoying sometimes.  When I got up the next morning, I spent the day creating this montage called “Three Waters”, using 22 different photo layers.  I have slept just fine since.

E.J. Lefavour

JoeAnn Hart’s Book Launch Party at the Rocky Neck Cultural Center

JoeAnn Hart Float party ©Kim Smith 2013

JoeAnn Hart’s book release party at the Rocky Neck Cultural Center was a whopping success. So many congratulations JoeAnn!!!  There are few things more monumental than publishing a book with a publishing house, especially in light of the ease in which books are self-published today. I purchased my copy of Float Friday night and haven’t put it down.  See GMG tomorrow for an excerpt from Float.

JoeAnn Hart Float party -1 ©Kim Smith 2013

JoeAnn Hart Karen Ristuben Float party ©Kim Smith 2013

Cover Artist Karen Ristuben and Author JoeAnn Hart

JoeAnn Hart Jen Fahey Christie Powell Float party ©Kim Smith 2013JPG

Jen Fahey, Christie Powell, JoeAnn Hart

Tom Hauck Lois Philip Budrose JoeAnn Hart Float party ©Kim Smith 2013

Tom Hauck, Lois and Philip Budrose

Greg bover JoeAnn Hart Float party ©Kim Smith 2013

Greg Bover

JoeAnn Hart Karen Ristuben-2 Float party ©Kim Smith 2013

Karen Ristuben

Visit JoeAnn’s website to purchase your copy of Float.

Shakespeare’s Tragedy of Julius Caesar, coming soon to the Gorton Theater

I had the privilege of attending part of a CAST (Cape Ann Shakespeare Troupe) rehearsal (not in costume) for their upcoming presentation of The Tragedy of Julius Caesar.  Here are some photos, alternated with the text of their press release.

Performances February 27 (opening special: all seats $5) through March 2 are at 8 PM; Sunday, March 3 at 3 PM at the Gorton Theatre (home of the Gloucester Stage Company) 267 East Main Street. Tickets, $15, general; $10, student; $5, youth under 19, are available at the door or may be reserved at . More information is available and Facebook.

Cape Ann Shakespeare Troupe presents William Shakespeare’s politically charged drama, The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, a story of ambition, intrigue, betrayal and assassination. Rome is divided between its support for the military hero, Julius Caesar, and the senate of the republic which sees Caesar’s ambition as a threat to its collective power. Under the leadership of Cassius and Brutus, a faction of senators assassinate Caesar sparking a civil war with his supporters, led by Mark Antony and Octavius.

“This is a story which we are currently seeing played out in many parts of the world: Shakespeare’s play is, unfortunately, still very relevant”, points out Joseph Stiliano, the drama’s director. “We see it in the news,and in the video games that challenge our nimble fingered virtual warriors.Our modern-dress production, though not changing the time or place of the action, stresses its current pertinence.”

Written in Shakespeare’s mid-career, it has a spareness and pace that drives the action to its conclusion. It is less a tale of good and evil, than one of clashing world views between factions that can find no common ground.

The cast includes David Adams, Jonathan Arnold, David Cluett, Stephanie Cochran, Richard Crowell, Timothy Edwards, Ashlee Holm, Ray Jenness, Ian O’Connor, Craig Owen, Dominic Parry, Matthew Recine, Jim Robinson, Jessie Sorrells, Ken Stoeffler, and Pauline Wright.

It was still a rehearsal, of course, so fumbling lines led to some hilarity from time to time…  More photos of the rehearsal are here with other photos from CAST.

Fr. Matthew Green


Community Stuff 2/17/13

TaiChi At The Rocky Neck Cultural Center



WHAT IT IS:        A soft, flowing, meditative Martial Art form

WHERE:        The Cultural Center, Rocky Neck – 60 Wonson St., Gloucester

DATES:               Every Sunday morning, beginning March 10 – May 26
TIMES:                Class would begin at 10 am, and end at 11 am. As students want more practice time, and new students join, we will offer practice from 9:30 to 10 am.

COST:         $10 per person, per class

SIGN UP:        Sign up by emailing Betty:
We can accommodate 15 people. You will be notified if you are among the 15 or on a waiting list.

Certified Instructors: Betty Pijut and Taunyee Robbins



Sargent House Museum is looking for volunteer readers for its annual “Judith Speaks” program to be held in May.  All ages are encouraged to apply. 

“Judith Speaks” brings alive the words of Gloucester native, Judith Sargent Murray, one of the nation’s first feminists.  As a letter-writer, essayist, poet, novelist and playwright, Judith Sargent Murray wrote tirelessly on behalf of women’s right to an equal education, an equal place in marriage, and a voice in the new republic.  The writings she left behind are inspiring, poignant, wry and funny. 

To volunteer or to learn more, contact Daniel Sargent Weir at