This Is A Man’s Scarf Damnit!

Well at the Mass Cultural Council Meeting at Fred Bodin’s I was envious of my pal Melissa Cox’ super soft scarf.  I asked her to make me one and she gave me the one around her neck.  Such a good egg that Melissa.

Wore it home and when I entered the door I was greeted by someone I may or may not be related to through marriage with a quizzical look.  I asked her “What with the look?” To which she replied- “You know that’s a girls scarf, right?”

Upon further inspection the pattern is a little frilly.  So I returned the scarf and asked Melissa to make me a new scarf which I would pay for that had a more manly pattern.

So we sauntered (yes sauntered) over to Coveted Yarn and picked out a manly scarf design and some new yarn.

It was a daunting task with the bazillion different types of yarns and thicknesses or yarns and yarns with different yarn properties, some of which need to be hand washed, some of which can be thrown in the washing machine- anyway I learned way more about yarn than any man should ever need to know about yarn.

With some guidance from The Yarn Pimp- Roberto we picked out a super soft yarn for the scarf which my pal Melissa would be producing for me just in time for the balmy days of spring.

You can see the pattern and yarn we picked out below-

2013-02-25 16.59.06

Straight sexy, right?

And here’s the yarn being made into a cake at Coveted Yarn-

Click for the very stimulating video


The skein is being turned into a cake.

Chickity Check It! Bookman’s Log From Greg Gibson


Your readers might be interested in this week’s entry in my blog "Bookman’s Log" parked on my home page at

It’s called "A Modest Proposal."


To read the entire entry click here


Greg Gibson

Ten Pound Island Book Co.
76 Langsford St. Gloucester, MA 01930
(978) 283-5299

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The Tony Gross Letter Clarifying the Role of the Waterways Board

Tony Gross Shares Recent Accomplishments and Long Range Goals of the Waterways Board.

Gloucester Daily Times, February 26, 2013

To the editor:

Last week, an inflammatory Times editorial called for the disbanding of the Waterways Board.

It’s unfortunate that the editor, Mr. Lamont, prefers to lob bombs than to actually understand something so important to our community. And in my two years as chairman of this board, he has never once called me to discuss any of the issues.

So let’s set a few things straight. The current members of the Waterways Board are committed to providing greater capacity to accommodate visiting boaters, both cruisers and day-trippers. Moreover, there has been a cultural shift towards pro-action in the past 11 months, when the board got four new members. In that time the board has:

Put in motion the purchase of a launch, so visiting boaters have a gateway to access downtown within the DPA.

Begun work on a marketing strategy to welcome visiting boaters.

Funded design plans for expansion at Solomon Jacobs Landing to include bathrooms and showers, more transient dinghy tie-up and ADA access.

Funded a feasibility and marketing study for a transient marina.

Helped fund the Lanes Cove Fish Shack restoration.

With Seaport Council, funded a new facility for Sail GHS and the YMCA youth sailing programs.

Funded a mooring re-gridding study to determine if a floating marina would fit in the proposed area — a first step that was missed by proponents, which slowed down the process.

Created stabilization funds for maintenance and repair of the commercial marinas and to enhance public access.

Acquired CPA eligibility approval for improvements to Hodgkins Cove and Head of Lobster Cove Public Landings to create better public access.

Directed the harbormaster’s office to aggressively enforce mooring regulations so all moorings are fully utilized.

Voted to increase patrols on the Annisquam River, directing the harbormaster to crack down on speeders.

The floating marina is a unique idea that may address the prohibition of recreational marinas in a DPA, and the board is indeed exploring that option. In the meantime, here is some information that may help the public understand what it could take.

Rough cost estimate for construction by the time all the utilities are connected, taking into account that municipal finance laws control the bid process, could be $2 million-plus of taxpayer dollars.

A competitive grant known as BIG could potentially provide some money. However, the BIG grant is solely for recreational transient boater access for boats 26 feet or larger. Meanwhile the State DEP requires that the utilities (electric and water) have a Chapter 91 permit, which in a DPA is only available for commercial locations. While it may be possible to meet both those conflicting requirements, it definitely complicates things.

The slips in this marina will be for limited-duration transient boater tie-up; there will be no seasonal slips available.

To fit the floating marina in the currently proposed spot, 60-plus moorings will have to be rearranged and moved closer together, requiring the use of short-scope mooring systems. These run between $2,000 & $5,000 each for gear and installation, for a total cost between $120,000 and $300,000. By ordinance, City Council will decide who will pay these costs.

There will be no launch service to help facilitate use in the nine-month off-season.

Quick estimates do indicate a positive operating balance between revenue and expenses, but these estimates are based on traditional shore-side marinas; there is no comparable data for a free-floating marina, as this would be the first of its kind in the Northeast.

The people who volunteer their time and effort to this board are working hard to do what’s right for the city. We’ve improved meeting efficiency with purposeful agendas, and last year, members agreed to increase meeting frequency by more than 40 percent in recognition that the pace was too slow.

I could not include all that the board is trying to accomplish in this space, but I hope it helps to clarify for interested citizens what we’ve been working on.



Chairman, Waterways Board

See GMG post In Defense of the Waterways Board

I met Tony when my family first moved to Gloucester. Our kids and his kids were active  in the Annisquam Village Players. I was the stage manger and producer at that time. I called Tony Super Dad. Anything needed, anything at all, and Tony was there to lend a helping hand, with both his willing spirit and tools, including rebuilding the outside back stairwell after several kids slipped on the wet, metal grate steps rushing from scene to scene during a rainy night performance.

If Tony says it’s so, it is, beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Tony Gross © Joey Ciaramitaro

Tony Gross, Chairman Gloucester Waterways Board 

My Book “Oh Garden of Fresh Possibilities” at the Rhode Island Flower Show!

My friend JoeAnn sends this pic from the Rhode Island Flower Show. Thanks JoeAnn!


Oh Garden of Fresh Possibilities! Notes from a Gloucester Garden

Celebrating Gloucester’s Gabriel, Sylvester “Hooley” Ahola in March

Check out this news release sent by Sara Wester about two very fun looking events :

Celebrating Gloucester’s Gabriel, Sylvester “Hooley” Ahola
In March, Gloucester will be celebrating the life and music of our own world famous trumpeter.  Two events will be held at the LanesvilleCommunity Center, located at 8 Vulcan St. and once the Ahola family’s dairy barn.

  • Sunday March 10,  1:30 – 4:00,  “Hooley’s Place in Jazz History”
    Come listen to his wonderful music, and stories by people who knew and played with him, and enjoy photos, displays and some of his home movies from the 30’s.  The event is free and open to the public, donations welcomed.  Join us for coffee and nisu.
  • Saturday, March 23, from 8-11,  dance and stomp to Hooley’s  music played live by the 7 piece jazz and swing band The Seacoast Stompers. Beer and wine will be on sale.  Tickets are $10 in advance and available at Gloucester Music and the Plum Cove Grind in Lanesville,  or $12 at the door.
  • And, during the month of March, the Cape Ann Museum at 27 Pleasant St. will be celebrating Hooley with an exhibit from their archives.

For more information, directions, and other events at the LCC,  go their website.

Thursday night blues party to host Evan Goodrow with Benny Benson on drums @ The Rhumb Line 8-11

Dave SaginarioDave says,

Forest Lawn Productions is proud to present  Mr. Evan Goodreau, gootarist, and gargly vocalist to our massive stage this week, as the Dave Sag birthday bash draws to a close. Evan is our certain crowd-pleaser and resident chick magnet. His sinewy style is sure to make your wig flip. Dancing is inevitable. As is great wailing and gnashing of dentures.

Evan Goodrow

Backing Mr.G will be our own Irish Ace of Pace, Mr. Benny Benson on the friolators, with myself on the bass. Gonna be a sweaty  night, bring your own Snapjax and Wildroot®.

benny benson headshaft photos

Benny Benson’s   Headshaft photo facebook

And Monday, once again from 1 to 3 at the Rose Baker Senior Center, the mighty Good Old Salty Jazz Band  holds court, playing your favorite songs from the 12th century. You really ought put those Keno cards down and czech this out.

Again, thank you-all for your continued support; we’d be nothing without you. Any friends who want to receive my weakly missive should be corralled my way. I’m always looking for fresh meat. Don’t forget: our new Fred-approved  winter hours are 8 to 11 pm.

This Jacket and Jim McCoy Saved My Life

Fred Bodin post for Marsha (last name withheld)

This Jacket and Jim McCoy Saved My Life

On December 19th, 2012, Gloucester resident Marsha (last name withheld) walked out to the end of Dog Bar Breakwater on Eastern Point on a fairly calm day at low tide. On the return trip, a wave soaked her ankles, the next one her calfs, and the third wave was a wall of water which tossed her 30 feet into Gloucester Harbor. Marsha went under, but was buoyed to the surface by her goose-down waterproof parka (not a USCG certified PFD). She swam back to the breakwater, and used her rock climbing skills to get up onto the first ledge. That was about all she could do. Hypothermia was setting in. Miraculously, birder Jim McCoy spotted her, maneuvered her to the top of the Dog Bar, and into his car. He immediately drove her to Addison Gilbert Hospital for treatment. Marsha told me this incredible story, while wearing the jacket that saved her life.

The Jacket: This helped save Marsha’s life two months ago. No, I won’t tell you who made it, because it’s not a float coat USCG approved flotation device.

The Breakwater: This is what almost took Marsha’s life. A lobsterman told her that that a storm from 3 or 4 days ago can deliver big waves, sometimes arriving underwater, until reaching shore. EJ’s photo wasn’t taken on a crazy stormy day. Watch yourself.


Bodin Historic Photo 82 Main Street Gloucester, MA 01930

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“Flash Mob” for the Grace Center

Glow with Grace


WHO: All members of the Cape Ann Community wishing to support Grace Center, Inc.

WHEN: Saturday, March 23 – Registration between 6:00-7:00 p.m. March begins at 7:15 p.m.

WHERE: Meet at Gloucester High School to join others as we march to Stacey Boulevard and then return to Gloucester High School.

WHY: To raise visibility and awareness for the Grace Center, a day resource center to help those in crisis.        @GraceCenterInc


– Fr. Matthew Green

Pet of the Week- Lanister!


Hi!  I am looking out the window here at the Cape Ann Animal Aid located at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter in Gloucester.

The shelter here is amazing – they have everything and the volunteers and staff are so kind, gentle and caring. Check out our website at:

If you have the time and energy for an active pup like me, Lanister; who is a three-month-old, Shepherd mix, stop by and visit me. Yes, pups are a little work, but we give so much back in return.  My siblings and I are so loveable and eager to learn.

The reason why I am looking out the window, the nice volunteer is walking another pup and I want her to come in as I really need a back rub!




2-25-13 Good Harbor before the Full Moon

Also known as Cape Ann Light Station, these twin lights are the only surviving multiple lights on the coasts of the United States. The original 45-foot towers were constructed and lit in 1789—making them among the oldest of America’s lighthouses. The stout 124 foot granite towers seen today replaced the original lights in 1861. The two towers were constructed so that when a ship sites on both towers, they point to true north—allowing sailors to check and adjust their compasses.

White light flashing five times at 20 second intervals.

Thacher Island is located about a mile offshore of Rockport. The island may be viewed from several locations in Rockport and from the Bass Rocks (Atlantic Road) in Gloucester. The Thacher Island Association provides boat service to the island for members of the Association. Kayaking is another popular way to visit the island.

For more history, click here.

A Day in the Life of the Harbor This Thursday, February 28th Sponsored by Maritime Gloucester

Tell us what you see on the harbor! Imagine a “Day in the Life of” photo series or the Audobon bird watch. The purpose is to capture a real-time snapshot of what is happening on or about Gloucester Harbor on a single day. It’s a slow time of year I know, but you have to start somewhere.


Send us (writing, photographs, landing data) your data and observations to . The more quantitative the observation the better. For example, what fishing and lobstering boats did you see? Who was out in a sail boat or dory? How many eiders did you see? Any seals? What was the water temperature? How many lobsters were landed or fish came through the auction houses? The purpose is to get as many people involved as possible in connecting to the harbor and initiating a regular inventory of harbor activity. This Thursday will be the trial run. We hope to expand for a year of monthly tracking. Thanks in advance for your participation.


Thomas Balf

Maritime Gloucester

Community Stuff 2/27/13

WARD 3 Meeting This Evening!

Ward 3 residents – I will be holding a ward meeting at City Hall, first floor conference room on February 27 (today) starting at 6pm. We will be discussing how the residents of Ward 3-1 & 3-2 feel about combining both voting stations into one. I would also like to give an update on events and listen to any suggestions anyone would like to bring to the table.

Hope to see you there,

Steve LeBlanc

Ward 3 City Councilor


Matty Rose Last Night As GM at Alchemy Saturday Night-

Hi Joey,


My son Matthew has accepted a new job and they are having a

"Come celebrate Matty Rose’s last night as GM" at Alchemy on Saturday night.


Adult Learning Initiative at Wellspring House to hold Information Sessions

The Adult Learning Initiative (ALI) at Wellspring House in Gloucester will be holding Information and Registration Sessions for parties interested in attending our spring term. Sessions will be held at 9:00 am on the following dates:
·    Wednesday, February 27
·    Thursday, March 7
·    Thursday, March 12
·    Thursday, March 21
    ALI provides free classes in English, Math, Computer Skills, and Career Development, for men and women interested in attaining a GED, returning to school or finding a career. The goal of ALI is to help individuals move toward personal and financial self-reliance by helping them gain the self-confidence, direction, motivation, workplace skills, and training necessary to further their education and careers. Whether your goal is to go back to school or get back into the workforce, come to an Information Session to see what the program is all about.
If you are seeking a GED, now is the time to act as the test will change in 2014. The current version of the test expires at the end of 2013 and will be replaced by a longer, more expensive, computer based version. If you have not completed the exam by the end of 2013 all prior scores will expire and every section must be retaken.
Call Program Coordinator Mary Scofield for more information or to RSVP at 978-281-3558, ext. 304. Income eligibility may apply.
Wellspring House is located at 302 Essex Ave., Gloucester.