2013 Varsity Co-ed Cheerleaders

Cheerleaders_team_photo-142Front Row L-R: Luidwin, Captain Sabrina, Captain Alex, Captain Allie B, Koty

Rear Row L-R Ally, Miranda, Hannah, Jayme, Samantha, Olivia, Lexi, Bailey, Maddie, Veronica, Coach Costanzo.

The Team has their 1st competition on Feb 10th at the Beverly High School!


Aaand the Duck Torture Continues- Aileen Kern Submits-

Hi Joey,
My husband Doug and I enjoyed meeting Sista Felicia, the Mrs., Amanda and B.J. this past summer at the Waterfront Festival.  We bought a couple of T-shirts and got a stickah too.  We went to Salzburg, Austria for Christmas and planned to take the stickah with us to send you a photo of us representing, but we couldn’t find it when we were packing for the trip.  So instead, I’m sending you some photos of Salzburg shop windows displaying Mozart Rubber Ducks and others with an Austrian theme.  The Austrian branch of the RD family!!  Thought this might provide a few laughs on a late January day.
Many thanks to you and all of the blog contributors for everything you do—-GMG provides my daily connection to Gloucester in between visits and until we can move there—I absolutely love the photos, community news, and humor.
Take care!
Aileen Kern

I’m sure Morrison is sitting somewhere giggling like a schoolgirl.

Site Visit To Camp Spindrift Proves This Year’s Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Tourney Will Be One For The Ages

Camp Spindrift is looking to make folks aware the property isn’t just for Kids Summer Camp.  They are looking to expand into corporate functions, weddings and more.  Panorama photos from the site visit via Frankie Gwynne below the Tshirt Logo.

Mark Your Calendars March 16th



Massachusetts Municipal Association HarborWalk Award Mentions Part 1- TS Eliot Story

I’m going to break this down to one a day.  It is in reference to the Massachusetts Municipal Association has awarded the Gloucester HarborWalk with the Kenneth E. Pickard Municipal Innovation Award in which Gloucester competed against 351 other communities and won.

Catherine Ryan writes-


Here are some of the story moment markers as they appear on ghwalk.org on line that the Massachusetts Municipal Association mentioned in their release for the HarborWalk award.

T.S. Eliot, Virginia Lee Burton, Winslow Homer, Edward Hopper, Greasy Pole St. Peter’s Fiesta

There’s content generously provided from many sources including Good Morning Gloucester contributors (Joey, Fred, EJ, David, Fr. Matthew Green…)!

TS Eliot Story HarborWalk Moment #2 with links-



Gloucester DECA Fundraiser

Hello!My name is Danielle Pomeroy, and I am a senior at Gloucester High School. I am the president of our city’s DECA chapter, and was wondering if there was any way in which you could publish an article publicizing our upcoming fundraiser. It is a babysitting night on Valentine’s Day at the Magnolia Library for all ages 2-12. The cost is $5 an hour, $20 for the entire night (5-9). For each additional child from the same family, the cost will be a $10 flat rate. We will include arts & crafts, activities, snacks, and a movie. It will be run by a large group of local students participating in Gloucester DECA, and all proceeds will go towards reducing the cost for our state competing in March (approximate $320 per student, and 15 are eligible to attend). If you have any questions you can contact me, Danielle Pomeroy, atdaniellepomeroy2013@gmail.comThank You!Sincerely, Danielle

Up Cranmore Mountain on the chair lift, circa 1950


North Conway, New Hampshire, circa 1950. She doesn’t look like a skier to me. Beautiful state of the art chair lift for the time. Go girl, and don’t lose the hat! Have fun Joey and family.

Fredrik D. Bodin
Bodin Historic Photo
82 Main Street
Gloucester, MA 01930
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Logan Horne, Recipient of the Friends of Halibut Point State Park Scholarship

Logan Horne is the recipient of the Friends of Halibut Point State Park Scholarship. Logan is studying Environmental Science at Westfield State University.

Fred Peterson the Treasurer of the Friends hands over the goods to Logan Horne.  logabhorne

Friends of Halibut Point State Park website

Like them on Facebook: Friends of Halibut Point State Park

JoeAnn Hart’s Latest Novel Float Out Now!!!

float JoeAnn Hart

Float” is all of these things: joyful and troubling, hilarious and somber, evocative and introspective.” ~ Necessary Fiction

Ashland Creek Press Announces the publication of Float:

We are thrilled to announce the publication of JoeAnn Hart’s smart, witty second novel.

To learn more about JoeAnn Hart and Float, read this Q&A with JoeAnn on the Ashland Creek Press blog. Also, be sure to check out this Q&A on art, the environment, and advocacy with JoeAnn and Float cover artist Karen Ristuben.
Float is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, as well as through your favorite indie bookstore, including The Bookstore of GloucesterFloat is also available as an e-book for the Kindle, the Nook, and at the iBookstore. You can also download an excerpt here.Visit JoeAnn’s website for news, reviews, events, her blog, and much more.

Duncan rescues the seagull, not realizing that he’s being filmed by a group of conceptual artists and that the footage will soon go viral, turning both him and the gull into minor celebrities. And when an unsavory yet very convincing local, Osbert Marpol, talks him into a not-quite-legitimate loan arrangement, Duncan can’t help but agree in a last-ditch attempt to save the jobs of his employees.When Duncan Leland looks down at the garbage-strewn beach beneath his office window, he sees the words God Help Us scrawled in the sand. While it seems a fitting message—not only is Duncan’s business underwater, but his marriage is drowning as well—he goes down to the beach to erase it. Once there, he helps a seagull being strangled by a plastic six-pack holder—the only creature in worse shape than he is at the moment.

For a while, it seems as if things are finally looking up for Duncan—yet between his phone-sex-entrepreneur ex-girlfriend’s very public flirtations and the ever-mysterious terms of his new loan, Duncan realizes that there’s no such thing as strings-free salvation—and that it’s only a matter of time before the tide rises ominously around him again.

A wry tale of financial desperation, conceptual art, insanity, infertility, seagulls, marital crisis, jellyfish, organized crime, and the plight of a plastic-filled ocean, JoeAnn Hart’s novel takes a smart, satirical look at family, the environment, and life in a hardscrabble seaside town in Maine.

JoeAnn HartJoeAnn Hart ~ Brendan Pike Photo

P&V’s LOL #12: Sometimes you just can’t blame anybody

(For those of you who have just tuned in, “LOL” stands for Law of Life.  Click here to see the first 11.)

Everybody’s looking for somebody to blame — especially for last night.  First there’s the power outage.  Even though the official line still makes vague reference to an “abnormality”, you can bet people are scrambling to nail somebody’s ass — or “hold them accountable” to use the latest PC term.

Then there’s Beyoncé.  Joey may have liked her lip-synched dance numbers, but Vickie and I have to agree with venerable music curmudgeon, Bob Lefsetz, who said, “I wasn’t sure what to do after Beyonce’s appearance, join a gym or masturbate.” (We know Joey’s done the former.  What about the latter, Joey?)

Lefsetz tries to blame Madonna, CDs, Hip Hop (read his full tirade here) and he lauds  Prince, Adele, Mumford & Sons and The Lumineers.  (Joey likes The Lumineers too.  See this post.  Their show tonight at House of Blues — yup, across the bridge — is sold out.)

Singers love to lay blame.  Usually they blame somebody else, like when Beyoncé admonishes “you should have put a ring on it.”  Once in a while somebody writes a great song blaming himself.  Of those, my favorite is Guilty by Randy Newman, sung here perfectly by Bonnie Raitt.

You’ll be blaming yourself big time if you don’t get VIP tickets to see Henri Smith featuring Charles Neville this Friday.  It’s the best dinner / show / Mardi Gras party deal around.  Best of all, you can avoid feeling guilty because you’ll be helping to send local YMCA Teens on their service-learning trip to New Orleans in April.  Oh, and Henri won’t be lip-synching.

The older I get the more I realize that casting blame feels good, but doesn’t accomplish much — sort of like masturbating.

Blame is best left to songs.  Chelsea Berry knows how to write a great song that lays blame.  And you can bet she won’t lip-synch when she sings it at her  Shalin Liu concerts.

“Fatboy Cichlid” by Deb Clarke

“Fatboy Cichlid” by Deb Clarke


From Deb Clarke:

“We had a 30 gallon community aquarium for quite a few years where this rare blue faced Cichlid  grew to 10 inches or so by eating most of the other fish in the tank.  He consumed tetras, angel fish, silver dollars, guppies, zebras…he left the Pleco alone…he ate the 5 inch crayfish too!  The painting of the Cichlid known as “Fatboy” to us was completed in 1995, just before I turned my full time attention to glass commissions.  The media:  oil on portrait linen with metal leaf and iridescent mylar.  pentimento from the still life of pears and florals and dishes is evident, along with some crackling issues from scrapedowns.  the crackled layer is very thin, the under paint is firmly attached to the substrate and in good condition.  the linen came from an end roll, unfortunately there is regular bleed through to the back of the linen.  the bleed is limited to the tack holes where it was attached to the loom.

All types of Prints of “Fatboy” are available at:FineArtsAmerica



Origami Class at The Hive

I’ll be back at The Hive for another origami class this Thursday!

I am still picking out exactly what models I will teach, but I will probably focus on Valentine’s Day-related models – depending on who comes, we will might make a heart bookmark, a rose, and maybe a gift box (a nice box with a lid from one sheet of paper, which we didn’t have time to make during the last origami class).

The rose and the box are more complex models, so we’ll have to see what the participants are ready to take on. I’ll have a few other models ready just in case. Also, I can try to accomodate specific requests, if someone wants to let me know ahead of time.

The class will be on Thursday, February 7, 7-9pm, $15 student/$20 adult.  If possible, please register ahead of time, so we know how many plan for. Call 978.283.3889 or email thehive@arthaven.org

Thank you NFL

Thank you so much for not giving us a half time show featuring sixty year old plus retread acts like the Stones, Madonna, or Aerosmith and instead giving us the electric fresh young act and giving today’s talent a chance to shine on the worlds biggest stage.

Props to Beyonce. An addendum: does anyone else think that Beyonce is the second most attractive member of Destiny’s Child behind Kelly Rowland? Girl was sporting some guns. No disrespect to Beyonce she lit that stage up.

Would have loved to see the Niners come back if for no other reason than to see how my Colin Kapernick /Taylor Swift prop bet would have worked out but my guess is now that the Ravens won and they will get more publicity Ray Lewis has a better shot at pushing her guts around than Kapernick.

Hope y’all enjoyed the game. 🙂

No man’s land between Christmas and Spring

What to do? Savvy shoppers and Rubber Duck knows this is a good time to go shopping. The seasonal shops that stay open through the winter are having sales to clear out stuff before they crank it all up for the season opener. And as Rubber Duck found out at La Provence in Rockport, it’s good stuff. She easily took care of Sue’s birthday going for Rubber Duck yellow serving tray and cheese server as well as a washable mat to make the bathroom cheery.

La Provence, Rockport
La Provence, Rockport

From Bearskin Neck in Rockport to Rocky Neck in Gloucester as well as the West End in between now is the time for locals to go shopping before all those tourists show up.

La La Provence website is Rubber Duck yellow

La La Provence on Facebook

Open Thursdays to Sunday 11AM to 5PM