Chocolate Tour

Stacey Jackson writes ~ Not too many people were out and about braving the snowbanks for the Downtown Gloucester Chocolate Tour today…. but we were and we had fun!!! Here is my sister and niece, Sandra & Courtney Brown in Fred Bodin’s gallery! We hope they have it again next year! Thanks for all the treats!

photo (3)
Stacey Jackson Photo

orange, brought to you by amaryllis

a change of pace from snow banks and snow drifts

Orange Amarylis ©Kim Smith 2013

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Orange Amarylis -2 ©Kim Smith 2013

Orange Amarylis -3 ©Kim Smith 2013JPG

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Orange Amarylis ©Kim Smith 2013-4

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“I thinks that’s safe enough, let’s go!”

Craig writes ~ Here’s a crazy photo from today. I saw this lady driving down the street, so I followed her until she parked. I just had to snap one for the record books. This has to be the craziest choice to make.

shark snow truck_edit

Shark Snow Truck © Craig Kimberly

2012 Bluefin Blowout Tournament on National Geographic Channel Tonight

2012 Bluefin Blowout Tournament on National Geographic Channel Tonight Xfinity channel 120 in Gloucester

Make sure to tune into Wicked Tuna tonight at 9pm on Nat Geo…it’s tournament time in Glosta!!! Bluefin Blowout in action – check it out.



Jennifer’s Hair Studio and Spa in Magnolia, MA gets a new face-lift


While strolling along Lexington Avenue, a quaint little street in Magnolia, MA, you may have noticed some changes taking place at Jennifer’s Perfect Setting. After 24 years of running a successful business, owner Jennifer Greenleaf Southard recently completed
the relocation and renovation of her new salon, Jennifer’s Hair Studio & Spa.

With the help of her husband Craig, her daughters, Jessica, Lindsay, Chelsea and many other family members and friends, her vision of offering a larger variety of services and relaxation amenities to her longtime patrons and new clients has come to life.

Jennifer’s Hair Studio & Spa has expanded, including full range of hair, make-up, nail care, waxing, facials, eye lash extensions, full body massage treatments, as well as Reiki energy work, intuitive guidance, and meditation session. The services are endless. The staff at Jennifer’s Hair Studio & Spa enjoys pampering their customers and wanting them to feel right at home from the moment they walk through the door.

Our loyal and longtime clients are delighted to see that our professional, dedicated and talented staff has not changed, but in fact has been expanded to accommodate our new and enlarged facility. In addition to Jennifer Southard, owner, Roz Dunbar, Ceil Cirella, Fina Nicastro, Jessica Rose, Alex Pizzimenti, and Cindy Goodhue, we would like to welcome Jacqueline Young, Stephanie Hassel, Lisa Greenleaf, Kate McInerney and Sue Rose, to our staff.


At Jennifer’s Hair Studio & Spa we want you to give yourself the time to relax and unwind. Come and enjoy spa packages for a “girls-night-out,” or celebrate a special occasion, or just experience a day of pampering for yourself and maybe a friend. We also have a new gift store that has the latest hair products, jewelry, note cards & much more. Gift Certificates are available.

Jennifer’s Hair Studio & Spa would like to invite you to our Open House on Sunday, February 10th from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. Visit our new location at 23 Lexington Ave, Magnolia, MA, and see what exciting new hair, nail, facial, massage, and relaxation services we have to offer. There will be refreshments, live music, prize raffles, and much more. We can’t wait to see you there. For more information visit:
or call 978-525-3612.
Contact Info:
Jennifer’s Hair Studio & Spa
Jennifer Southard
23 Lexington Avenue
Magnolia, MA 01930

Photo- Wave Crashes Over House Old Garden Beach Rockport

Hi Joey.. My brother Andy McCloy suggested I send this shot to you taken at high tide yesterday . It is the house above Old Garden Beach in Rockport. It sits above a 20 ft seawall. So sad to watch. The owners had just completed renovations.  The house was continually battered wave after wave . I have never seen the ocean pummel this beach the way it did yesterday. I sent it into channel 5 and they used it on the news yesterday … Didn’t get to see it though , Comcast was and is still out!
Shelley McCloy VassalloAtlantic Ave.Rockport 

Gloucester MA Public Information Officer Storm Update 15:05 Hours

Storm Update SUNDAY 1505 hrs.

The Mayor has used the Code Red system to alert the residents of Gloucester on the latest clean-up efforts from the major storm that impacted us on Friday and Saturday. To reiterate the main points for everyone

– Gloucester Public Schools are closed tomorrow, Monday, as the efforts to clean-up from this massive storm continue.

– The parking ban is discontinued at 6pm this evening. However, for public safety’s sake, if you don’t have to drive..don’t. Allow us to continue our efforts to restore the City to normalcy as quickly as possible.

– If you have parked your vehicle in a school lot, please remove it by 6am Monday. If you’re in a municipal lot, we won’t be enforcing meters until Tuesday morning at the earliest.

– Main Roads are clear. The DPW is working tirelessly to address ALL roads. Due to the amount of snow and the inherent narrowness of some roadways, special equipment such as front loaders had to be brought in to clear some secondary roads. There are only so many of these machines. This takes time, but rest assured that your road will be cleared. If you have questions you may call the DPW up until 4pm tonight at 978-281-9785. They will also be available during regular business hours during the week.

– It will take a few days in order to address the sidewalks and snow mounds in the downtown and surrounding areas. Again, this was a massive storm and DPW is working as quickly and safely as possible. We are counting on residents cooperation and understanding during this difficult process.

– Rain is expected tomorrow, this may shift priorities temporarily to cleaning catch basins to avoid flooding and freezing of roadways, further hampering efforts to clean up

– Make sure that your fire and carbon monoxide detectors have fresh batteries, are tested, and are working. Clear all outside vents for natural gas, oil, propane, or other gas related heating or energy systems, including appliances such as clothes dryers.

– Keep generators at least 25 feet away from the home to avoid CO and exhaust fumes.

– If there is a fire hydrant at or near your home, don’t forget to shovel a clear path to it. If there is a fire, every second will count.

– While we believe the vast majority of residents have had their power restored, if you are having issues please call National Grid at 1-800-465-1212. If it is an emergency, dial 911.

Speaking on behalf of Mayor Kirk, Public Safety, the School Administration, and DPW, I would like to sincerely thank the citizens of Gloucester for their cooperation during this event. Your continuing cooperation and patience will be of invaluable help in the upcoming days. The Police Department, of course, is available 24 hours a day and I would encourage you to call 978-281-9900 for non emergency questions. 911 should be reserved for ongoing EMERGENCY situations only. Thank you.

Leonard Campanello

Chief of Police

City of Gloucester

Code Red City of Gloucester Issued 1PM February 10, 2013

City Hall Nine Dale Ave Gloucester, MA 01930 TEL FAX 978281 978– 9700 2819738 ckirk CITY OF GLOUCESTER OFFICE OF THE MAYOR CODE RED – Issued at 1pm Sunday, February 10, 2013. @ Good afternoon. This is Mayor Carolyn Kirk with some important messages from the City of Gloucester’s code red emergency messaging system. The local state of emergency that was declared on Friday is still in effect, and the city continues to respond to the impacts caused by the recent blizzard. Please listen carefully to the following 6 important announcements: 1. After consultation with public works, public safety and school officials, it has been determined that additional time is required for clean up efforts. Therefore there will be no school tomorrow, Monday in Gloucester Public Schools. The Superintendent of schools will issue an announcement directly to families as well. 2. While main roads are passable, there are many secondary, remote and deadend roads which may require special equipment such as back hoes for snow operations. Special equipment resources are limited and it will take through today and tomorrow to reach some areas. DPW will be taking your calls until 4pm today and tomorrow during normal business hours. The number for DPW is 978-281-9785. That number again is 978-281-9785. 3. It will take the better part of the week to address the downtown area and sidewalks. Priorities will be ensuring safe routes to school, and residents are reminded they are responsible for clearing sidewalks adjacent to their property. 4. The parking ban will be lifted as of 6pm tonight. However, streets are narrow due to the volume of snow, and we are asking residents to keep roads as clear as possible due to ongoing snow operations. Residents are reminded that it is against the law to place snow in city streets. 5. If your vehicle is parked in a school parking lot, please remove it by 6am Monday morning so that the lots may be cleared. If you are in a municipal lot, meters will not be enforced until Tuesday at the earliest. 6. The forecast is calling for rain tomorrow which may divert resources for clearing catch basins to minimize flooding. This will delay snow operations so we ask for your patience. Citizen cooperation during this weather event has been outstanding, and we ask for your continued cooperation and patience in the days ahead as we return to normalcy as quickly and safely as possible. To repeat, Gloucester Public Schools are canceled tomorrow, the parking ban will be lifted as of 6pm today, however mobility and access throughout the city is still restricted so we are asking citizen cooperation and patience as we return to normalcy over the course of the coming week. Thank you for listening, and this concludes this message

The show must go on … Plenty to do tonight … Latest on who’s open, who’s closed

Chelsea Berry @ The Landing 2/9/13 – photo: Louise

Kudos to all the venue owners who opened up last night and are opening today — and to the performers who got themselves shoveled out and on stage so we can celebrate NEMO with music!

The Landing opened last night and Chelsea Berry got herself down there to perform for a good crowd.  Guess NEMO was nothing special compared to what she grew up with in Alaska.

Landing is open again tonight and Will Hunt will host an open mic.

Gloucester’s parking ban will be lifted at 6:00 tonight, so we can all get out and party.  Several shows are cancelled, but there’s still plenty to do thanks to our intrepid venue owners and performers.  See the updated live music schedule here (it lists cancellations as well as show that are still on).

School may be closed tomorrow, but the show must go on  . . .