Massachusetts Municipal Association HarborWalk Award Mentions Part 3- Homer Story HarborWalk Moment #29

I’m going to break this down to one a day. It is in reference to the Massachusetts Municipal Association has awarded the Gloucester HarborWalk with the Kenneth E. Pickard Municipal Innovation Award in which Gloucester competed against 351 other communities and won.

Catherine Ryan writes-


Here are some of the story moment markers as they appear on on line that the Massachusetts Municipal Association mentioned in their release for the HarborWalk award.

T.S. Eliot, Virginia Lee Burton, Winslow Homer, Edward Hopper, Greasy Pole St. Peter’s Fiesta

There’s content generously provided from many sources including Good Morning Gloucester contributors (Joey, Fred, EJ, David, Fr. Matthew Green…)!

Homer Story HarborWalk Moment #29

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Beautiful new love song from Chelsea Berry ~ Check out the video

The queen of breakup songs nails it with this inspiring, honest, uplifting love song that celebrates a true, working relationship.  My Heart is only one of 10 excellent songs on Chelsea’s stellar new album Devil and the Deep Blue Sea  (get it here), officially released last night at a packed, upbeat party at Shea’s Riverside in Essex.  Aren’t you glad you have tickets to see her at Shalin Liu this weekend?  (More Chelsea Berry Videos here.)

Now get out there tonight and enjoy all the great live music before the storm hits.  See the complete live music schedule here.

Thursday Night Blues Party @ The Rhumb Line. New time 8:30pm

dave bw

Dave says,

The Bluesland Security Dept. is proud to present  my favorite of all black and blue units, the “3 Stooges” to the fragrant meadow of our stage this coming Thursday. Led by Ricky “King” Russell on gootar and vogelsang,and chased down by the likes of that cutie-pie saxist and storyteller, Mr. Mario Perrett and eminent musical frontman and drummbler, Dr. Edd “Duodenum” Scheer. We have 4 singers, 20 fingers,and a lifetime of groovy tunes to dig into. Everytime these kats come, it takes me days to stop laughing.
Come see us approximate human behavior and  watch the fur fly!
And,  don’t forget about the free shows at the Rose Baker Senior Center  the first 3 Mondays of every month. The Good Old Salty  Jazz Band holds sway from 1 to 3 pm, god willing, playing all your favorite songs from the years 1900 till now.Don’t wait for my memorial service, do it now, while I still remember who you are!


Ricky “King”Russell                 Mario Perrett                         Ed Scheer

Chelsea Berry ~ The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea


Do you have  yours yet? I got mine. Chelsea Berry’s Cd party was a big success last night at Shea’s Restaurant and Bar. It was packed and when I arrived the band was singing. It appeared that everyone was having a great time. Chelsea was as friendly as ever and shared her love all around.

So far I’ve listened to the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea twice. It’s very well done. I tend to lean more toward the rocker side of music but “Hard Times” gets me good, slow, serious and about a sad abusive relationship. “My Heart” is a catchy tune, fun and makes you want to get up and dance.  “Dangerous High” is a nice piece of communication and a rock out song.  “Devil and The Deep Blue Sea” tells yet another story about Chelsea’s feelings with her brother being away in the service. The rest you have to hear for yourself,  seriously.

Chelsea and her band did a fantastic job. I highly recommend the CD  it’s a hit!

One more thing. There were people sporting their new Chelsea Berry tee shirts, They were black with Chelsea’s name  and an outline of guitar in turquoise. Very nice!

IMG_9791Chelsea was indeed all smiles last night.

Chelsea and Michael ended the evening with “Blues House”   A Chelsea Berry original.

Don’t forget Saturdays show at the Shalin Liu is sold out and there are still some tickets available for Friday night.

Check out Chelsea’s website here >

Jerry Oppenheim and his wife Theo MacGregor Represent! In Cuba!

Fred Bodin Submits-

Hi Joey, 

Jerry Oppenheim and his wife Theo MacGregor represent from the rooftop bar of the Saratoga Hotel and in front of the oldest fort in North America. They say: “Music and dance were wonderful, politics surprising.


Outrage! Monopoly Cuts Iron Token and Adds Cat Token (undoubtedly at the hands of crazy emotionally unstable cat hoarding women)

From CBS Boston this morning-

Monopoly Fans Vote To Add Cat Token, Get Rid Of Iron

PAWTUCKET, R.I. (AP) — Scottie dog has a new nemesis in Monopoly after fans voted in an online contest to add a new cat token to the property trading game, replacing the iron, toy maker Hasbro Inc. announced Wednesday.

The results were announced after the shoe, wheelbarrow and iron were neck and neck in the final hours of voting that sparked passionate efforts by fans to save their favorite tokens and businesses eager to capitalize on publicity surrounding pieces that represent their products.

The vote on Facebook closed just before midnight on Tuesday, marking the first time that fans have had a say on which of the eight tokens to add and which one to toss. The pieces identify the players and have changed quite a lot since Parker Brothers bought the game from its original designer in 1935.

Rhode Island-based Hasbro announced the new piece Wednesday morning.

Let me state for the record that this is a horrible idea on many levels.  First off just think about how poor Scottie the Dog token feels about this development.  Alone at the top of the heap and now this johnny come lately kitty cat just saunters on up and weasels their way on the board.

Then there’s the whole classic angle of the game.  Monopoly is a classic, no doubt about it.  I feel strongly you should never tinker with the classics.

Only a crazy single woman harboring tons of cats in her apartment would think this is a good idea.  Oh and along that vein and pardon my little tangent that I’m about to take here but I think that you’ll agree it’s a tangent worth taking-

Warning to all single men out there-

If you’re out in the evening and get invited back to a woman’s apartment for a “nightcap” and once you get inside the apartment, anticipating to get all up in her business- no matter how hot she may be, no matter how intelligent she may seem or how much you two seem to have in common-

If she’s harboring 3 or more cats- RUN!   Don’t look back.  Just run!!!!  In my experience from back in my bachelor days every one of these multiple cat hoarding single broads are batshit crazy (and I don’t mean batshit crazy in the I wanna tie you up and play sex games kinda kinky way)  I mean batshit crazy in the emotionally unstable kinda way.

So bringing this post back on topic I’m assuming that the majority of people who voted for the cat token to replace the classic iron token are batshit crazy emotionally unstable single cat hoarders.

And is that who you really want making decisions about who decides the fate of your classic board game tokens?

I think not.

Pet of the Week-Bert

Hello!  My name is Bert, my brother Ernie and I are staying at the Cape Ann Animal Aid located at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter in Gloucester.  You see, our family relocated and we are in need of another loving home. Ernie and I have never lived with children, so we think we might do best with an adult home.
We are both sweet and affectionate. I have a handsome brown-and-white coat that I keep spotless. I hope you might like to visit us.  If you would like to see more photos, please visit: Ernie is always telling everyone that he is better looking, why don’t you stop by the shelter and be the judge for yourself!

Wowzers- Chickity Check Out Maritime Gloucester’s New Website!

Very Clean and informative. If you haven’t seen it in a while, it’s worth a look-



FEBRUARY — A Love Affair with Gloucester Harbor

The return of our popular winter programs begins with the theme: ” A Love Affair with Gloucester Harbor and Cape Ann”. The first three events are:

February 7th: “Sea Monsters of Gloucester Harbor and Cape Ann: A Diver Tells All”, presented by Phil Colarusso, Ph.D. 

Through pictures, video and narrative, Phil describes what is going on beneath the surface.

February 14th: “A Valentine’s Day Party for Stubby the Cat”

A Special Fun Event from 5:00-6:00 for Stubby and anyone who has had the pleasure of meeting this independent Harbor Loop cat. Stay tuned for more details.

February 21st: “The Marine Invasion Will Not Be Televised!  Changes in the Harbor”, presented by Judith Pederson, Ph.D. MIT Sea Grant

Judy will share results from the 2012 Rapid Assessment Survey of Gloucester Harbor for Marine Invasives and Native Species.

Watch here or check our website or Facebook page for more details about our winter programs and lectures.

All programs are free and open to the public.  Seating is limited and we recommend early arrival.

When & Where

Thursdays, 7:00 PM, unless otherwise noted

Gorton’s Gallery

Maritime Gloucester

23 Harbor Loop

Gloucester, Massachusetts

A Very Important GMG Poll (ok, not really) From John McElhenny

wardrobe dilemma

John McElhenny writes-

Everyone knows GoodMorningGloucester readers are the most fashionable blog readers anywhere. I wore this outfit today but a certain woman I may or may not be married to gave me the look that says, “Are you really going out of the house in that outfit?” Who’s right?

Winter Programming Every Thursday Evening at Maritime Gloucester

Winter Programming Every Thursday Evening at Maritime Gloucester
Please join us on Thursday February 7th for a presentation entitled “Sea Monsters of Gloucester Harbor and Cape Ann: A Diver’s Perspective” with Phil Colarusso, Ph.D. Through pictures, video and narrative, Phil describes what is going on beneath the surface. Phil combines a great knowledge of marine species, extensive experience diving in the waters of Cape Ann and a love of underwater photography in a fun presentation tailored to all ages. The event is free to the public. All programs are held at the Gorton’s Seafoods Gallery at Maritime Gloucester at 23 Harbor Loop. The program begins at 7:00 pm. For more detail about Maritime Gloucester’s winter programming go to .