Find the Duck Part I

Rubber Duck has been on the road these days but not to London although a  friend of her’s was spotted on a rooftop there:londonduckCan you find her friend? This next link is a panorama of London. Click Here. This is the largest, deepest, panorama done in the history of the world. It’s big. A gazillion pettabytes or something maybe more. You can scroll and zoom and see everything down to people snoozing naked in their hotel rooms. I haven’t actually found any naked Londoners nor have I found Rubber Duck’s friend but I know the duck is there. On a roof, swimming in a puddle.

Can you find her? If you do, mark the duck with the little marker on the bottom of the photo then post the coordinates. When you drop the marker just click the envelope then select the link and paste into your comments like this:  This is a link to a weird pair of yellow gloves in a tub in a window. Creepy. Zoom out and see how far away the camera was!

First one to find her gets a Rubber Duck autographed GMG limited edition Bumper Sticker.

Part II of this game will be another panorama of find the Rubber Duck but it will be the actual GMG Rubber Duck in a Panorama taken on Cape Ann.

11 thoughts on “Find the Duck Part I

  1. I spent way too much time last night trying to find the damn duck and came up dry. The angle of the roof, the roof type there should only be a few places it could be but London is a big place. But if I have to look on every rooftop in London I will find that duck.

    Cape Ann panoramas will be arriving at GMG soon. Not as high resolution as this one. London took several days to shoot and several months to put together.


    1. David Blackwell, you are the winner! I know what you mean about perspective. The angle of the building and the angle of the photo narrowed it down but it was so close I passed that little patio up. I missed the duck when it was under my nose.

      You can pick up your autographed bumper sticker at Capt Joe’s Lobster in Gloucester. I will be having lunch with someone from Kansas City this weekend and I could have her deliver it if flying to Gloucester was inconvenient.


      1. Actually I have a couple of friends in the area, and I will ask if one of them can pick it up for me. I will see both of them in Detroit in a few weeks. If it isn’t convenient for them, I will take you up on your gracious offer. Thanks.


  2. This was the coolest thing, Paul. Getting to wander around London all afternoon. It seems odd to me though that at 1:30 in the afternoon in such a large city, there are so few people out and about.


    1. It was obviously a weekend or holiday, most of the offices are dark and empty. But the London Eye Ferris wheel is full of people.

      Also, the image is a composite, so sometimes people are visible at one level of zoom, but not at another: compared to and the algorithm used to build the composite may be deliberately selecting images without people when possible.

      There are also some interesting discontinuities, like the back end of this car, caught in one image, but not in the adjacent image since it was in motion.

      But if you look around a bit, you can find people fairly easily, like this Londoner checking her messages while sitting on a park bench, just a block away from the rubber duck.


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