2014 Rocky Neck Polar Plunge

The Look Here On BJ’s Face About Sums It Up!!!


Anyone that bailed on it this year because of the arctic temps can just erase themselves from the past few years of mild Polar Plunge’s.  This Year’s Plungers Earned It!

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Morrison and Rubber Duck Went with The Red Trunks



Rotary District 7930 will hold its 3rd annual Polar Plunge on Saturday February 9


Rotary District 7930 will hold its 3rd annual Polar Plunge on Saturday February 9, 2013 at Long Beach in Gloucester at 11:30 A.M.  The event is part Rotary International’s ongoing campaign to eradicate polio in our lifetime.

The event is expected to yield more then 250 people plunging into the cold waters off Cap Ann adjacent the Cape Ann Motor Inn.  The Gloucester Rotary Club is the host for this event.  Last year close to 160 people braved the icy waters in an effort that is considered on of fellowship, public awareness, and fundraising. Last year’s efforts yielded more then $34,000. Polar Plunge and Polio Chairman Bob Gravino of the Ipswich club has set this year’s goal at $100,000.  That amounts to $2,100 per club for 48 clubs from Boston north to Salem NH and East to the Cape Ann communities of Gloucester, Rockport, Essex and Manchester.

The district is also utilizing an electronic fundraising process this year in efforts to help clubs and members raise the targeted $100,000.  Supporters are encouraged to log on to

and make a pledge to help Rotarians lead the way to eradicate this dreaded disease.   If you would like to help out or participate in some way please feel free to contact Committee Chairman Bob Gravino RCGRAVINO@aol.com
or Josh Arnold the Event’s Public Relations Chairman at josharnold@verizon.net
Clubs are using social media of Facebook and Twitter to help promote their participation in the event.

Since 1985, Polio has become the signature cause for Rotary International as it has teamed up with partners including; The Global Poverty Project, The Global Eradication Initiative, The World Health Organization, and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to name a few.   The disease was prevalent here in the United States in the years following the first two world wars.  Since then, efforts have been spearheaded by Rotary International to eradicate them from the Philippines in 1985.

On the success of the Philippines endeavor, Rotary International (R.I.) embarked on the mission to eradicate Polio from the world entirely.  Since that time, more then a billion dollars has been raised among Rotary clubs world wide and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  When R>I. Took on the battle against this disease more then 350,000 people spanning 125 countries were impacted. Today there are three countries left where it has not been eradicated, namely Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria.

The year 2012 was an historic year in the battle against polio as 429 million children have been vaccinated against polio.  Less then 300 cases of polio were reported in 2012.  That figure represents a decline of more then 60% from 2011. In order for a country to be certified as having the disease eradicated, it must sustain three successive years of zero new cases of polio reported within its population.

For as little as 60 cents your donation can make the difference in changing a person’s life.  Please support Rotarians across 48 clubs in more then 50 communities north of Boston as they brave the icy waters off Gloucester to help their fellow humankind eradicate polio in our lifetime.   The public is welcome to attend.  Hot refreshments will be served by high school students composed of local interact clubs (formerly junior Rotarians).  More then 1000 people are expected for the event.

2012 Douglass Family New Year’s Day Plunge,Good Harbor Beach Plunge, Bruno Morel Rocky Neck Plunge Kayak Pic

Julie Douglass Writes-

The oldest Rocky Neck family, the Douglass’, participated in their own polar plunge on New Year’s Day, in remembrance of their father, grandfather & father-in-law Capt. Fred Douglass who passed away on 1/1/2006.  This was taken on “Flynn’s beach”- Wonson’s Cove at 4:30 in the afternoon as the sun was setting.

Thanks Joey!

Julie Douglass

Tony Sapienza Writes-

Happy New Year from the crew at the Blue Shutters Beachside Inn. 

We wanted to share some photos of two of our New Year’s traditions – our January 1 Good Harbor Beach plunge and a New Years Eve ugly sweater contest.

We may have had a smaller group than other New Year’s Day plunges around Cape Ann, but the water was just as cold and the support was just as strong for the “Blue Shutters Dips” as they braved the frigid waters of Good Harbor Beach on the morning of January 1.  This is the third year for this New Year’s tradition.

Here are some shots of Innkeeper Patty Sapienza and friends Mary Igo of Burlington , Kim Reardon of North Andover and Deb Raymond of Waltham , as well as the group that was there to cheer them on.  In one of the shots you’ll also spot a surprise diver emerging from the waters:  Patty’s son Mike.

Finally, we tossed in a photo from the ugly sweater contest held on New Year’s Eve.  I think you’ll agree – they’re all pretty damn ugly.

Happy New Year

– Tony and Patty Sapienza & Ed and AnnMarie Comer

Check out our Blog www.blueshuttersbeachblog.blogspot.com
Visit our website www.blueshuttersbeachside.com

2012 Rocky Neck Plunge Pic- Kayak View From Bruno Morel

JoAnn Bell Writes-

Hi Joey
Thought this photo was particularly good at capturing the Plunge.  The
photo was taken from the water by Bruno Morel who was out in my
husband’s kayak so he could get some action shots from the front. 
JoAnn Bell


Come One Come All To The Rocky Neck New Year’s Day Plunge

I spoke with my peeps at CBS Boston and I think they will be sending a news crew to cover it!  Come hang out and have a ball!  This is the first day of 2012- come break down that comfort zone and set yourself to try new things with the incredible fun and energy that IS THE NEW YEAR’S DAY ROCKY NECK PLUNGE!

Meet us at Passports before hand 10:00AM for the $8.99 New Year’s Day breakfast buffet (I suggest you get there a little before 10 because it’s gonna be a crazy scene just like last year).

Then on To Oakes Cove Beach for the noon time plunge.  Click here for directions so you have no excuse.

Even if you’re not plunging come down and revel with the crazy people.  If you take any pictures or video send your pics or YouTube videos to goodmorninggloucester@yahoo.com and we will post them!


Info from Cathy Mccarthy


I know we have a lot of who plungers who have not participated before and want to make sure we all honor our traditions.

My husband ,myself and Amanda Nash started this years ago as Jeff and I were L street Brownies and his friend who brought us to southie passed away, we decided we would do it on the neck.

We have George Sibley do an poem . Its quick ….. We do a count down from 10 and we all plunge in mass. That’s it.

I have got a few calls about what we are about and we are just a great group people who like to celebrate every occasion.

I thought it was important this year to do something to give back and organized the food drive.

Thanks for the plug. Fyi. My husbands name is Jeff Surette (not Mccarthy)


Cathy Mccarthy

Here’s a video I took way back in June 2008 telling folks where it is-


Erik at Passports Is Offering Up an $8.99 Breakfast Buffet Pre Plunge!  We plan to meet there at 10AM, come eat with us!

If you enter your name here on GMG beforehand, get listed as a pledge to plunge and do it, we will enter your name into a hat and pick one of the GMG listed plungers post plunge for a $100 Azorean Gift card. Card was donated by our Terry Weber.  No entries will be accepted on the scene of the crime, you have to put in a comment here or contact me ahead of time to confirm you are on “The List”.

The List Is Now Closed!

If you pledge to plunge and then bail out for ANY REASON, that gives us free license to ridicule you for the entire year!

I can tell you it is incredibly invigorating and the very best way to start your year. It sets you up to overcome a fear and once you do it the rest of the year you feel like you can and will do anything!

The plunge goes off at noon on Oaks Cove Beach on Rocky Neck.

The List

Joey C, Donna Ardizzoni, Rick Moore, Ed Collard, Paul Morrison, Rick Paolillo, Melissa Cox, Dr. Ray Cahill, Colleen Apostolos-Marsh, Lotus Marsh, Lukas and Lasse Struppe, Owen, Henry, and Jon Hardy, Alexandra Rhinelander, Charles Du Deaubien Gaspien (or something like that), Ericka Hyam, Steve LeBlanc, Jamie Verga, Kevin Ryan, Patrick Ryan, Denny Cunningham, Carolyn Kirk, Bill Kirk, Amanda Nash, Tom Robinson Cox, Mike and Eva DiLascio, Amandacakes and Beasley, Keara the chick with the heavy green eye shadow (I forgot her last name), Vickie Van Ness, Greg Bover, Brian O’Connor, Skip Montello,Kane Oshiro,Barry “Cuda” Pollack, Charles Rodgers, Lindell Willnow, Terry Weber, Jason Grow, Maisey, Jeamima and Matilda, Karen Ristuben, Wendie Demuth,Scott LeVasseur ,Tony Goddess,Mike Nicastro, Alicia Pensarosa, Nicole, Ben and Emma Duckworth,Lily Steiner, Chelsea Audin, Malena Lund, Jennelle Rhodes,Jim Dowd and Rebecca and Treely Dowd, Kellie Rich, The Del Vecchio Family,Bob and Andrea Ritchie, Sonja, Evelyn, Daniel and Edward Merz,Brendan and David Driscoll,Tom Bruno,Tim Bushfield .

Food Drive

Carol McCarthy is organizing a food drive for the Open Door Food Pantry.  Here’s the deets-

Just a heads up that I am organizing a food drive the day of the Plunge… PLunge will be at Noon and the food drive is to benefit The Open Door..  They are in real need this year and Its time we give back on the Neck..   I asking everyone to bring what is needed by the Pantry.. I emailed Judy Cox and she is posting in the newsletter this week.. We need to make a HUGE push for the food pantry… What is desperately needed!!!!   Barrels will be set up at the entrance of Oak Cove Beach for the non-perishables.. Thanks Joey..

Cathy McCarthy  8978 317 2352

TUNA, Peanut Butter, Pasta Sauce, 100% Juice, Baking Items, Breakfast Cereal…

2011 Rocky Neck Plunge Video From InterMurph